Name List

This is a complete listing of all names documented in this website. Click on a name to see a list of all individuals with that name.

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Abbe, Abel
Abbe, Abigail
Abbe, Abner
Abbe, Agnes
Abbe, Amelia
Abbe, Amos
Abbe, Anna
Abbe, Anne
Abbe, Azubah
Abbe, Bathsehba
Abbe, Benjamin
Abbe, Ebenezer
Abbe, Eleazer
Abbe, Elijah
Abbe, Elisabeth
Abbe, Elisha
Abbe, Elizabeth
Abbe, Esther
Abbe, Eunice
Abbe, Ezekial
Abbe, Ezra
Abbe, Gideon
Abbe, Hannah
Abbe, Hepsibah
Abbe, Isaac
Abbe, Jacob
Abbe, Jeduthan
Abbe, Jerusha
Abbe, John
Abbe, Jonathan
Abbe, Joseph
Abbe, Joshua
Abbe, Lemuel
Abbe, Lucretia
Abbe, Lucy
Abbe, Lydia
Abbe, Marah
Abbe, Mary
Abbe, Mercy
Abbe, Miriam
Abbe, Mrs John
Abbe, Mrs Mary
Abbe, Naomi
Abbe, Nathan
Abbe, Nehemiah
Abbe, Obadiah
Abbe, Phebe
Abbe, Phineas
Abbe, Rachel
Abbe, Rebecca
Abbe, Rebekah
Abbe, Richard
Abbe, Samuel
Abbe, Sarah
Abbe, Shadrach
Abbe, Shubael
Abbe, Solomon
Abbe, Stephen
Abbe, Tabitha
Abbe, Thomas
Abbe, William
Abbe, Zerviah
Abbe, ZIbeiah
Abbot, Hannah
Abbot, Mary
Abell, Alpheus
Abell, Joshua
Abendschon, Catherine
Ablett, Joseph
Acker, Adam
Acker, Catherine
Acker, Elizabeth A.
Acker, Elsie
Acker, John
Acker, Margaret M.
Acker, Nancy
Acker, William
Actis, Charles Frank
Adams, Clara Emmarene
Adams, Jane
Adams, John
Adams, John Quincy
Adams, Joseph
Adams, Lillian
Adams, Mary
Addey, Dorcas
Addy, George
Adgate, Thomas
Adkins, Bud
Adkins, Clarence Lee
Adkins, Josiah
Aerts, Floyd Patrick
Ahrenfeldt, Anne Catherine
Ahrenfeldt, Anne Kirstine
Ahrenfeldt, Anne Sofie Magdalene
Ahrenfeldt, Florentine
Ahrenfeldt, Hendrik Christian Bartholi
Ahrenfeldt, Inge Marie
Ahrenfeldt, Jacob Frederik
Ahrenfeldt, Ole
Akesson, Jeppe
Alabaster, Elizabeth
Albrechtsson, Lasse
Albright, Claude Chester
Alcock, William
Alden, Elizabeth
Alden, Henry
Alder, Isaac
Aldis, Ann
Aldous, Abel Leggett
Aldous, Abraham
Aldous, Agnes
Aldous, Alfred Evan
Aldous, Alice
Aldous, Alma Warner
Aldous, Angelina
Aldous, Angelina Theresa
Aldous, Ann
Aldous, Ann Maria
Aldous, Anne
Aldous, Augustas Theodore
Aldous, Betsy Maria
Aldous, Charles
Aldous, Charles Newell
Aldous, Charles William
Aldous, Charlotte
Aldous, Charlotte Ann
Aldous, Clara Abalone
Aldous, Cynthia Mariah
Aldous, David Louis
Aldous, Edgar
Aldous, Edward
Aldous, Edward Charles
Aldous, Eliza Ellen
Aldous, Elizabeth
Aldous, Frances
Aldous, Francis
Aldous, Frederic Charles
Aldous, Frederick Robert
Aldous, Fredrick Robert
Aldous, Georganna Maria
Aldous, George
Aldous, George Edward
Aldous, George James
Aldous, George Parkin
Aldous, Georgeanne Theresa
Aldous, Georgiana
Aldous, Georgianna Maria
Aldous, Grace
Aldous, Hannah
Aldous, Harriet
Aldous, Henry
Aldous, Henry Parkin
Aldous, James
Aldous, James Newton
Aldous, Jehoshaphat
Aldous, Jemmy
Aldous, Jeremiah
Aldous, Joan
Aldous, Joane
Aldous, Johane
Aldous, Johanna
Aldous, John
Aldous, John Fuller
Aldous, John Henry
Aldous, John Jefferson
Aldous, John Page
Aldous, Jonathan
Aldous, Joseph
Aldous, Joseph Henry
Aldous, Lucy Ann
Aldous, Lydia
Aldous, Mabel Evelyn
Aldous, Magdalena Christianna
Aldous, Margaret
Aldous, Maria
Aldous, Marie
Aldous, Martha
Aldous, Martha Elizabeth
Aldous, Mary
Aldous, Mary Ann
Aldous, Mary Matilda
Aldous, Mr
Aldous, Mrs Ann
Aldous, Mrs Edith
Aldous, Mrs Elizabeth
Aldous, Mrs Frances
Aldous, Mrs Judith
Aldous, Mrs Margaret
Aldous, Mrs Mary
Aldous, Phaniel
Aldous, Ralph
Aldous, Richard
Aldous, Robert
Aldous, Robert Fredrick
Aldous, Robert Thurston
Aldous, Roger
Aldous, Ruth
Aldous, Samuel
Aldous, Sarah
Aldous, Sarah Alice
Aldous, Sarah Dodd
Aldous, Stephen
Aldous, Susan
Aldous, Susanna
Aldous, Sybred
Aldous, Thomas
Aldous, Ursula
Aldous, William
Aldous, William Henry
Aldrich, Jeremiah
Allen, Abiah
Allen, Abigail
Allen, Ahazadiah
Allen, Ann
Allen, Anson Gaston
Allen, Arthur
Allen, Caleb
Allen, Daniel
Allen, David
Allen, Deborah
Allen, Dinah
Allen, Dorothy
Allen, Ebenezer
Allen, Eleazer
Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, Emeline Clarissa
Allen, Ephraim
Allen, Esther
Allen, Experience
Allen, Frances
Allen, Francis
Allen, George
Allen, Gideon
Allen, Hannah
Allen, Henry
Allen, Increase
Allen, Isaac
Allen, Isabel
Allen, James
Allen, Jedediah
Allen, John
Allen, Joseph
Allen, Joshua
Allen, Josiah
Allen, Judah
Allen, Katherine
Allen, Lydia
Allen, Mabel Alice
Allen, Mary
Allen, Matthew
Allen, Mercy
Allen, Miriam
Allen, Mrs Christian
Allen, Mrs George
Allen, Mrs Katherine
Allen, Mrs Lydia
Allen, Mrs Rachel
Allen, Mrs Rebecca
Allen, Mrs Susan
Allen, Mrs. Hannah
Allen, Mrs. Mary
Allen, Mrs. Susannah
Allen, Patience
Allen, Philip
Allen, Rachel
Allen, Ralph
Allen, Rebecca
Allen, Robert
Allen, Rose
Allen, Samuel
Allen, Sarah
Allen, Thankful
Allen, Thomas
Allen, William
Allen, Yelverton
Allen, Zachariah
Alling, Edward
Altman, Jessie Leona
Alverson, Archibald
Alverson, Florence
Amersee, Anna Catharina
Amersee, Anna Margaretha
Amersee, Anna Maria
Amersee, Franciscus
Amersee, Joannes Henricus
Amersee, Leonardi
Amersee, Maria Eva Elisabetha
Amersee, Maria Margaretha
Ames, Lydia
Ames, Silence
Ammons, Elizabeth Emily
Andersen, Karen
Anderson, Alvin Wilford
Anderson, Anna Catharina
Anderson, Anna Maria
Anderson, Arthur Henry
Anderson, Elenora Augusta
Anderson, Elizabeth Jane "Patsey"
Anderson, Emma Hilda
Anderson, Emma Martha
Anderson, Ernest Raymond
Anderson, Frances Rebecca
Anderson, Howard
Anderson, Hulda Fidelia
Anderson, James
Anderson, Jasper N
Anderson, Johan August
Anderson, John August
Anderson, Julia Caroline
Anderson, Julia Dagmar
Anderson, Lillie Matilda
Anderson, Margaret
Anderson, Mary L
Anderson, Nancy Elizabeth
Anderson, Thomas C
Anderson, Wesley Vernon
Anderson, William
Andersson, Abella
Andersson, Anders
Andersson, Anders Johan
Andersson, Anna
Andersson, Arvid
Andersson, Augusta
Andersson, Bengt
Andersson, Bereta
Andersson, Berta
Andersson, Elias
Andersson, Elna
Andersson, Elsa
Andersson, Erik
Andersson, Erland
Andersson, Hanna
Andersson, Hans
Andersson, Ingeborg
Andersson, Ivar
Andersson, Johanna
Andersson, Johannes
Andersson, Jons
Andersson, Lars
Andersson, Marta
Andersson, Marten
Andersson, Matta
Andersson, Metta
Andersson, Mrs Arvid
Andersson, Nils
Andersson, Ola
Andersson, Olaus
Andersson, Olof
Andersson, Per
Andersson, Pernilla
Andersson, Sissa
Andreasen, Jorgen
Andrew, Rebecca
Andrews, Abigail
Andrews, Benjamin
Andrews, Christopher
Andrews, Elizabeth
Andrews, Ephraim
Andrews, Hannah
Andrews, Hepsibah
Andrews, Jedediah
Andrews, John
Andrews, Joseph
Andrews, Mary
Andrews, Mrs Thomas
Andrews, Mrs. Elizabeth
Andrews, Mrs. Ruth
Andrews, Nathan
Andrews, Ruth
Andrews, Stephen
Andrews, Thomas
Andrews, William
Andrus, John
Andrus, Milo
Andrus, Reva Ann
Anne, Mary
Arbogast, Amos Uriah
Arbogast, Minnie J.
Armiger, Rose
Arnemann, Johann Friedrich
Arnold, Frances
Arnold, James S.
Arnold, Mary Frances
Artys, Joan
Artys, Mrs Judith
Artys, Thomas
Arundell, Irma Reeves
Arvidsson, Johannes
Asen, Lars
Ash, William Lewis
Ashcraft, Vernia Gleason
Ashe, Josea
Ashman, James Noble
Astin, Elizabeth
Atkin, Abigail
Atkin, Adelaide
Atkin, Albert Busby
Atkin, Alicia
Atkin, Alicia (twin)
Atkin, Amy G
Atkin, Annie
Atkin, Anthony William
Atkin, Audrey
Atkin, Bessie Sharp
Atkin, Bridget
Atkin, Caleb Torrensdale
Atkin, Caroline
Atkin, Charles
Atkin, Charlotte (Lottie)
Atkin, Donald McAllister
Atkin, Doris
Atkin, Eleanor Walker
Atkin, Elizabeth Maud May
Atkin, Elizabetha
Atkin, Elsie Adela
Atkin, Emily Madgelene
Atkin, Emma
Atkin, Emma Gertrude
Atkin, Enoch
Atkin, Erica Mae
Atkin, Esther Ann
Atkin, Frank
Atkin, George Alma
Atkin, Glenn Damon
Atkin, Grace
Atkin, Harvey
Atkin, Hazel
Atkin, Heber Charles
Atkin, Henry
Atkin, Henry Randolph
Atkin, Henry Thomas
Atkin, Hyrum
Atkin, Inez
Atkin, James Barnett
Atkin, Janice
Atkin, Jetta
Atkin, Johannes
Atkin, John Peter
Atkin, Joseph Thompson
Atkin, Josephus
Atkin, Kate
Atkin, LeGrand Fawcett
Atkin, LeRoy
Atkin, Levi
Atkin, Lillian
Atkin, Luella Maud
Atkin, Mabel Lucy
Atkin, Maria
Atkin, Marr William
Atkin, Mary
Atkin, Mary Ann
Atkin, Mary Ella
Atkin, Mary\Maria
Atkin, Matilda May
Atkin, May
Atkin, Millicent
Atkin, Milton
Atkin, Naomi
Atkin, Nellie
Atkin, Nellie Martha
Atkin, Nellie Rosetta
Atkin, Norman Miller
Atkin, Orson John
Atkin, Orville Robert
Atkin, Owen Woodruff
Atkin, Peter
Atkin, Phoebe Ester
Atkin, Rachel Marie
Atkin, Rachel Violet
Atkin, Rachel Walker
Atkin, Ray
Atkin, Rex Brady
Atkin, Richard
Atkin, Richard Henry
Atkin, Richardus
Atkin, Robert
Atkin, Robert (twin)
Atkin, Rudger Clawson
Atkin, Ruth
Atkin, Ruth O.
Atkin, Samuel
Atkin, Sophia Ann
Atkin, Stanley Gordon
Atkin, Thomas
Atkin, Thomas Lloyd
Atkin, Walter William
Atkin, Wendell
Atkin, Wesley Hyrum
Atkin, William
Atkin, William Charles
Atkin, William Tennyson
Atkin Butler, Emma B.
Atkins, Alice
Atkins, Ann
Atkins, Elizabeth
Atkins, Ezekial
Atkins, James
Atkins, John
Atkins, Joseph
Atkins, Margaret
Atkins, Mary
Atkins, Michael
Atkins, Richard
Atkins, Richard (Ricardus)
Atkins, Richard (twin)
Atkins, Sarah
Atkins, Sarah (twin)
Atkins, Thomas
Atkins, William
Atkins (Atkin), Joseph
Atkins (Atkin), William
ATKINSON, Richardi
Augustinsson, Maria
Aumiller, Mabel Carrie
Austin, Joshua
Averill, Abial
Averkamp, Anna
Averkamp, Anna Catharina
Averkamp, Anna Catharina Elisabeth
Averkamp, Anna Elisabeth
Averkamp, Anna Gertrud Elisabeth
Averkamp, Anna Margaretha
Averkamp, Bernard Herman
Averkamp, Bernard Wilhelm
Averkamp, Berndt
Averkamp, Caroline
Averkamp, Caspar Melchior
Averkamp, Catharina
Averkamp, Catharina Elisabeth
Averkamp, Catherine Elisabeth
Averkamp, Christine A.
Averkamp, Christopher Adolph
Averkamp, Elisabeth
Averkamp, Elizabeth
Averkamp, Eugenia L.
Averkamp, Frank
Averkamp, Gerhard Henrich Melchior
Averkamp, Henrich Anton
Averkamp, Hermann
Averkamp, Johann
Averkamp, Johann Bernard
Averkamp, Johann Everwin
Averkamp, Johann Gerhard
Averkamp, Johann Henrich
Averkamp, Johann Hermann
Averkamp, John James
Averkamp, Joseph Bernardt
Averkamp, Margaretha Elisabeth
Averkamp, Maria Catharina
Averkamp, Mary Catherine
Averkamp, Sophia M.
Averkamp, Theresia
Avery, Hannah
Avery, Ruth
Awerkamp, Arthur Aloysius
Awerkamp, August Aloysius
Awerkamp, Bernard Anton
Awerkamp, Carl Eugene
Awerkamp, Catharina Elisabeth
Awerkamp, Edward Parker
Awerkamp, Esther
Awerkamp, Ethel Clara
Awerkamp, Frank Albert
Awerkamp, Frank Joseph
Awerkamp, Henry Charles
Awerkamp, Leona Amelia
Awerkamp, Lila Louise
Awerkamp, May R.
Awerkamp, Mildred Louise
Awerkamp, Norma Hazel
Awerkamp, Orval Arthur
Awerkamp, Roy John
Awerkamp, Stanley Frank
Awerkamp, Theodore Frank
Awerkamp, Theresa Johana
Awerkamp, Walter Phillip
Awerkamp, William
Awerkamp, William Frederick
Axtell, Henry
Ayloffe, Agnes
Ayre, Betsy
B, Mary
Babbs, Elizabeth
Babbs, Hellen
Babbs, Joanne
Babbs, Nicholas
Babcock, Abigail
Babcock, Anna
Babcock, Benjamin
Babcock, Bridget
Babcock, Caleb
Babcock, Daniel
Babcock, Dorothy
Babcock, Ebenezer
Babcock, Elizabeth
Babcock, George
Babcock, Hannah
Babcock, Hopestill
Babcock, James
Babcock, John
Babcock, Jonathan
Babcock, Joseph
Babcock, Josiah
Babcock, Martha
Babcock, Mary
Babcock, Mercy
Babcock, Nathaniel
Babcock, Nicene
Babcock, Robert
Babcock, Samuel
Babcock, Sarah
Babcock, Stephen
Babcock, Thankful
Babcock, Zebulon
Babcock, Zerviah
Backhouse, Alice
Backhouse, Anna
Backhouse, Anne
Backhouse, Benjamin
Backhouse, Ebenezer
Backhouse, Elizabeth
Backhouse, Jabez
Backhouse, Joanna
Backhouse, John
Backhouse, Jonas
Backhouse, Jonathan
Backhouse, Joseph
Backhouse, Lydia
Backhouse, Mark
Backhouse, Mary
Backhouse, Mary Ann
Backhouse, Mrs Elizabeth
Backhouse, Noah
Backhouse, Philemon
Backhouse, Rachel
Backhouse, Rebecca
Backhouse, Robert
Backhouse, Samuel
Backhouse, Sarah
Backhouse, Sarah Daines
Backhouse, Sophia
Backhouse, Susan
Backhouse, William
Backus, Abigail
Backus, Elijah
Backus, Hannah
Backus, Jerusha
Backus, John
Backus, Lydia
Backus, Mary
Backus, Nathaniel
Backus, Sarah
Backus, William
Backus, Zerviah
Bacon, Beriah
Bacon, Daniel
Bacon, Elizabeth
Bacon, Hester
Bacon, Joseph
Bacon, Susanna
Badger, Edmund
Badger, Samuel
Bagshaw, Anne
Baichaus, Caroline Friedericke
Baines, (William) Gulielmus
Baines, Ann
Baines, Anna
Baines, Anne
Baines, Catherina
Baines, Edward
Baines, Elizabeth
Baines, Fanny
Baines, Hannah
Baines, Harry
Baines, Henricus\Henry
Baines, Henry
Baines, Isabella
Baines, Jane
Baines, John
Baines, Margery\Margeria
Baines, Mary
Baines, Matthew
Baines, Richard
Baines, Robert
Baines, Sarah
Baines, Susanna
Baines, Susannah
Baines, Thomas
Baines, William
Baker, Abigail
Baker, Agnes
Baker, Albert Marvin
Baker, Alice
Baker, Cicely
Baker, Edward
Baker, Hannah
Baker, Isabel
Baker, Joan
Baker, Michael
Baker, Richard
Baker, Sarah
Baker, Thomas
Baker, William
Balch, Ruth
Baldwin, Abigail
Baldwin, Anne
Baldwin, Daniel
Baldwin, Eliphalet
Baldwin, Eunice
Baldwin, Jabez
Baldwin, Jemima
Baldwin, Lydia
Baldwin, Mrs Mary
Baldwin, Thomas
Bales, Mildred Evans
Ball, Jonathan
Ball, Sarah
Ballantyne, Mary Elizabeth
Balles, Johannes Adam
Ballou, Ira H.
Balls, Mary
Bancroft, Sarah
Baney, Catherine Jamima
Baney, Charles Benjamin Franklin
Baney, Charles Clayton
Baney, Clarrisa
Baney, Cora May
Baney, George Edwart
Baney, Harry Edison
Baney, Joannah
Baney, Lucilla Ellen
Baney, Lucy Gertrude
Baney, Mary Margaret
Baney, Maud Pearl
Baney, Minnie Minerva
Baney, Rachel Jane
Baney, Rose May
Baney, Ruth Leona
Baney, Sarah Alice
Baney, Valentine
Baney, William Edward
Banks, Iley
Barbebin, William
Barber, Aaron
Barber, Aaron Arthur
Barber, Agnes
Barber, Alabama
Barber, Allen
Barber, Allen F.
Barber, Almedea
Barber, Amanda Melvina
Barber, Amanda Melvina "Mandy"
Barber, Andrew Jackson
Barber, Belzoria
Barber, Carolyn
Barber, Champion
Barber, Champion Monroe
Barber, Charlotte
Barber, Cindarilla Ruby
Barber, Cynthia
Barber, Daniel
Barber, Duffy Sidney
Barber, Effie Ann
Barber, Eleanor
Barber, Elizabeth
Barber, Elizabeth M
Barber, Ernest Franklin
Barber, Eunice Allean
Barber, Fidelia
Barber, Fidella F.
Barber, Flosea
Barber, Frances
Barber, Francis
Barber, Francis Catherine "Kitty"
Barber, Freeman F
Barber, George Washington
Barber, Gilla
Barber, Gilley
Barber, Gilly
Barber, Gray
Barber, Grey
Barber, Griffin
Barber, Henry Francis
Barber, Isaac Newton "Bud"
Barber, James
Barber, James Franklin
Barber, James M.
Barber, Jane Jinney
Barber, Joe Constant
Barber, Johann
Barber, John
Barber, John Griffin
Barber, John Henry
Barber, John R.
Barber, John William
Barber, Jonathan
Barber, Lewis G
Barber, Lorena
Barber, Lucinda Catherine
Barber, Maney Winnifred
Barber, Margaret
Barber, Martha Elizabeth
Barber, Mary
Barber, Mary Ann
Barber, Mary E.
Barber, Mary F.
Barber, Mary Jane
Barber, Mattie
Barber, Minerva
Barber, Minerva M.
Barber, Miss
Barber, Mittie Lucille
Barber, Monroe
Barber, Moses Alverson
Barber, Moses F.
Barber, Mrs Alice
Barber, Mrs Rose
Barber, Mrs William
Barber, Mrs. Joan
Barber, Mrs. Nancy E.
Barber, Nancy Belle (Annabella)
Barber, Nancy L.
Barber, Naomi Elizabeth
Barber, Nettie Chandler
Barber, Nicholas
Barber, not named
Barber, Penelope
Barber, Perry
Barber, Rebecca
Barber, Rhoda
Barber, Rhoda Jane
Barber, Richard
Barber, Robert
Barber, Robert Sanford
Barber, Ruth
Barber, Sally Maria
Barber, Sarah
Barber, Sarah "Sallie"
Barber, Sarah Ann
Barber, Silas Harrison
Barber, Simon
Barber, Susan
Barber, Susan Jane
Barber, Symon
Barber, Thomas
Barber, Wiley Crawford
Barber, Wiley Griffin
Barber, William
Barber, William H.
Barber, William Wesley
Barbour, Hannah
Bardwell, Margaret
Barker, John
Barker, Lydia
Barker, Robert
Barker, William
Barlow, Mary
Barlow, Nathan
Barlow, Peleg
Barnard, Msty
Barnes, Edward
Barnes, Elizabeth
Barnett, Eliza
Barr, Milicent
Barrett, Mary
Barrett, Richard
Barrett, Samuel
Barroner, Adeline
Barroner, Albert Silas
Barroner, Betty Elizabeth
Barroner, Charles Ray
Barroner, Francis Ferman
Barroner, Harry
Barroner, Harry Edgar
Barroner, John Joseph
Barroner, Mary Jane
Barroner, Merle William
Barrow, Robert
Barrows, Emma Fetherstone
Barstow, Margaret
Barstow, Martha
Bartges, Woodrow Allen
Bartlett, Elizabeth
Bartlett, Hannah
Barton, John
Barton, Luella
Bartram, Catharina Dorothea
Basford, Jonathan
Bass, Triphena
Bassett, Elizabeth
Bastar, Joseph
Bate, Joan
Bateman, Alice
Bateman, Ann
Bateman, Dorothy
Bateman, Elizabeth
Bateman, Hannah
Bateman, John
Bateman, Leonard
Bateman, Margaret
Bateman, Margarete
Bateman, Martha
Bateman, Mary
Bateman, Miss
Bateman, Mrs Alice
Bateman, Mrs Frances
Bateman, Mrs Helena
Bateman, Mrs Mabel
Bateman, Peter
Bateman, Richard
Bateman, Robert
Bateman, Roger
Bateman, Samuel
Bateman, Sarah
Bateman, Susan
Bateman, Susannah
Bateman, Thomas
Bateman, William
Bates, Caffort
Bates, Joshua
Baucus, Persis
Bauer, Anna Maria
Bauer, Bartholamaus
Bauer, Catharine,
Bauer, Hans
Bauer, Mrs Hans
Baxter, John
Baynes, Anna
Baynes, Christopher
Baynes, Elizabetha
Baynes, Francis (Axam)
Baynes, George Nicholas
Baynes, Gulielmi (William)
Baynes, Gulielmus (William)
Baynes, Henniri
Baynes, Henricus
Baynes, Isabella
Baynes, Joanna
Baynes, Lucy
Baynes, Margoria (Margery)
Baynes, Maria
Baynes, Mathew
Baynes, Richard
Baynes, Ronnifius
Baynes, William
Baynes\Baines, Dorothea
Baynos, Johannos
Beach, George
Beach, Sarah
Beal, John
Beal, Nathaniel
Beale, Anna Calipatria
Beale, Charles Austin
Beale, Etta Christine
Beale, Harry Mortensen
Beale, Harry Robert
Beale, William Howard
Beamone, William
Beard, Thomas
Beardslee, Rebecca
Beardsley, John
Beardsley, Naomi Lucille
Beatty, Charles Herbert
Beatty, Edna
Beaver, Henry
Beazer, Lillian
Becker, Esther
Becker, Helen Augusta
Beebe, James
Beecroft, Lettie
Beers, Mary
Beers, Sarah
Belcher, Hannah
Belcher, Mary
Belden, John
Belgrave, Abraham
Belgrave, Barbara
Belgrave, Catherine
Belgrave, Dorcas
Belgrave, Elizabeth
Belgrave, George
Belgrave, Isaac
Belgrave, Jacob
Belgrave, John
Belgrave, Johnathan
Belgrave, Joseph
Belgrave, Mrs Jacob
Belgrave, Richard
Belgrave, Thomas
Belgrave, Thomasine
Bellamy, Bridget
Bement, Benjamin
Bemer, Sally Brooks
Benfer, Annie A
Bengtsson, Anna
Bengtsson, Ola
Bengtsson, Pehr
Bengtsson, Pernilla
Benjamin, Abel
Benjamin, Abigail
Benjamin, Abraham
Benjamin, Alice
Benjamin, Anna
Benjamin, Anne
Benjamin, Caleb
Benjamin, Catherine
Benjamin, Eleanor
Benjamin, Elizabeth
Benjamin, Faith
Benjamin, Giles
Benjamin, Gyles
Benjamin, Hannah
Benjamin, Jemima
Benjamin, Joan
Benjamin, Joane
Benjamin, Johan
Benjamin, John
Benjamin, Joseph
Benjamin, Joshua
Benjamin, Julyan
Benjamin, Keziah
Benjamin, Mary
Benjamin, Mercy
Benjamin, Mrs Elizabeth
Benjamin, Mrs Wait
Benjamin, Mrs. Anna
Benjamin, Mrs. Anne
Benjamin, Mrs. Joan
Benjamin, Mrs. Mary
Benjamin, Priscilla
Benjamin, Richard
Benjamin, Samuel
Benjamin, Sarah
Benjamin, Simeon
Benjamin, Susan
Benjamin, Thomas
Benjamin, William
Bennett, Francis
Bennett, Joseph
Benson, James Albert
Benson, Jane
Benson, Letha Prison McNeil
Bent, Agnes
Bentley, David
Bentley, Richard
Bergfeld, Friederick Christian Franz
Berkemeier, Josephine
BERKITT, Elizabetha
Berners, Margery (Margaret)
Berners, Richard
Bernis, Patty
Berry, John
Berstch, Katherine Zemmer
Bertilsson, Marna
Bertilsson, Pehr
Besse, Mary
Betts, Sarah
Bever, Ann
Bezant, Benjamin
Bezant, Enoch
Bezant, Henry
Bezant, James
Bezant, John
Bezant, Mary
Bezant, Mrs. Elizabeth
Bezant, Mrs. Mary
Bezant, Sarah
Bibb, Martha Matilda
Bibby, Nancy Caroline
Bickel, Anna Catharina
Bickel, Catherine N.
Biddle, Ammey
Biddle, James
Bidlack, Benjamin
Bidwell, Daniel
Biggs, Ambrose
Bihler, Charles Christian
Bilger, Ruth
Billings, Hannah
Billings, Rebecca
Billings, Samuel
Billings, Sarah
Billings, Stephen
Billington, John
Billington, Mary
Biltcliffe, Frances
Bingaman, Clara D.
Bingham, Abel
Bingham, Abell
Bingham, Abigail
Bingham, Abigaile
Bingham, Abisha
Bingham, Adam Aranthon
Bingham, Adella
Bingham, Adonijah
Bingham, Alfrad
Bingham, Amanda Melvina
Bingham, Amy
Bingham, Andrew
Bingham, Angelina Maria
Bingham, Ann
Bingham, Anna
Bingham, Annette
Bingham, Annie Marinda
Bingham, Annie May
Bingham, Annis
Bingham, Bela
Bingham, Benjamin Franklin
Bingham, Benjamin Moroni
Bingham, Benjamin Wisdom
Bingham, Bertrand Artello
Bingham, Betsy
Bingham, Brigham Albert
Bingham, Brigham Heber
Bingham, Charles
Bingham, Charles Coulson Rich
Bingham, Chester Henry
Bingham, Clara
Bingham, Clara Isabella
Bingham, Clara Rozella
Bingham, Clarence Elbert
Bingham, Cora Estella
Bingham, Daniel
Bingham, David
Bingham, David Holladay
Bingham, Deborah
Bingham, Delight
Bingham, Diana
Bingham, Dora Angeline
Bingham, Dorothy
Bingham, Dorothy Jane
Bingham, Edda
Bingham, Edith Cordelia
Bingham, Edna
Bingham, Edward
Bingham, Edward Franklin
Bingham, Edwin
Bingham, Edwin Aldous
Bingham, Edwin Florentine
Bingham, Edwin Marion
Bingham, Eileen
Bingham, Eldon Smith
Bingham, Eleazer
Bingham, Elias
Bingham, Elijah
Bingham, Elijah Norman
Bingham, Elisabeth Warner
Bingham, Elisha
Bingham, Elisha Erastus
Bingham, Elisha Gates
Bingham, Elisha Warner
Bingham, Eliza Ann
Bingham, Elizabeth
Bingham, Ella May
Bingham, Ellen
Bingham, Elzada
Bingham, Emmaretta
Bingham, Enoch
Bingham, Erastus
Bingham, Erastus A.
Bingham, Erastus Le Grande
Bingham, Erastus Perry
Bingham, Esther LaVon
Bingham, Ethel Exile
Bingham, Ezra
Bingham, Flora Genet
Bingham, Florence
Bingham, Florence Adalaide
Bingham, Frederick
Bingham, Genevra
Bingham, George Azro
Bingham, Georgina
Bingham, Gideon
Bingham, Gladys Vanetia
Bingham, Glen Victor
Bingham, Grace
Bingham, Hanna
Bingham, Hannah
Bingham, Hannah B.
Bingham, Harriet Adeltha
Bingham, Harry
Bingham, Hazel
Bingham, Heber Raymond
Bingham, Henry Dewitte
Bingham, Horatio Henry
Bingham, Howard Wilson
Bingham, Hyrum Smith
Bingham, Ida
Bingham, Ida Evelyn
Bingham, Inez Teressa
Bingham, Irene
Bingham, Ireta
Bingham, Isaac
Bingham, Isaac Farwell
Bingham, Isabel
Bingham, Ithamar
Bingham, Jabez
Bingham, Jacob
Bingham, Jacob Moroni
Bingham, James
Bingham, James Warner
Bingham, Jedediah Grant
Bingham, Jemima
Bingham, Jeremiah
Bingham, Jerusha
Bingham, Jesse Edgar
Bingham, Joanna
Bingham, John
Bingham, John Brigham
Bingham, John Martin
Bingham, John Slapp
Bingham, Jonathan
Bingham, Joseph
Bingham, Joseph Fife
Bingham, Joseph Mortensen
Bingham, Joseph Smith
Bingham, Josephine
Bingham, Josiah
Bingham, Laura Rankin
Bingham, Lawrence Heber
Bingham, Leah
Bingham, Lemuel
Bingham, Leonard Paul
Bingham, LeRoy Smith
Bingham, Lester
Bingham, Lorenzo
Bingham, Lorenzo Freeman
Bingham, Lorin Beason
Bingham, Lucee
Bingham, Lucinda
Bingham, Lucinda Catherine
Bingham, Lucinda Elizabeth
Bingham, Lucinda Irene
Bingham, Lucinda Maria
Bingham, Lucy Ann
Bingham, Lucy M.
Bingham, Lydia
Bingham, Lydia Maria
Bingham, Lydia Roxina
Bingham, Mabel
Bingham, Maltiah
Bingham, Marah
Bingham, Margaret
Bingham, Maria
Bingham, Maria Louisa
Bingham, Marintha Eltharia
Bingham, Martha
Bingham, Martha Agnes
Bingham, Martha Alice
Bingham, Martha Ann
Bingham, Martha Benita
Bingham, Martha Bernice
Bingham, Martha Leah
Bingham, Martha Mae
Bingham, Mary
Bingham, Mary Ann
Bingham, Mary Arvilla
Bingham, Mary Elizabeth
Bingham, Mary Ellen
Bingham, Mary Frances
Bingham, Mary Jane
Bingham, Maude Ellen
Bingham, May Lucinda
Bingham, Mehitable
Bingham, Minerva Alice
Bingham, Miriam
Bingham, Mrs John
Bingham, Mrs Vienna A.
Bingham, Mrs. Anne
Bingham, Mrs. Elizabeth
Bingham, Myrtle Adele
Bingham, Myrtle Ellen
Bingham, Nancy Jane
Bingham, Naomi
Bingham, Nathan
Bingham, Nathaniel
Bingham, Nephi
Bingham, Norman Elijah
Bingham, Norman Fife
Bingham, Olive Louisa
Bingham, Oliver
Bingham, Ophelia
Bingham, Ophelia Cedenia
Bingham, Oscar
Bingham, Parley Pratt
Bingham, Pearl Elva
Bingham, Perry
Bingham, Phebe
Bingham, Phebe Keziah
Bingham, Phoebe
Bingham, Phoebe Caron
Bingham, Phyllis
Bingham, Polly
Bingham, Rachel
Bingham, Rebecca
Bingham, Rebecca Jane
Bingham, Robert
Bingham, Robert Walter
Bingham, Rosa
Bingham, Rose
Bingham, Rosetta
Bingham, Royal
Bingham, Rozinah Diantha
Bingham, Ruth
Bingham, Samuel
Bingham, Sanford
Bingham, Sanford James
Bingham, Sarah
Bingham, Sarah Ann
Bingham, Sarah B.
Bingham, Sarah Louise
Bingham, Shadrach
Bingham, Sophia Cordalia
Bingham, Sophia Madeline
Bingham, Stephen
Bingham, Susan
Bingham, Susan Melvina
Bingham, Sybel
Bingham, Thomas
Bingham, Thomas Smith
Bingham, Tracy
Bingham, Tracy Flynn
Bingham, Tracy Francis
Bingham, Tracy Perry
Bingham, Tracy Tyler
Bingham, Tyler
Bingham, Uvada
Bingham, Verna Catherine
Bingham, Viola
Bingham, Violetta May
Bingham, Virginia
Bingham, Wallace Dunbar
Bingham, Walter
Bingham, Warner
Bingham, Warner Ether
Bingham, Wayne Aldous
Bingham, Wilard Smith
Bingham, Wilford
Bingham, Willard
Bingham, Willard Eugene
Bingham, Willard,
Bingham, William
Bingham, William Jefferson
Bingham, William Smith
Bingham, Zilpha Isadore
Binkert, Damion
Binneweis, Maria Louise
Binz, Sebastian
Birch, Matilda Caroline
Birchard, Elizabeth
Bird, Mary
Birley, Mary
Birley, Mrs
Bisbee, Sarah
Bishop, Abigail
Bishop, Ann
Bishop, Bethia
Bishop, Caleb
Bishop, Carrie Elizabeth
Bishop, Daniel
Bishop, David
Bishop, Ebenezer
Bishop, Elizabeth
Bishop, Hannah
Bishop, James
Bishop, John
Bishop, Josiah
Bishop, Mary
Bishop, Mehitable
Bishop, Mrs. Dulzebella
Bishop, Nathaniel
Bishop, Rebeckah
Bishop, Richard
Bishop, Samuel
Bishop, Sarah
Bishop, Stephen
Bishop, Susanna
Bishop, Tabitha
Bitton, George James
Bitton, Louis Kendle
Blackden, Hannah
Blackmer, Paul
Blackmore, Elizabeth
Blackmore, George
Blackwell, Mercy
Blackwell, Sarah
Blair, Ellen
Blair, Margaret
Blake, Sara Jane Ellicock
Blake, Simon
Blanchard, Joseph
Blanchard, Mary
Blaney, Joseph
Blatchley, Moses
Bleak, Alfred Lockington
Bliss, Abigail
Bliss, Abraham
Bliss, Agnes
Bliss, Anna
Bliss, Anne
Bliss, Bethia
Bliss, Constance
Bliss, Dorothy
Bliss, Elizabeth
Bliss, Experience
Bliss, George
Bliss, Jane
Bliss, Joane
Bliss, John
Bliss, Jonathan
Bliss, Joyce
Bliss, Katherine
Bliss, Keziah
Bliss, Martha
Bliss, Mary
Bliss, Mrs John
Bliss, Mrs William
Bliss, Mrs. Elizabeth
Bliss, Mrs. George
Bliss, Nathan
Bliss, Nathaniel
Bliss, Nicholas
Bliss, Rachel
Bliss, Rebecca
Bliss, Ruth
Bliss, Samuel
Bliss, Thomas
Bliss, Timothy
Bliss, William
Blood, Abigail
Blood, Ebenezer
Blood, Edmund
Blood, Elizabeth
Blood, Ellen
Blood, Hannah
Blood, James
Blood, John
Blood, Jonathan
Blood, Josiah
Blood, Mary
Blood, Mrs Edmund
Blood, Mrs Margaret
Blood, Mrs Neptune
Blood, Mrs Thomas
Blood, Neptune
Blood, Richard
Blood, Robert
Blood, Samuel
Blood, Sarah
Blood, Simon
Blood, Thomas
Blood, William
Bloom, Nancy C.
Blott, Christopher
Blott, Henry
Blott, John
Blott, Mrs John
Blotte, Robert
Blower, Alice
Blower, Hannah
Blower, John
Blower, Joshua
Blower, Mary
Blower, Mrs Tabitha
Blower, Thomas
Bluit, Ursula
Blythe, Harvey
Blythe, Teressa Tobitha
Boardman, Hannah
Boardman, Jonathan
Bock, Marguerite
Boddell, Thomas
Bode, Andreas
Bode, Christian
Bode, Johann Heinrich
Bode, Johanne Friedrich
Bode, Johannes
Bode, Johannes Christoph
Bode, Mrs Andreas
Boden, Anna Engel
Boden, Anna Maria
Boden, Johann Andreas
Bodfish, Mary
Boekers, Anna Engel Christine
Bolde, Thomas
BOLEYN, Margaret
Boline, Robert
Bolline, William
Bolsover, Ann
Bolsover, Edward
Bolsover, Elizabeth
Bolsover, George
Bolsover, Helena
Bolsover, John
Bolsover, Roger
Bolsover, Samuel
Bolsover, William
Bolton, Esther
Bolton, George
Boltwood, Lydia
Boltwood, Martha
Boltwood, Mary
Boltwood, Mrs Thomas
Boltwood, Robert
Boltwood, Samuel
Boltwood, Sarah
Boltwood, Thomas
Bonham, Eugene Carl
Bonneru, Emma Antonia
Bonnerud, Hilda Amelia
Booth, Grace
Borjesson, Johannes
Borman, Samuel
Borodell, Ann
Borrett, John
Borstadt, Peter W.
Bossler, Anna Elizabeth
Bossler, Carl Chester
Bossler, Coila
Bossler, Elda May
Bossler, Emma G
Bossler, Frank Oliver
Bossler, George Elvin
Bossler, Lewis
Bossler, Samuel Hoover
Bosworth, Bathsheba
Bosworth, Benjamin
Bosworth, Bethiah
Bosworth, Deliverance
Bosworth, Edward
Bosworth, Elizabeth
Bosworth, John
Bosworth, Jonathan
Bosworth, Joseph
Bosworth, Mary
Bosworth, Mrs Benjamin
Bosworth, Mrs Edward
Bosworth, Mrs Elizabeth
Bosworth, Mrs Mary
Bosworth, Mrs Zacchius
Bosworth, Nathaniel
Bosworth, Rebecca
Bosworth, Rebecca Ann
Bosworth, Zaccheus
Bottred, John
Botwright, John
Bourchier, Anna
Bourchier, Elizabeth
Bourchier, Humphrey
Bourchier, Joan
Bourchier, John
Bourchier, Margaret
Bourchier, Thomas
Bourchier, William
Bourne, Benjamin
Bourne, Elizabeth
Bourne, Joanna
Bourne, Job
Bourne, Mehitable
Bourne, Timothy
Bowdoin, Thomas A.
Bowen, Isaac
Bowen, Joanna
Bowen, Mary
Bower, Catherine
Bower, Henry
Bower, Isaac
Bower, Job
Bower, John
Bower, Mary
Bower, Mary A
Bower, Matthew
Bower, Mrs Mary
Bower, Paul
Bower, Sophia
Bowker, Mary
Bowser, Abigail
Bowtell, Dorcas
Box, Patterson
Boyd, Arthur Berry
Boyden, Rachel
Boyle, John Adams
Boyle, Thomas
Bracket, Mary
Brackett, Peter
Brackett, Richard
Bradfield, Betty Luella
Bradford, John
Bradford, Melatiah
Bradley, Abigail
Bradley, Hannah
Bradley, Joseph
Bradstreet, Jonathan
Brady, Caroline
Brag, Sara
Brame, John
Brame, William
Brandt, Katherine Ruth
Bransby, Ann
Brasier, Alice
Bray, Elizabeth
Braye, Thomas
Breed, Allen
Breed, Elizabeth
Breed, John
Breed, Mrs Mary
Breininger, Anna Sara
Bressler, Lizzie
Brett, John
Breunig, Anna
Breunig, Anna Barbara
Breunig, Anna Eva
Breunig, Anna Maria
Breunig, Anna Ursula
Breunig, Anton
Breunig, Catharina
Breunig, Franz
Breunig, Franz Joseph
Breunig, Johann Adam
Breunig, Johann Joseph Adolph
Breunig, Johannes Michael
Breunig, Maria Anna
Breunig, Maria Barbara
Breunig, Maria Catharina
Breunig, Maria Eva
Breunig, Maria Francisca
Breunig, Maria Margaretha
Breunig, Mrs Anna Maria
Brewer, Allen
Brewer, Hannah
Brewer, James
Brewer, John
Brewer, Mary Frances
Brewster, Ambrose
Brewster, Mary
Brewster, Millicent
Brewster, Thomas
Bridges, Mary
Briggs, Samuel
Brigham, Ephraim
Brigham, Thomas
Bright, Hellena
Bright, May
Brintnall, Dorothy
Brintnall, Jerusha
Brintnall, Nathaniel
Brintnall, Parnell
Brintnall, Paul
Brintnall, Phineas
Brintnall, Susannah
Brintnall, Thomas
Brintnall, William
Briscoe, Martha D.
Briscoe, Rebecca
Brobst, Daniel
Brobst, John
Brobst, Martha
Brobst, Mary Anna
Brock, Clement
Brodeley, Martha
Brooke, Rachel
Brooke, William
Brooks, Dinah
Brooks, Joanna
Brooks, Joseph
Brooks, Martha
Brooks, Mary
Brooks, Simeon
Bropst, Rhoda
Broughton, Phebe
Brown, Aaron
Brown, Abigail
Brown, Arthur Preston
Brown, Charles L.
Brown, Daniel
Brown, David Bingham
Brown, Deborah
Brown, Edna Lucinda
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Esther
Brown, Gladys
Brown, Hannah Olmstead
Brown, Helen
Brown, John
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Lydia
Brown, Martin Preston
Brown, Mary
Brown, Priscilla
Brown, Rebecca
Brown, Robert Edward
Brown, Ruth
Brown, Sarah
Brown, Susannah
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Wallace Martin
Brown, Wilford Thomas
Browne, Dinnah
Browne, Elizabeth
Browne, Ephraim
Browne, Mary
Browne, Peter
Browne, Priscilla
Browne, Ruth
Browne, Thomas
Brownell, Margaret
Brownhill, Anna
Browning, James David
Brownson, Phebe
Brugge, John
Brumbaugh, John Raymond
Bruschett, Christabel
Bruschett, Edmund
Brushfield, Ann
Brushfield, Anne
Brushfield, Bartholomew
Brushfield, Betty
Brushfield, Dorothy
Brushfield, Elizabeth
Brushfield, Humphrey
Brushfield, John
Brushfield, Joseph
Brushfield, Joshua
Brushfield, Margaret
Brushfield, Maria
Brushfield, Martin
Brushfield, Mary
Brushfield, Mrs Maria
Brushfield, Mrs Sarah
Brushfield, Mrs. Martin
Brushfield, Mrs. Richard
Brushfield, Rachel
Brushfield, Richard
Brushfield, Robert
Brushfield, S.
Brushfield, Sarah
Brushfield, Susanna
Brushfield, Tabitha f
Brushfield, Thomas
Brushfield, William
Bruusen, Knud
Bryant, Frederick
Bryant, Samuel
BRYDGES, Anthony
BRYDGES, Bridget
BRYDGES, Elizabeth
Brydges, Winifred
Bubb, Amelia Ellen
Buchanan, Richard
Bucher, Barbara
Buck, Ablena
Buck, Elizabeth
Buckenmeyer, Maria Barbara
Buckingham, Joan
Buckingham, Robert
Buckingham, Samuel
Buckland, Joseph
Buckland, William
Buckmkinster, Zeruiah
Buckner, Kate
Bugbee, Dorothy
Bugbee, Dorthy
Bugbee, Timothy
Bukmann, Heinrich Christian Friedrich
Bulkeley, Peter
Bulkley, Rebecca
Bull, Henry
Bull, Margaret
Bull, Sybil
Bull, Williamson
Bullard, Eleazer
Bullard, Hannah
Bullard, Maynard Benjamin
Bullock, Elizabeth
Bumpas, Isaac
Bumpas, Sarah
Bundstein, Engel Christine Caroline
Bundtschuh, Margaretha
BURGES, Brigett
Burges, James
BURGES, Ursula
BURGES, Winfrede
Burgess, Abigail
Burgess, Alice
Burgess, Benjamin
Burgess, Elizabeth
Burgess, Frank Thompson
Burgess, Franklin Livingston
Burgess, Jacob
Burgess, John
Burgess, Joseph
Burgess, Lewis Atkin
Burgess, Mrs. James
Burgess, Rachel Atkin
Burgess, Sarah
Burgess, Thomas
Burgess, William Atkin
Burk, Phoebe Jane
Burket, Stephen
Burkhalter, William Henry
Burleigh, Mary
Burley, Dionis
Burnham, Esther
Burr, Anna
Burr, James
Burr, Raymond James
Burr, Rebecca
Burr, Simon
Burtcher, Virgil Oliver
Burton, Eleonor Elizabetrh
Burton, Hannah
Burton, Lydia
Burton, Sarah
Burton, Sarah Ellen
Burton, William
Busby, Charlotte
Busch, Frederick L.
Bushman, Francis Xavier
Bushnell, Abigail
Bushnell, Daniel
Bushnell, Jonathan
Bushnell, Joseph
Bushnell, Judith
Bushnell, Mary
Bushnell, Mercy
Bushnell, Nathaniel
Bushnell, Samuel
Buswell, Weston Louis
Butler, Oscar Emmanuel
Butler, Richard
Butman, Hannah
Butterfield, Edward
Butterfield, Jesse
Butterick, William
Buttolph, Priscilla
Buttrick, Abigail
Buttrick, Edward
Buttrick, Elizabeth
Buttrick, Hannah
Buttrick, John
Buttrick, Jonathan
Buttrick, Joseph
Buttrick, Mary
Buttrick, Rachel
Buttrick, Samuel
Buttrick, Sarah
Buttrick, William
Buxton, Robert
Bybee, John Taylor
Bybee, William Jefferson
Cade, Mary
Cady, Rachel
Calclift, John
Callomer, Mary
Calton, Elizabeth
Calver, Lydia
Cameron, John M.
Campbell, Hazelton Joiner
Candit, Bethia
Cantize, Elizabeth
Cantize, Valentine
Canty, Eliza
Capen, Anna
Caperton, Malinda
Carell, Johann Conrad
Carew, Joseph
Carew, Thomas
Carlsen, Ane Tomine
Carlsen, Dorthe Kirstine
Carlsen, Pauline
Carlsson, Nils
Carpenter, Abraham
Carpenter, Benjamin
Carpenter, Daniel
Carpenter, James
Carpenter, Lois
Carpenter, Miriam
Carr, Agnes
Carr, Elizabeth
Carr, James or Jacob
Carstensen, Anna
Carstensen, Christen
Carstensen, Johanne
Carstensen, Maren
Carstensen, Margarethe
Carstensen, Paul
Carstensen, Zakarias
Carter, Sarah
Carthew, Eunice Isabel
Cartilon, Joanna
Cartwright, Ida Effie
Carver, John
Carver, Susannah
Cary, Abigail
Cary, Mary
Case, Bernard
Case, Mercy
Casey, Louisa Clementine
Catchpold, Catherine
Cate, E. M.
Cates, Eliza Ann
Caustner, Harry
Cave, Thomas
Cazier, Charles Gates
Chaffee, Nathaniel
Chaffey, Lucy
Chalker, Katherine
Chamberlain, Mary
Chamberlain, Shyrl Cram
Chamblee, Hester Ann
Champion, Claudius
Chandler, Samuel
Chandler, Sarah
Chapin, Catherine
Chapin, Mercy
Chapman, Eva
Chapman, Jane Ellen
Chapman, Leanna Alliefair
Chapman, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Chapman, Rachel
Charlton, Arvilla Margaret
Charvoz, Maurice Charles
Chatfield, Abigail
Chatfield, George
Chatfield, John
Chatterton, Myrtle
Chauncey, Sarah
Cheney, Arthur Hayes
Cheney, Elizabeth
Cheney, Lawrence
Cheney, Margaret
Cheney, Olive Elzada
Chester, Lucy
Cheyney, John
Chiddock, Ann
Chilcote, Mary
Child, Thomas
Childs, Adele
Chillingworth, Mehitable
Chillingworth, Sarah
Chipman, Lydia
Chittenden, Thomas
Chlarson, Agnes Pearl
Chlarson, Charlotte Bell
Chlarson, Floyd Rudger
Chlarson, Hyrum Rudolph
Chlarson, Karl Naudran
Chlarson, Lars
Chlarson, Lars Hilman
Chlarson, LaRue Elizabeth
Chlarson, Myrtle Elizabeth
Chlarson, Orson Henry Elliott
Chlarson, Roy Otto
Chlarson, Rudolph Scherlen
Chnurchill, Ichabod
Christensen, Anne
Christensen, Elisabeth
Christensen, Francis Hannah
Christensen, Hans
Christensen, Lars
Christensen, Leone
Christensen, Maren
Christensen, Maria
Christensen, Ole
Christensen, Peder
Christensen, Poul
Christensen, Sidsel
Christensson, Anna
Christensson, Hanna
Christensson, Jorgen
Christensson, Marna
Christensson, Mrs. Kierstina
Christensson, Nils
Christensson, Soren
Christensson, Trued
Christoffersen, Arenfeldt
Christoffersen, Christoffer
Christoffersen, Florentine
Christoffersen, Hans
Christoffersen, Morten
Christoffersson, Ester
Christophersen, Jens
Chubbuck, Nathaniel
Church, Abigail
Church, Caleb
Church, Eunice
Church, Hyrum Taylor
Church, Joseph
Church, Mary Deon
Churchill, Rebecca
Churchman, Sarah
Chyles, Francis
Cinverse, Hannah
Clages, Engel Marie
Claghorn, Mary
Clamp, Rose
Clapp, Abigail
Clapp, Ebenezer
Clapp, Ezra
Clapp, Jane
Clapp, Judith
Clapp, Nehemiah
Clapp, Preferred
Clapp, Prudence
Clark, Abigail
Clark, Arthur
Clark, Benjamin
Clark, Daniel
Clark, David
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Hannah
Clark, John
Clark, Mary W.
Clark, Melba Irene
Clark, Mrs Mary
Clark, Rachel
Clark, Rebecca
Clark, Samuel
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Susanna
Clark, Thomas
Clark, William
Clarke, Jemima
Clarke, John
Clarke, Josephine Marian
Clarke, Martha
Clarke, Mrs Hannah
Clausen, Anne
Clausen, Berte
Clausen, Birte
Clausen, Christen
Clausen, Ellen
Clausen, Hans
Clausen, Jorgen
Clausen, Kirsten
Clausen, Maria
Clausen, Peder
Clausen, Rasmus
Clausen, Zidsel
Clawson, Darwen H.
Clawson, George Albert
Clawson, Mavis
Clawson, Thoma
Claye, Elizabeth
Clayton, Alexander
Clayton, Condry
Clayton, Eunice
Clayton, Farmer
Clayton, John
Clayton, Jonathan
Clayton, Lucinda
Clayton, Mary
Clayton, Molly
Clayton, Moses
Clayton, Mr
Clayton, Mrs. Sarah
Clayton, Patience
Clayton, Sally
Clayton, Sarah
Clayton, Susannah
Clayton, Thomas
Clebond, Richard
Clement, Benjamin Franklin
Clement, Elizabeth
Clement, Joseph Ray
Clement, Nathaniel
Clements, Aaron
Clements, Andrew
Clements, Andrew J.
Clements, Benjamin
Clements, Clara
Clements, Cynthia B.
Clements, Elmon R.
Clements, Isaac
Clements, James
Clements, Louie A.
Clements, Martha
Clements, Miss
Clements, Peter
Clements, Phoebe M
Clements, Rebecca
Clements, Riley
Clements, Sarah F.
Clements, Sarah Jane
Clements, William Washington
Clemons, Anna
Cleveland, Edward
Cleveland, Esther
Clifton, Patience
Cline, Mary Magdalene
Clinton, John
Clitheroe, Mary
Cluff, Eddie Leroy
Cluff, Pearl Geneva
Clutton, Ann
Clutton, Elizabeth
Clutton, Henry
Clutton, John
Clutton, Martha
Clutton, Mary
Clutton, Steven
Clutton, Valentine
Clutton, William
Coates, Nancy Worthington
Coates, Samuel
Cobb, Elizabeth
Cobley, John
Coburn, Daniel
Coburn, Elenore
Cocke, Lizzie
Cocks, Stephen
Codwell, Richard
Cody, Martha
Cogeswell, Ann
Cogeswell, Jemima
Cogeswell, Phebe
Cogeswell, Zerviah
Cogswell, Elizabeth
Cogswell, Mason
Cogswell, Mrs Mason
Cogswell, Samuel
Colburn, Rebecca
Cole, Fabian
Cole, Gertrude
Cole, Harry T.
Cole, Harry Thomas
Cole, John Bruce
Cole, Judith
Cole, Mary
Colgate, Martha Hutchinson
Collen, Lawrence
Collier, Wesley W.
Collins, Anne
Collins, Benjamin
Collins, Elizabeth
Collins, Hannah
Collins, Henry
Collins, Hugh
Collins, Humphrey
Collins, Joan
Collins, John
Collins, Joseph
Collins, Margery
Collins, Mary
Collins, Riall
Collyn, Johanne
Colmer, Jane
Colnell, Richard
Colton, Anna
Colton, Jacob
Colton, John
Colton, Maria
Colton, Nicholaus
Colton, Richard
Colton, Robert
Colton, Sara
Colvin, John
Combe, James Louis
Combe, Lee James
Compton, Marlow
Comstock, Daniel
Conant, Mary
Conant, Peter
Connett, Myra F.
Constable, Marmaduke
Converse, Zachariah
Cook, Bernard Barrein
Cook, Demis A.
Cook, Elizabeth
Cook, James Hunter
Cooke, Gilbert
Cooke, Mary
Coons, Hyrum
Cooper, Bathsheba
Cooper, Josiah
Cooper, Richard Palmer
Cooper, Thomas
Copely, Jemima
Corbyn, Lawrence
Corey, Benjamin
Corey, David
Corey, Eunice
Corey, Jacob
Corey, John
Corey, Jonathan
Corey, Marie
Corey, Mary
Cornelius, Robert
Cornish, Benjamin
Cornwell, Sarah
Cory, Elizabeth
Cosby, Mary Ann "Polly"
Cotton, Thomas
Couper, Johane
Courson, Alsa
Courson, Amanda
Courson, Andrew Jackson
Courson, Belzoria
Courson, Charles P.
Courson, Charles T
Courson, Eliza Jane
Courson, Harry E.
Courson, Henry H.
Courson, Jane Elizabeth
Courson, John A.
Courson, John W.
Courson, P. R.
Courson, Rufus
Courson, Sarah Ann
Courson, Thomas Henry
Courson, William
Courtney, James Michael
Courtois, Johann
Courtois, Mr
Couthopp, Katherine
Cowan, Ethel
Cowdrey, Hannah
Cowdrey, William
Cowdry, Matthias
Cowles, Samuel
Cowper, Anthony
Cowper, Henry
Cowper, John
Cowper, Mrs Elizabeth
Cowper, Mrs Mary
Cowper, Mrs. Margaret
Cowper, Peter
Cowper, Richard
Cowper, Robert
Cowper, Thomas
Cox, Hessie E.
Cox, Isabella
Cox, John
Cox, Julia
Cox, Leona
Crabbe, Mary
Cracknell, Hannah
Cracknell, James
Cracknell, Joihn
Craft, Mehitable
Cramer, Crawford
Crandall, Albert Berrett
Crane, Anna
Crane, Theodosia
Cranford, Allisa Elizabeth
Cranford, Avenett V.
Cranford, Celia "Sadie"
Cranford, Doxie Anjeline A.
Cranford, Erbey T.
Cranford, Henrietta
Cranford, Joseph W.
Cranford, Leory
Cranford, Lewis Mason
Cranford, Mason R.
Cranford, Ophelia
Cranford, Princis
Cranford, Rosanna
Cranford, Rosetta
Cranford, William C. H.
Crang, Thomas H.
Crapnell, Annie
Craven, Randolph
Crawford, Frances
Crawford, Harriet N
Creasy, Martha C
Creely, Marguerite Gardner
Crees, Margery
Creswick, Margaret
Crocker, Adelisa
Crocker, Alice Ellen
Crocker, Charles S.
Crocker, James
Cromwell, Francis Ellen
Crooker, Mary
Cross, Abigail
Cross, Daniel
Cross, Ebenezer
Cross, Eleazer
Cross, Eunice
Cross, Ichabod
Cross, John
Cross, Joseph
Cross, Mary
Cross, Miriam
Cross, Mrs Anne
Cross, Mrs Mary
Cross, Nathan
Cross, Shubael
Cross, Theophilus
Cross, Tryphena
Cross, Uriah
Cross, William
Crossley, John Laurence
Crossman, Hannah
Crouch, Wesley
Crough, Katherine Icy
Crow, Adam
Crow, John
Crow, Mrs. Susan
Crow, Nathaniel
Crowel, Mehitable
Crowell, Edward
Crowell, Elishua
Crowell, Elizabeth
Crowell, Hannah
Crowell, Jeremiah
Crowell, John
Crowell, Lydia
Crowell, Mary
Crowell, Moses
Crowell, Mrs Agnes
Crowell, Mrs. Deborah
Crowell, Mrs. Hannah
Crowell, Samuel
Crowell, Susannah
Crowell, Thomas
Crowell, Yelverton
Crowfoot, Samuel
Crump, Henry C.
Cudworth, Nathaniel
Cuff, Elizabeth
Culp or Kolp, Barbara
Culp or Kulp, Hanc Casper Kolb or
Culp or Kulp, Margaret
Cumback, William E.
Cummings, Sarah
Curevo, Ida M
Currier, Abigail
Currier, Benjamin
Curtis, Isaac
Curtis, Mary
Cushing, Mary
Cushman, Sarah
Cushman, Susan Kiney
Cutlass, Thomas
Cutler, Dorcas
Cutler, Hannah
Cutt, Edward
Daby, Mrs Hanna
Dacre, Joan
Dafte, Elizabeth
Dafte, Johanni Mrs. Mrs.
Dafte, Johanni\John
Dafte, John
Dafte, Rebecca
Dafte, Sarah
Dafte, Susanna
Daggeett, Hannah
Dahlgren, Michael Jeppsson
Dailey, Emily Effie
Dailey, Essa
Daily, Job
Daily, William Jasper
Daines, Sarah
Daines, Thomas
Dakin, Dorothy
Dakin, Simon
Dalby, Ellen
Dalby, Frances Elizabeth
Dalenger, Ann
Dalkin, Elizabeth
Dalrymple, William M.
Dalyngridge, Philippa
Damon, Abigail
Damon, Hannah
Dana, Elizabeth
Dance, Philip
Danforth, Rebecca
Danforth, Samuel
Daniels, Jemima
Darby, Anne
Darby, Elizabeth
Darby, Esther
Darby, Hannah
Darby, John
Darby, Joseph
Darby, Mary
Darby, Mrs Alice
Darby, Mrs Martha
Darby, Nahum
Darby, Robert
Darby, Sarah
Darby, Simon
Darby, Thomas
Darell, John
Darell, Maria
Darell, Robert
Darrel, Elizabeth
Davis, Amos
Davis, Benjamin
Davis, Catherine
Davis, Daniel
Davis, Doller
Davis, Dolor
Davis, Ebenezer
Davis, Eliezer
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Ellen
Davis, Ephraim
Davis, Ezra
Davis, Hannah
Davis, Henry
Davis, Howard
Davis, Jabez
Davis, James
Davis, John
Davis, Jonathan
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Judith
Davis, Katherine
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mercy
Davis, Nathan
Davis, Nathaniel
Davis, Peter
Davis, Rice
Davis, Ruth
Davis, Samuel
Davis, Sarah
Davis, Simon
Davis, Stephen
Davis, Thomas
Davis, Timothy
Davis, Warren Egar
Davis, Zechariah
Davy, Mary
Dawes, Carrie Mildred
Dawson, Ann
Day, Thomas
Dean, Josiah
Dean, Laura
Dean, William
Deavor, John Franklin
Decker, Charles Elmer
Dee, Claude Mansfield
Dehn, Wanda Amelia Louise
Denecke, Hanne Dorothee Caroline
Denecke, Johann Christoph Friedrich
Deneken, Anna Maria
Deneken, Christoph Johann Heinrich
Deneken, Gottlieb Johann
Deneken, Hanne Louise Caroline
Deneken, Heinrich Wilhelm August
Deneken, Johann Heinrich
Deneken, Johann Henrich Andreas
Deneken, Johanne Dorothee Justine
Deneken, Johanne Dorothee Louise
Deneken, Marie Caroline
Denkers, Gerrard Barend
Dennis, Mr
Denton, Lewis
Dentz, Mary Frances "Molly"
DePalma, Frank Patrick
Deppe, Ernest
Detwiler, Iva Florence
Dewey, Darius
Dewey, Ebenezer Bingham
Dewey, John W.
Dewey, Lucinda
Dewey, Lydia
Dewey, Martha
Dewey, Milo
Dewey, Noah
Dewey, Rhoda D.
Dewey, Thomas
Dexter, Mary
Dickenson, Temperance
Dickerman, John
Dickinson, Dorcas
Dickinson, Hannah
Dickson, Ann
Diefenbach, Dorothea Louisa
Dillingham, Deborah
Dillingham, Henry
Dimbleby, Andrew
Dimbleby, Hester
Dimbleby, Roger
Dimmick, Thomas
Dingley, Hannah
Dingley, Jacob
Dingley, John
Dingley, Mary
Dingley, Mrs Sarah
Dingley, Sarah
Dinnis, Urith
Dix, Mary
Dodge, Mrs. Sarah
Dodson, Sarah
Dodworth, Mary
Doerel, Engel Hedwif Dorothee
Doggett, Amy
Doggett, Hepzibah
Doggett, John
Doggett, Sarah
Doggett, Thomas
Dolby, Charlotte
Dolby, Martha Jane
Dolby, Mary Rachel
Dolby, Sarah Ann
Dolby, Thomas
Doman, Rulon Wallace
Donahue, Gladys Violet
Doolittle, Samuel
Dornbusch, Walter J.
Doughtyman, Joney
Downer, Anna
Downer, Ruth
Downing, George David
Downing, Mary
Downs, John
Downs, Nathaniel
Doyle, Elizabeth
Doyle, James H. R.
Doyle, James L.
Drabble, Mr.
Drake, Lucy
Drake, Martha
Drake, Phebe
Drake, Thomas
Drane, Elizabeth
Drane, Marabell
Drawer, Thomas
Dresser, Jacob
Drew, Elizabeth
Drew, John
Drew, Mary
Drew, Richard
Drew, Robert
Driggs, Martha Sattira
Druce, Mary
Druce, Mrs Jane
Druce, Richard
Druce, William
Drury, Hugh
Drury, John
Drury, Mary
Drury, Thomas
Duck, Clyde Elmer
Dudley, Abigail
Dudley, Agnes
Dunning, Hicks
Dunster, Dorothy
Dunster, Elizabeth
Dunster, Mary
Dutson, Clinton Christian
Dyer, Thomas
Dysard, Effie Grace
Dysard, Samuel Edward
Eames, Abigail
Eames, Alia
Eames, Alice
Eames, Anna
Eames, Anne
Eames, Anthony
Eames, Elizabeth
Eames, Hannah
Eames, John
Eames, Jonathan
Eames, Justus
Eames, Lydia
Eames, Marcus
Eames, Margery
Eames, Mark
Eames, Millicent
Eames, Mrs John
Eames, Mrs Marcus
Eames, Mrs. Anna
Eames, Mrs. Joan
Eames, Persis
Eames, Richard
Eames, Thomas
Earley, Susan Sultana
Eastman, Elizabeth
Easton, James
Eaton, Elizabeth
Ebbe, Christen Christensen
Eberly, Olive B.
Eccles, Stewart
Echingham, Elizabeth
Echtenkamp, Hendrick F.
Eddy, Abigail
Eddy, Anna
Eddy, Benjamin
Eddy, Caleb
Eddy, Eleanor
Eddy, Elizabeth
Eddy, Hannah
Eddy, John
Eddy, Jonathan
Eddy, Mary
Eddy, Mrs Joanna
Eddy, Mrs. Christiana
Eddy, Mrs. Sarah
Eddy, Nathaniel
Eddy, Obadiah
Eddy, Phineas
Eddy, Pilgrim
Eddy, Priscilla
Eddy, Ruth
Eddy, Samuel
Eddy, Sarah
Eddy, Thomas
Eddy, William
Eddy, Zachariah
Eddy, Zachariah Benjamin
Edens, Edward
Edge, Obadiah
Edgein, Melvin
Edgell, Marie
Edgerton, Hannah
Edminson, Annie
Edmunds, Joshua
Edmunds, Samuel
Edwards, Bethia
Ejlersen, Oluf Niels
Elfers, Anna
Eliot, Mehitable
Elkins, Elizabetha
Ellerbrock, Henry
Ellice, Thomas
Elliott, Ada Clarinda
Elliott, Charlotte
Elliott, Clyde Orson
Elliott, Henry
Elliott, Orson Samuel
Elliott, Ruth Elizabeth
Elliott, Thaddeus Lyman
Ellis, Augustine
Ellis, Benjamin
Ellis, Bennet
Ellis, Edward
Ellis, Samuel
Ellis, Sarah Louisa
Ellis, William
Elmer, Alice Ann
Elmer, Ann
Ely, Jemima
Emes, Hannah
Emmerson, Sarah
Endres, Albert Greaser
Endres, Alda May
Endres, Alice
Endres, Amenda
Endres, Anna Marie
Endres, Benjamin Franklin
Endres, Charles Albert
Endres, Charles Goss
Endres, Dallas Garner
Endres, David Clair
Endres, Dewalt S.
Endres, Dorothy Elizabeth
Endres, Edith Marion
Endres, Edward Boston
Endres, Edward Calvin
Endres, Elda May
Endres, Elizabeth J.
Endres, Ella Sophia
Endres, Elwood LeRoy
Endres, Esther Elizabeth
Endres, Florence
Endres, Fredrick James Oliver
Endres, George
Endres, Geraldine Goss
Endres, Harry M.
Endres, Hazel Louise
Endres, Howard B.
Endres, Ida Pearl
Endres, James Howard
Endres, Jennie Bell
Endres, Johannes
Endres, John Wellington
Endres, John Wesley
Endres, Joseph
Endres, Joseph Earl
Endres, Joseph Ernest
Endres, Joseph Harrison
Endres, Mabel Annette
Endres, Margaret Matilda
Endres, Maria Elizabeth
Endres, Mary Anna
Endres, Mary Lovinia
Endres, Michael
Endres, Mildred Katherine
Endres, Miles
Endres, Nancy Jane
Endres, Orren Miles
Endres, Pearl Irene
Endres, Ray
Endres, Richard James
Endres, Robert Lee
Endres, Ruth Lillian
Endres, Samuel
Endres, Sarah Jane
Endres, Susan
Endres, Theresa May
Endres, Walter Lloyd
Endres, Warren Harris
Endres, William
Endres, William Henry
Endres, William LeRoy
Endres, William Oscar
Endres, Zelda Ruth
Engel, Joseph
English, George
English, Hester
Erickson, Carl Reinhold
Erickson, Martha Victoria
Ericson, Utahna
Ericsson, Anders Gustaf
Ericsson, Brita
Eriksson, Bengta
Erlandsson, Anders
Erlandsson, Elin
Erlandsson, Hakan
Erlandsson, Ingeborg
Erlandsson, Martha
Erlandsson, Per
Estabrook, Benjamin
Estaugh, Elizabeth
Estey, Benjamin
Etherington, Sarah Jane
Etler, Anna Elizabeth
Eustis, Mary
Evans, Harold W
Evans, Ola Mae
Evans, Richard
Evans, Sally
Evarts, Lydia
Eveleth, Anna
Eveleth, Sylvester
Everett, Abigail
Everly, Margaret
Evernden, Simeon
Evers, Johann Carl
Everson, Ralph Raymond
Ewell, Relief
Ewing, Jesse B.
Eyre, Alice
Eyre, Anna
Eyre, George
Eyre, Mary
Eyre, Mrs Robert
Eyre, Robert
Fairbanks, Lydia
Fairchild, Ann
Fairchild, Dorothy
Fairchild, Elizabeth
Fairchild, Frances
Fairchild, Henry
Fairchild, Jane
Fairchild, John
Fairchild, Major
Fairchild, Mary
Fairchild, Richard
Fairchild, Roland
Fairchild, Roland-Rowland
Fairchild, Sarah
Fairchild, Ursula
Fairclough, Mary
Fairclough, Thomas
Fairfield, Sarah
Fairweather, Frances
Fairweather, William
Fallowell, Sarah
Fargo, Aaron
Fargo, Mary
Farley, Martha Rhoda
Farley, Mary Ellen
Farnlund, Emil Lowe
Farnsworth, Rachel
Farnsworth, Stephen August
Farr, Aaron Lafayette
Farr, Erastus
Farr, Isaac Farwell
Farr, Lorin
Farr, Maurice Frederick
Farr, Willard
Farr, Winslow
Farren, Hannah
Farwell, John
Faulkner, Elizabeth
Fawcett, Susie Jane
Fayerfoxe, Elizabeth
Fearnely, Alice
Fearnely, Anne
Fearnely, Cissely
Fearnely, Dionis
Fearnely, Edward
Fearnely, Elizabeth
Fearnely, Ellin
Fearnely, Isabella
Fearnely, Jane
Fearnely, Margaret
Fearnely, Mary
Fearnely, Mrs
Fearnely, Mrs Edward
Fearnely, Nicholas
Fearnely, Rebecca
Fearnely, Sara
Fearnely, William
Felker, Annie G.
Felt, Christena Matilda
Felt, Maryett
Fennel, Mattie Margaret
Fennell, Carrie Adella
Fenno, Abigail
Fenno, Benjamin
Fenno, Bethiah
Fenno, Elizabeth
Fenno, Ephraim
Fenno, Freelove
Fenno, Isaac
Fenno, Jemima
Fenno, Jerusha
Fenno, John
Fenno, Joseph
Fenno, Mary
Fenno, Mrs Rebecca
Fenno, Rebecca
Fenno, Rebeckah
Fenno, Ruth
Fenno, Samuel
Fenno, Seth
Fensham, Margaret
Fenton, Anne
Fenton, Dorothie
Fenton, Edward
Fenton, Elizabeth
Fenton, Elizabetha
Fenton, Ellinoure
Fenton, Franciscus
Fenton, Hellena
Fenton, Katerine
Fenton, Margreta
Fenton, Marie
Fenton, Mrs. Cecelia
Fenton, Mrs. Elizabeth
Fenton, Richard
Fenton, Ricus
Fenton, Robert
Fenton, William
Fenton, Willmus
Ferguson, Anna Elizabeth
Fertig, Anna Maria
Fessenden, Eliza Ann
Field, Edith Mae
Field, Mary
Field, Sarah
Fields, Jane
Fienes, George Gregory
Fienes, Mary
Fiennes, Anne
Fiennes, Edward
Fiennes, Elizabeth
Fiennes, John
Fiennes, Margaret
Fiennes, Mary
Fiennes, Mrs. Agnes
Fiennes, Richard
Fiennes, Roger
Fiennes, Thomas
Fiennes, William
Fife, Agnes Ann
Fife, Joseph
Fife, Mary Francis
Fifield, Richard
Filson, Florence Nightingale
Filson, Rosa Elmina
Finney, Esther
Fish, Abia
Fish, Ambrose
Fish, Ephraim
Fish, Joanna
Fish, Mehitable
Fish, Seth
Fisher, Hazel Irene
Fisher, Lucy
Fisher, Maria
Fisher, Thomas
Fisher, Winetta Merrill
Fiske, Faith
Fiske, William
Fisket, Gelyon
Fitch, John
Fitzhugh, Agnes
Fitzhugh, Alice
Fitzhugh, Edward
Fitzhugh, Elizabeth
Fitzhugh, George
Fitzhugh, Henry
Fitzhugh, Joane
Fitzhugh, John
Fitzhugh, Margery
Fitzhugh, Richard
Fitzhugh, Thomas
Fitzrandolph, Nathaniel
Flagg, Rebecca
Flat, Margaret
Fleissner, George J.
Fleming, Dorothy Carol Mary
Fletcher, Ebenezer
Fletcher, Elizabeth
Fletcher, Erma Alice
Fletcher, Hyrum Smith
Fletcher, Jonathan
Fletcher, Mary
Fletcher, Rebecca
Fletcher, Samuel
Flint, Asher
Flint, Bartholomew
Flint, James
Flint, Nathaniel
Flint, Sarah
Flint, Thomas
Florinss, Henrich
Florinss, Johannes Bernard
Flory, Mamie Margaret
Fobes, Mary
Foley, Rosa Bee
Foote, Daniel
Foote, Nathaniel
Forbes, Caleb
Forbes, Mary
Ford, Amos
Ford, Bethiah
Ford, Bethsheba
Ford, Desire
Ford, Experience
Ford, Jesse
Ford, John
Ford, Joseph
Ford, Josiah
Ford, Margaret
Ford, Martha
Ford, Mary
Ford, Mercy
Ford, Michael
Ford, Millicent
Ford, Mrs. Hannah
Ford, Mrs. Martha
Ford, Nathaniel
Ford, Obadiah
Ford, Paul
Ford, Ruth
Ford, Sarah
Ford, Tabitha
Ford, Thomas
Ford, William
Foreman, Cynthia
Forrester, Ollie
Forsberry, Emma
Förtig, Maria Magdalena
Förtig, Valentin
Fosbrook, Susanna
Fosten, John
Fosten, Mary
Foster, Abigail
Foster, Andrew
Foster, Ann
Foster, Anna
Foster, Betty
Foster, Edward
Foster, Elizabeth
Foster, Esther
Foster, Francis
Foster, Isabel
Foster, Isabella
Foster, James
Foster, John
Foster, Margaret
Foster, Mary
Foster, Mary Rachel
Foster, Mrs
Foster, Mrs John
Foster, Nicholas
Foster, Polly
Foster, Samuel
Foster, Sara
Foster, William
Foulesam, Alice
Fouse, Benjamin
Fouse, Catherine
Fouse, Nancy Simonton
Fouse, Theobald Adam Dewalt
Fouse, William Acker
Fowler, Abigail
Fowler, Abraham
Fowler, Elizabeth
Fowler, John
Fowler, Mary
Fowler, Mehitable
Fox, Anna
Fox, Frances
Fox, Godith
Fox, Isabella
Fox, John
Fox, Maude Fern
Fox, Robert
Fox, Samuel
Fox, Sarah
Fox, William
Foy, William Bozley
Franklin, Mrs Mary
Franklyn, Adam
Franklyn, Agnes
Franklyn, Alice
Franklyn, Edward
Franklyn, Elizabeth
Franklyn, George
Franklyn, Henry
Franklyn, Joanne
Franklyn, John
Franklyn, Katherine
Franklyn, Lewis
Franklyn, Lucye
Franklyn, Margery
Franklyn, Mary
Franklyn, Mrs Elizabeth
Franklyn, Mrs Lucy
Franklyn, Mrs Margaret
Franklyn, Mrs Richard
Franklyn, Richard
Franklyn, Thomas
Franklyn, Ursula
Franklyn, William
Freeman, Azariah
Freeman, Charles
Freeman, Edmund
Freeman, Elijah Norman
Freeman, Elizabeth
Freeman, John
Freeman, Mary
Freeman, Olive Hovey
Freeman, Patience
Freeman, Rebecca
Freeman, Susannah
Freeman, Thomas
Freeston, Frances
French, David
French, Dependence
French, Elizabeth
French, John
French, Jonathan
French, Mary
French, Rachel
French, Rebecca
French, Sarah
Frerkman, Anna Maria
Freston, George
Freston, Mary
Freston, Richard
Fricke, Margarethe Hedwig
Friedrichs, Johann Ernest Heinrich Christian
Frink, Elias
Frisbie, James
Frisbie, Zaddock
Froboese, Anna Engel Sophie
Frogget, John Copely
Fromme, Alma Bertha Margaret
Fromme, Amelia Clara Emma
Fromme, Arthur Henry
Fromme, August Herman
Fromme, Bertha Lena
Fromme, Carl Andreas Zacharias
Fromme, Carl Christian Herman
Fromme, Christian Wilhelm August
Fromme, Christian Wilhelm Zacharias
Fromme, Edith Louisa Carolina
Fromme, Ethel Philipine Augusta
Fromme, Johann Andreas
Fromme, Johann Arend
Fromme, Johann Conrad Christoph
Fromme, Johann Friderich
Fromme, Johann Zacharias
Fromme, Johanne dorothee Louise
Fromme, Johanne Dorothee Sophie
Fromme, Johanne Friderica
Fromme, Johanne Louise
Fromme, Robert Joseph
Fromme, Zacharias Conrad Christian
Fromme, Zacharias Fredrick Edward
Frost, Alice
Frost, Ambrose
Frost, Andrew
Frost, Ann
Frost, Anne
Frost, Audrey
Frost, Daniel
Frost, daughter
Frost, Edmund
Frost, Edward
Frost, Elizabeth
Frost, Erasmus
Frost, Francis
Frost, Grace
Frost, Henry
Frost, Jane
Frost, Johanna
Frost, John
Frost, Katherine
Frost, Mary
Frost, Mrs. Agnes
Frost, Mrs. Elizabeth
Frost, Mrs. Ellen
Frost, Mrs. Henry
Frost, Mrs. Katherine
Frost, Mrs. Phillippa
Frost, Nathaniel
Frost, Ralph
Frost, Roger
Frost, Thomas
Frost, Thomasine
Frost, William
Fullelove, Mary
Fuller, Jonathan
Fuller, Lucy
Fuller, Robert
Fuller, Ruth
Fuller, Sarah
Fullsom, Samuel
Furber, Sarah Eliza
Furnes, Grace
Gale, Francis Barkham
Gallop, Anne
Gallop, Catherine
Gallop, Egedins
Gallop, Elizabeth
Gallop, George
Gallop, Henry
Gallop, Humphrey
Gallop, Joan
Gallop, John
Gallop, Mrs Elizabeth
Gallop, Richard
Gallop, Roger
Gallop, Thomas
Gallop, William
Gallup, Francis
Gallup, Nathaniel
Gallup, Samuel
Galmin, Maria Barbara
Gamble, Arthur Posey
Gamble, George
Gamble, James Albert
Gamby, Hannah
Game, Thomas
Gannett, Matthew
Gardner, Ethel Eva
Gardner, Ezekial
Gardner, Helen Anna
Garner, Ellen
Garner, Mattie Iola
Garnham, Sarah
Garrard, Archibald
Garver, Mildred Alice
Gascogne, Thomas
Gascoigne, Alice Gaskins OR
Gascoigne, Thomas Gaskins or Gascoyne
Gaskill, Olive
Gates, Abigail
Gates, Abraham
Gates, Alice
Gates, Almira
Gates, Amos
Gates, Ann
Gates, Anna
Gates, Asa
Gates, Aseph
Gates, Benjamin
Gates, Bertha
Gates, Bethia
Gates, Betsy
Gates, Bridget
Gates, Caleb
Gates, Cynthia
Gates, Daniel
Gates, Deborah
Gates, Elisha
Gates, Elizabeth
Gates, Eustace
Gates, Ezekiel
Gates, Genet
Gates, George
Gates, Hannah
Gates, Isaac
Gates, Israel
Gates, Jacob
Gates, John
Gates, Jonat han
Gates, Joseph
Gates, Josiah
Gates, Lois
Gates, Lucinda
Gates, Lucy
Gates, Margaret
Gates, Maria
Gates, Mary
Gates, Mercy
Gates, Miriam
Gates, Mrs. Elizabeth
Gates, Nathaniel
Gates, Oliver
Gates, Patty
Gates, Polly
Gates, Rebecca
Gates, Reuben
Gates, Rose
Gates, Ruth
Gates, Sally
Gates, Samuel
Gates, Sarah
Gates, Silas
Gates, Simon
Gates, Stephen
Gates, Susanna
Gates, Susannah
Gates, Thomas
Gates, William
Gates, Willis
Gatherum, Edith Alberta
Gattonby, Dorothy
Gaunt, Lydia
Geares, Margaret
Geer, Shubael
Geertsen, Peter Christian
Geise, Annie Jane
Geiss, Jacob
Gennings, Abel Joel
Gennings, Ebenezer
Gennings, Jemima
Gennings, Nathan
Gennings, Simon
Gerstner, Agatha
Gerstner, Barbara
Gerstner, Johann Balthasar
Gerstner, Maria Ursula
Gertrudis, Eva Rosina
Gibb, Mary
Gibbs, Abigail
Gibbs, Cornelius
Gibbs, Ebenezer
Gibbs, Eunice
Gibbs, Experience
Gibbs, Hannah
Gibbs, Joanna
Gibbs, John
Gibbs, Joshua
Gibbs, Marcy
Gibbs, Mary
Gibbs, Nathan
Gibbs, Samuel
Gibbs, Sarah Perry
Gibbs, Susannah
Gibbs, Thomas
Giblin, Michael James
Gibson, Abraham
Gibson, Ephraim
Gibson, Joseph
Gibson, Mary
Gibson, Mary Eunice P. G.
Gibson, Rebecca
Gibson, Sarah
Gibson, Timothy
Gidney, Richard Anthony
Gifford, John
Gilbert, E. William
Gilbert, Elsie H.
Gilbert, Mary
Gilbert, Samuel
Gilbert, Sarah Maria
Gilder, Joseph
Gile, Samuel
Giles, Elmer
Giles, Robert
Gill, Joshua
Gillett, Daniel
Gillett, Hannah
Gillett, John
Glazier, Meriah
Glenn, Sarah
Glenny, Boyd Steel
Glenny, Carrie Mae
Glenny, Charles Robert
Glenny, Clara Elizabeth
Glenny, Donna Grace
Glenny, Dora Gertrude
Glenny, Ellen Lavina
Glenny, Harry
Glenny, Harry Marion
Glenny, Henry Alexander
Glenny, Ida Sophia
Glenny, James
Glenny, Mabel Lenora
Glenny, Ruth Harriet
Glenny, William
Glover, Julia Anna
Glover, Susanna
Godbold, Anne
Godbold, Annes
Godbold, Christian
Godbold, Elizabeth
Godbold, Faith
Godbold, George
Godbold, John
Godbold, Katherine
Godbold, Margaret
Godbold, Mr
Godbold, Mrs
Godbold, Mrs John
Godbold, Mrs William
Godbold, Mrs. Alice
Godbold, Mrs. Margaret
Godbold, Mrs. Robert
Godbold, Nicholas
Godbold, Robert
Godbold, Thomas
Godbold, Ursula
Godbold, William
Goddard, Ann
Goddertt, Margaret
Goldham, Susannah
Goldsmith, Hannah
Goldstone, Sarah
Gooch, Mrs Eme
Gooch, Sarah Mary
Good, Edward Paul
Goodale, Abigail
Goodale, Anna
Goodale, Edith
Goodale, Electa
Goodale, Erastus
Goodale, Hyrum
Goodale, Isaac
Goodale, Isaac Newton
Goodale, John
Goodale, Joseph
Goodale, Joshua
Goodale, Louisa
Goodale, Lucinda
Goodale, Maria
Goodale, Martha Ann
Goodale, Mary
Goodale, Mrs Elizabeth
Goodale, Newton
Goodale, Robert
Goodell, Isaac
Gooding, Sarah
Goodman, Elizabeth
Goodman, Heber C.
Goodman, Nina
Goodnow, Jane
Goodspeed, Benjamin
Goodspeed, Ebenezer
Goodspeed, John
Goodspeed, Ruth
Goodwin, Fanny I
Goodwin, John
Goodwin, Mary
Goodwin, Ruth
Gorbols, Katherine
Gorsuch, John Meade
Goss, Emma S. M.
Goswell, Sara
Gotarsson, Knut
Gouland, Mirrial
Goulding, Palmer
Goulding, Sarah
Gouldsbarry, Irene Ella
Gove, John
Gowland, Agneta
Gowland, Edmund
Gowland, Franciscus
Gowland, Johanes
Gowland, Mrs Elizabeth
Graffius, Wilbur
Grant, Elizabeth
Grant, Sarah
Grasmeter, Anna Catharina Elisabeth
Grasmeter, Anna Clara Elisabeth
Grasmeter, Anna Elizabeth
Grasmeter, Clara Wilhelmina
Grasmeter, Francisca
Grasmeter, Frans Herman
Grasmeter, Joan Jodocus
Grasmeter, Johannes
Grasmeter, Johannes Joachim
Grasmeter, Maria Anna
Grasmeter, Maria Francisca
Grasmeter, Maria Gertrud
Grasmeter, Maria Thresia
Grasmeter, Mrs Joan Jodocus
Gräven, Johann Heinrich
Graves, Abigail
Graves, Celeste
Graves, Mary
Gray, Dorothy Jean
Gray, Frances E.
Gray, Malkijah
Gray, Mary
Greaser, Adam
Greaser, Agnes
Greaser, Anna
Greaser, Barbara
Greaser, George
Greaser, John C.
Greaser, Lavenia
Greaser, Susan
Greaves, Alice
Greaves, Anne
Greaves, Anthony
Greaves, Dorothy
Greaves, Elizabeth
Greaves, George
Greaves, Grace
Greaves, Henrietta Margareta
Greaves, Isabel
Greaves, Issabell
Greaves, John
Greaves, Margaret
Greaves, Mary
Greaves, Robert
Greaves, Ruth
Greaves, Thomas
Greaves, William
Green, Albert A.
Green, Anna
Green, Benjamin
Green, David
Green, Edward Saxe
Green, Elizabeth
Green, Hannah
Green, Helen
Green, Hezekiah
Green, Iva Warble
Green, John
Green, Joseph
Green, Lidia
Green, Louise
Green, Maria
Green, Mary
Green, Mrs Nicholas
Green, Nicholas
Green, Samuel
Green, Susan
Green, Thomas
Green, Valentine
Green, William
Greene, Hannah
Greener, Luna Lydia
Greenough, Thomas
Greenwood, John
Greenwood, Rebecca
Greer, James Houston
Gregory, Dorothy
Gregory, Ebenezer
Gregory, Jacob
Gregory, Joanna
Gregory, Johanes
Gregory, Mrs Robert
Gregory, Rachel
Gregory, Robert
Gregory, Samuel
Gregson, Thomas
Greiner, Albert Anthony
Grenlinge, Richard
Grenoble, Benjamin Franklin
Grenoble, Calvin Pierce
Grenoble, Charles Irwin
Grenoble, Clara Fianna
Grenoble, Elsie Armina
Grenoble, George
Grenoble, George Emery
Grenoble, Harvey Lee
Grenoble, John William
Grenoble, Manerva Minnie
Grenoble, Susan Jane
Gresham, Emily
Grieser, Adam
Grieser, Agnes
Grieser, Anna
Grieser, Anna Catharina
Grieser, Barbara A.
Grieser, Catharina
Grieser, Catharina Grusser
Grieser, Catherine
Grieser, Clarence N.
Grieser, Edgar Roy
Grieser, Elizabeth Betsy
Grieser, Elizabeth C
Grieser, Frederick
Grieser, George Blaine
Grieser, George Landis
Grieser, Gertrud
Grieser, Hans
Grieser, Hans Barthel
Grieser, Hans Nickel
Grieser, Hans or Johann
Grieser, Hans Peter
Grieser, Hans Wolf
Grieser, Jacob
Grieser, Johann Jacob
Grieser, Johann Michael
Grieser, Johann Peter
Grieser, Johann Wolfgang
Grieser, Johannes
Grieser, Johannes Eberhard
Grieser, John
Grieser, Margaret Bauer
Grieser, Margaret Pegy
Grieser, Margareta
Grieser, Margaretha
Grieser, Maria
Grieser, Mary A.
Grieser, Paul Haffly
Grieser, Peter
Grieser, Rebecca
Grieser, Sarah Ann
Grieser, Sophia
Grieser, Susan
Grieser, Sylvanus Blaine
Grieser, Sylvester
Griffin, Allen
Griffin, Allen Wildman
Griffin, Cynthia R
Griffin, David
Griffin, Elizabeth
Griffin, Franklin
Griffin, George
Griffin, James
Griffin, Joseph
Griffin, Louisa
Griffin, Lydia
Griffin, Nancy
Griffin, Susan
Griffin, William
Grinling, Agnes
Griswold, Abel
Griswold, Abigail
Griswold, Adonijah
Griswold, Daniel
Griswold, Elizabeth
Griswold, Francis
Griswold, Isaac
Griswold, Mary
Griswold, Sarah
Grout, Rebecca
Grove, Madge Jane
Grove, Mollie Catherine
Grover, Naomi
Gubler, Nina
Gudmundsson, Bengta
Gudmundsson, Jons
Gudmundsson, Mrs. Maria
Guilford, John
Guilford, Paul
Guilford, Priscilla
Guilford, Susanna
Guire, Ebenezer
Guire, Hannah
Guire, Helena
Guire, John
Guire, Luke
Guire, Mary
Gulliver, Hannah
Gunnarsson, Mans
Gunning, Susannah F.
Gustin, John
Guthrie, Sarah Rebecca
Gyrlinge, John
Haas, Johannes Valentin
Haase, Carl Douglas
Haase, Walter John Heinrich
Hablett, Alice
Hack, Ann
Hack, Emily
Hadelstone, Elizabeth
Hadfield, Mary
Hafen, Adolph
Haffly, Clara Moreland
Hagood, John M
Hague, Elizabeth
Hakansson, Catrina
Hakansson, Elin
Hakansson, Marta
Hakansson, Marten
Hakansson, Mrs. Hanna
Hakansson, Per
Hale, Israel
Hale, Mary
Hale, Mary Ellen
Halgren, Joseph
Hall, Anna
Hall, B. Elizabeth
Hall, Bela
Hall, Deborah
Hall, Eliphalet
Hall, Ephraim
Hall, Hannah
Hall, John
Hall, Josiah
Hall, Julia Ann
Hall, Lydia
Hall, Mary
Hall, Mehitable
Hall, Miriam
Hall, Mrs Susanna
Hall, Samuel
Hall, Stephen
Hallet, Mercy
Halley, Walter Robert
Halsey, Ann
Halsey, Robert
Halsey, Thomas
Hamblin, Mary
Hamblin, Sarah
Hamlin, Prudence
Hammock, James H
Hammond, Abigail
Hammond, Antipas
Hammond, Elizabeth
Hammond, Elizabeth Ann
Hammond, James
Hampson, Beatrice
Hanchett, John
Hancock, Ann
Hancock, Anna
Hancock, Anne
Hancock, Anthony
Hancock, Charles
Hancock, Charles William
Hancock, Edmund
Hancock, Edward
Hancock, Eliazabeth
Hancock, Eliza
Hancock, Elizabeth
Hancock, Elkanah
Hancock, Francis
Hancock, George
Hancock, Hanah
Hancock, Hannah
Hancock, Helen
Hancock, Hellen
Hancock, Henry
Hancock, Isaac
Hancock, Jacob
Hancock, James
Hancock, Jane
Hancock, Jeremiah
Hancock, Joan
Hancock, John
Hancock, Jonathan
Hancock, Joseph
Hancock, Lydia
Hancock, Margaret
Hancock, Maria
Hancock, Martha
Hancock, Mary
Hancock, Mary "Polly" May
Hancock, Mrs
Hancock, Mrs Alice
Hancock, Mrs Ann
Hancock, Mrs Jane
Hancock, Mrs Joan
Hancock, Mrs William
Hancock, Richard
Hancock, Robert
Hancock, Samuel
Hancock, Sara
Hancock, Sarah
Hancock, Susan
Hancock, Thomas
Hancock, William
Hancocke, Alice
Hancocke, Richard
Hand, Thomas
Handy, Desire
Handy, Hannibal
Hansen, Anne
Hansen, Anne Cecilie
Hansen, Anne Marie
Hansen, Annie Margaretha
Hansen, Bodil
Hansen, Carsten
Hansen, Cecilie
Hansen, Claus
Hansen, Dorthe
Hansen, Ellen
Hansen, Hans Christian
Hansen, James
Hansen, Jens
Hansen, Johanne
Hansen, Karen
Hansen, Kirsten
Hansen, Leona Elizabeth
Hansen, Maren
Hansen, Marie
Hansen, Milton Malthias
Hansen, Nakor Gerhard
Hansen, Niels
Hansen, Oluf
Hansen, Paul
Hansen, Peder
Hansen, Peter Michael
Hansen, Poul
Hansen, Zakarias
Hansen, Zidsel
Hanson, Elizabeth A
Hanson, Enoch
Hanson, Enoch Alling
Hanson, Mary L.
Hanson, Susan J
Hanson, Wesley I.
Hansson, Anders
Hansson, Annika
Hansson, Boel
Hansson, Dorothea
Hansson, Elin
Hansson, Elna
Hansson, Elsa
Hansson, Gundella
Hansson, Hanna
Hansson, Jons
Hansson, Karna
Hansson, Kierstina
Hansson, Kirstina
Hansson, Marna
Hansson, Marten
Hansson, Nils
Hansson, Par
Hansson, Rasmus
Hansson, Sissa
Hapgood, Daniel
Hapgood, Ephraim
Hapgood, Hepsabeth
Hapgood, Hezekiah
Harden, Abraham
Hardheal, Robert
Harding, Elizabeth
Harding, John
Hare, Frank
Hare, John
Harland, John Henry
Harlow, Mary
Harmon, Ephraim
Harmon, Jonathan
Harmon, Lois Ella
Harmon, Lucy Ann
Harmon, Mary
Harmon, Nathaniel
Harmon, Sarah
Harper, John
Harper, Robert
Harrington, Caleb
Harrington, Newton
Harris, Emer Martin
Harris, Frances Levina
Harris, George William
Harris, Lorinda
Harris, Martin Henderson
Harris, Mary Jane
Harris, Rachel Elizabeth
Harris, Thomas
Harris, Walter
Harrison, Anne
Harrison, Charolus
Harrison, Edward
Harrison, Ellen
Harrison, Francisca
Harrison, George
Harrison, Johes
Harrison, John
Harrison, Margaret
Harrison, Margareta
Harrison, Mrs Elizabeth
Harrison, Mrs Margaret Martha
Harrison, Richard
Harrison, Ricus
Harrison, Susannah Savannah
Harrison, Thomas
Hart, Sarah
Hartly, Thelma
Hartman, Anna Elisabetha
Hartshoren, John
Hartshorn, Abigail
Hartshorn, Andrew
Hartshorn, Meroa C.
Hartshorne, Mary
Hartwell, Jonathan
Hartwell, Timothy
Harvey, Henry
Harvey, Miranda
Harvis, Charlotte Hogan Mrs.
Harwell, Gilbert Bebee
Harwood, Thomas
Haskel, James
Haskell, Roger B.
Hastings, Elizabeth
Hastings, Francis William
Hastings, Jessica Maud
Hastings, Josephine E.
Hastings, Loren Bingham
Hastings, Lorin Brown
Hastings, Maria C.
Hastings, Oregon Columbus
Hastings, Warren Irwin
Hatch, Bethia
Hatch, Moses
Hatch, Nathaniel
Hatch, Ruth
Hatcher, John
Hathaway, Deborah
Hathaway, Hannah
Haugh, Carrie
Haun, Hazel Viola
Haun, Paul
Hautz, Catharine
Hawkes, Bethia
Hawkins, James
Hawkins, Mary N.
Hawkredd, Elizabeth
Hawley, Esther
Hawthorne, Sarah
Hayes, Deliverance
Haynes, Ethel
Haynes, Joseph
Haynes, Peter
Haynes, Thomas
Haynes, William
Hayward, John
Hayward, Margaret
Hayward, Mary
Hazen, Joseph
Heald, Dorothy
Heald, Oliver
Hearinge, Elizabeth
Heaton, Betty
Heaton, Elizabetha
Heaton, John
Heaton, Rebeca
Heaton, Samuel
Heaton, Sarah
Heaton, Thomas
Hebard, Nathaniel
Heckin, Anna Maria
Heiser, Jacob
Held, Eva Margaretha
Helmes, Margaretha
Helms, Hermann
Helms, Johann Hermann
Helton, Nancy
Hemfe, Friedrick
Henderson, Agnes
Henderson, Henry
Henderson, Mary Elizabeth Richardson
Henderson, Michael
Henderson, Rachael
Hendon, Aaron
Hendon, Asbury P.
Hendon, Benjamin Norris
Hendon, James
Hendon, Joshua Isham
Hendon, Josiah
Hendon, Martha Ann
Hendon, Mary Ann Caroline
Hendon, William Lafayette
Henne, Johanne
Hense, Joanna
Hermansson, Michel
Herring, John
Herring, Thomas
Herring, William
Herrington, Richard
Heslip, Elizabeth B
Hess, Alice Percie
Hess, Andreas
Hess, Anna
Hess, Anna Barbara
Hess, Anna Caecilia
Hess, Anna Eva
Hess, Anna Maria
Hess, Anna Maria Eva
Hess, Bartholomaus
Hess, Catharina Josepha
Hess, Catherine
Hess, Clara L
Hess, Elisabeth
Hess, Elizabeth
Hess, Eva Barbara
Hess, Franz Joseph
Hess, Franz Melchior
Hess, Grace
Hess, Heinrich
Hess, Johannes Georg
Hess, Johannes Joseph
Hess, Johannes Martin
Hess, John Franklin
Hess, John George
Hess, Joseph
Hess, Joseph Anton
Hess, Karl Fredrich
Hess, Margaretha
Hess, Margaretha K.
Hess, Maria Anna
Hess, Maria Eva
Hess, Maria Margaretha
Hess, Mrs. Anna Maria
Hess, Nikolaus
Hess, Richard Karl
Hess, Stephan
Hess, Thomas Allen
Hess, William S.
Hesse, Anna Rosine
Hesse, August H.
Hesse, Michael
Hetrick, Daniel
Hetrick, David
Hetrick, George
Hetrick, Harry T.
Hetrick, Isaiah
Hetrick, Levi
Hetrick, Lincoln
Hetrick, Margaret E.
Hetrick, Matilda
Hetrick, Michael A.
Hetrick, Solomon
Hettrick, Sarah Ann
Hewlett, Elizabeth
Heywood, Aaron
Heywood, Amos
Heywood, Charles
Heywood, Elizabeth
Heywood, John
Heywood, Jonas
Heywood, Jonathan
Heywood, Mary
Heywood, Rebecca
Heywood, Samuel
Heywood, Sarah
Hibbard, Joseph
Hibbard, Mary
Hibberd, Margareta
Hickerson, Mary Jane
Hickman, Andrew
Hickman, Eliza F "Zinke"
Hickock (Hieoff), Martha
Higby, Edward
Higginbotham, Frankie M.
Higginbotham, John Samuel
Higginbotham, Joseph Samuel
Highland, Mary
Hilgenhecker, Anna Sophia
Hilgenhecker, Frans Arnold
Hilgenhecker, Mrs Frans Arnold
Hill, Abigail
Hill, Anne
Hill, Daniel
Hill, Hannah
Hill, James Waterloo
Hill, Mary
Hill, Mrs Jane
Hill, Sarah
Hill, Stephen Stanley
Hilles, Margaret
Hills, Solomon
Hills, William
Hinchcliffe, Alice
Hinckley, Mercy
Hincley, John
Hindman, Hugh
Hines, Clara
Hinton, Armina
Hints, Francis Gertrude
Hirst, Hugh
Hitchcock, Elizabeth
Hitchcock, Samuel
Hitt, Judith
Hobart, Elizabeth
Hobart, Peter
Hodgins, John
Hodgson, John
Hoffer, Nellie Ellen
Hoffman, Hazel Edna
Hogge, Nellie Genevieve
Holbrook, Elizabeth
Holbrook, Harriet
Holbrook, Mehitable
Holden, Elizabeth
Holden, Johanna
Holding, Mary Ann
Holdridge, John
Holladay, Karen Happuch
Holland, Ann
Holland, Johan
Holland, Mrs.
Holland, Nicholas
Hollenback, Catherine
Holliday, Samuel S.
Hollingshead, Joseph
Hollingshead, William
Hollis, Nelson A.
Holloway, Dorothy
Holloway, Experience
Holloway, Hannah
Holloway, Hopestill
Holloway, Joseph
Holloway, Mary
Holloway, Rose
Holloway, Sarah
Holmes, John
Holmes, Joseph
Holmgren, Jons Nilsson
Holt, John Jesse
Holtman, Edith M.
Holtman, Emily A.
Hood, Mary Ann
Hooker, Almira
Hooker, Alvena
Hookes, Joane
Hooper, Margaret Apsley
Hoover, Eliza Adeline
Hope, Mr
Hopkins, Robert H.
Hopper, Phoebe
Hoppin, Stephen
Horn, Dora Van
Horn, Elizabeth
Horne, Anne
Horne, Robert
Horne, Vernell Lawrence
Hornsby, Margaret Eleanor
Hosmer, Hannah
Hosmer, Stephen
Hossington, John
Hough, David
Hough, John
Houghton, Hannah
House, George
House, Lydia
House, Samuel
HOUSEL, Margaret
Housley, Alicia
Housley, Anna
Housley, Elizabeth
Housley, Hellena
Housley, Maria
Housley, Robert
Housley, Thomas
Housley, William
Hovey, Lucy
How, Nehemiah
Howard, Ambrose Alexander
Howard, Anna Augusta
Howard, Ida Estella
Howard, John Charles
Howard, John Thomas
Howard, Mabel Lovina
Howard, Mary
Howard, Nathaniel
Howard, Pearl Lenora
Howard, Sarah
Howe, Elisabeth
Howe, James
Howell, Christian
Howet, John
Howet, Margaret
Howet, William
Howitt, Wiliam
Howland, Elizabeth
Howland, Hannah
Howlett, Mary
Hoxie, Bashua
Hoylande, Isabelle
Hubbard, Abigail
Hubbard, Ann
Hubbard, Azubah
Hubbard, Beulah
Hubbard, Daniel
Hubbard, David
Hubbard, Dorothy
Hubbard, Ebenezer
Hubbard, Elisha
Hubbard, Elizabeth
Hubbard, Ellen
Hubbard, Ephraim
Hubbard, George
Hubbard, Grace
Hubbard, Hannah
Hubbard, Huldah
Hubbard, Isaac
Hubbard, John
Hubbard, Jonas
Hubbard, Jonathan
Hubbard, Joseph
Hubbard, Lois
Hubbard, Lucretia
Hubbard, Lucy
Hubbard, Lydia
Hubbard, Martha
Hubbard, Mary
Hubbard, Mercy
Hubbard, Mrs. Catherine
Hubbard, Mrs. Dulzabella
Hubbard, Nathan
Hubbard, Persis
Hubbard, Peter
Hubbard, Rebecca
Hubbard, Richard
Hubbard, Ruth
Hubbard, Samuel
Hubbard, Sarah
Hubbard, Silence
Hubbard, Thomas
Hubbard, William
Hubbard, Zerviah
Hubbs, Bertha Hunt
Hudson, Abigail
Hudson, Harriett Elizabeth
Hudson, Helen Elizabeth
Huff, James Hanring (Henry)
Huff, James Henry
Huff, Mary Adelaide
Huff, Olive Maria
Huff, Sarah Jane
Huff, Sophia
Huggins, Anne
Huggins, Bicker
Huggins, Constance
Huggins, Edward
Huggins, Elizabeth
Huggins, Hammond
Huggins, Harphy
Huggins, Honour
Huggins, Mary
Huggins, Mrs. Ann
Huggins, Patience
Huggins, Samuel
Huggins, Susanna
Huggins, Thomas
Huggins, William
Huggon, John
Huggon, Sarah
Huggon, Susan
Hughes, Mary
Hughes, Sarah Matilda
Hugman, Joseph
Huhn, Ralph
Hulbert, Joanne
Hulet, Elmira
Hull, Joanna
Hull, Mary
Humfry, Mrs William
Humphrey, Ann
Humphrey, Anthony
Humphrey, Ellen
Humphrey, Hannah
Humphrey, Joan
Humphrey, John
Humphrey, Mary
Humphrey, Mrs Rebecca
Humphrey, Newman
Humphrey, Nicholas
Humphrey, Rebecca
Humphrey, Robert
Humphrey, Samuel
Humphrey, William
Humphries, Margery
Humphries, Mary Frances
Hungate, Mary
Hungerford, Esther
Hunt, Isaac
Hunt, John
Hunt, Mehitable
Hunt, Rebecca Ann
Hunt, Samuel
Hunt, Sarah
Hunter, John
Hunter, John Roy
Hunter, Maria
Hunter, Robert
Hunting, Elizabeth
Huntington, Abigail
Huntington, Ann
Huntington, Anna
Huntington, Daniel
Huntington, David
Huntington, Elijah
Huntington, John
Huntington, Jonathan
Huntington, Mary
Huntington, Rebecca
Huntington, Sarah
Huntley, John
Hurd, Mercy
Hurlburt, Elijah
Hurren, Henry Simon
Hurren, Sarah
Hurrion, Margaret
Hurst, Hazen Reigo
Hutchin, Thomas
Hutchinson, Martha
Hutchinson, Rebecca
Hutchinson, Roxanna
HUTTON, Margaret
Hyatt, James Ambros
Hyatt, James R.
Hyde, Anne
Hyde, Ellen
Hyland, Ruth
Ide, Mrs. Thomas
Ide, Nicholas
Ife, John
Ingersoll, Nathaniel
Ingle, Margaret
Ingram, Samuel
Ippensen, Alwina (Winifred)
Ippensen, Anna
Ippensen, Anna C.
Ippensen, August Chris
Ippensen, August Christopher
Ippensen, August Conrad Gottlieb
Ippensen, Charlotte
Ippensen, Christian Frederick
Ippensen, Christian Friedrich August
Ippensen, Christine Louise
Ippensen, Dora J.
Ippensen, Dorothee Marie
Ippensen, Elise Dora
Ippensen, Engel Christine
Ippensen, Ernst August
Ippensen, Georg Heinrich
Ippensen, Georg Heinrich August
Ippensen, Hanna
Ippensen, Hanna Fredericka Carolina
Ippensen, Hanne Caroline
Ippensen, Heinrich August
Ippensen, Henry August
Ippensen, Henry F.
Ippensen, Johann Ahrend
Ippensen, Johann Arend
Ippensen, Johann Christoph
Ippensen, Johann Daniel
Ippensen, Johann Ernst August
Ippensen, Johann Friedrich
Ippensen, Johanna Louise
Ippensen, Johanne Caroline
Ippensen, Johanne Louise Georgine
Ippensen, John Zachariah
Ippensen, Lena
Ippensen, Lena A.
Ippensen, Lena J
Ippensen, Lizzie
Ippensen, Louise
Ippensen, William
Ippensen, William Christian
Ironside, Martha
Isham, John
Isham, Joseph
Islaub, Stella
Ison, Hulda Jane
Ives, Elizabeth
Ives, John
Ives, Mary
Ives, Thomas
Jackson, Albert Henry
Jackson, Carl
Jackson, Elizabeth
Jackson, Jonathan
Jackson, Sarah
Jacob, Jane
Jacob, John
Jacobs, Martha
Jacobsen, Elizabeth
Jagau, Ilse Dorothee
Jagger, Mrs Amy
James, Allen Pinkney
Jamison, Alexander L.
Jamison, Emma
Jamison, James
Jamison, James Robert
Jamison, Jane
Jamison, John
Jamison, Sarah Ann
Jamison, William Henry
Jansen, Paul
Jarrett, Percival F.
Jayger, Anna
Jefforde, Jacob
Jeffrey, Ambrose
Jenison, John
Jenkins, Hannah
Jenkins, Rosa
Jenkins, Zachariah
Jennings, Mary
Jensen, Christine Masine
Jensen, Christopher
Jensen, Claus
Jensen, Dorthe
Jensen, Hans
Jensen, Jens
Jensen, Johanne
Jensen, Jorgen
Jensen, Karen
Jensen, Kirsten
Jensen, Lars
Jensen, Lillian Virginia
Jensen, Maren
Jensen, Mariane
Jensen, Mary Elizabeth
Jensen, Moroni
Jensen, Niels
Jensen, Olive Lettie
Jensen, Paul
Jensen, Peder
Jensen, Peiter
Jensen, Rasmus
Jensen, Sidsel
Jensen, Zidsel
Jeppesen, Hans
Jeppesen, Helen Fae
Jeppesen, Jens
Jeppesen, Karen
Jeppesen, Rasmus
Jeppeson, Ingeborg
Jeppesson, Giertrud
Jeppesson, Hanna
Jeppesson, Matta
Jeppson, Jons
Jeppsson, Bereta
Jespersen, Maren
Jewell, Thomas
Johansen, John Albert
Johanson, George Alvin
Johansson, Anders
Johansson, Anna Christina
Johansson, Benedicta
Johansson, Christina
Johansson, Elisabeth
Johansson, Elizabeth
Johansson, Emma
Johansson, Johanna Maria
Johansson, Nils
Johansson, Olof
John, Erwin Cluff
Johns, Charles Raymond
Johns, Henry Calvin
Johnson, Abigail
Johnson, Alice
Johnson, Ann
Johnson, Anna Ellen
Johnson, Anne
Johnson, Deborah
Johnson, Eleanor
Johnson, George
Johnson, Isaac
Johnson, James E.
Johnson, Joan
Johnson, Lucy
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, Sina Elizabeth
Johnson, William
Jones, Benjamin
Jones, Blanche Mae
Jones, Celia
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Ephraim
Jones, Jedidiah
Jones, John
Jones, Margaret
Jones, Mary
Jones, Samuel
Jones, Thomas Wilkins
Jonsson, Ake
Jonsson, Anders
Jonsson, Appelunia
Jonsson, Arina
Jonsson, Bengta
Jonsson, Bereta
Jonsson, Christen
Jonsson, Ellna
Jonsson, Elna
Jonsson, Erland
Jonsson, Gertrud
Jonsson, Gudmund
Jonsson, Hanna
Jonsson, Hans
Jonsson, Ingar
Jonsson, Inger
Jonsson, Ingrid
Jonsson, Joran
Jonsson, Karin
Jonsson, Karna
Jonsson, Kjerstin
Jonsson, Kjerstina
jonsson, Lars
Jonsson, Mans
Jonsson, Marna
Jonsson, Mats
Jonsson, Matta
Jonsson, Mattis
Jonsson, Mauritz
Jonsson, Nils
Jonsson, Oluf
Jonsson, Par
Jonsson, Per
Jonsson, Sessela
Jonsson, Trued
Jonsson, Tufve
Joransson, Boel
Joransson, Karna
Joransson, Kerstin
Joransson, Margareta
Joransson, Sissela
Jordan, Elizabeth
Jordan, Hannah
Jordan, Joanna
Jordan, John
Jordan, Mary
Jordan, Maude Dell
Jordan, Mrs Deborah
Jordan, Sarah Jane
Jorgensen, Jens Hansen
Jorgensen, Maren
Jorgensen, Peiter
Jorgensen, Rasmus
Jorgensson, Gudmund
Joslyn, Susan
Josslyn, Nathaniel
Joy, Abigail
Joy, Benjamin
Joy, David
Joy, Deborah
Joy, Eliza
Joy, Elizabeth
Joy, Ephraim
Joy, Jedediah
Joy, John
Joy, Jonathan
Joy, Joseph
Joy, Lois
Joy, Lucy
Joy, Lydia
Joy, Margaret
Joy, Mary
Joy, Obediah
Joy, Prince
Joy, Ruth
Joy, Samuel
Joy, Sarah
Joy, Simon
Joy, Tabitha
Joy, Tamor
Joy, Thomas
Judson, Anna
Juelch, Anna Cathaarina
Juelch, Anna Catharina
Juelch, Georg Michael
Juelch, Johann David
Juelch, Johann Michael
Juelch, Johann Nicolaus
Juelch, Johann Peter
Juelch, Johann Thomas
Juelch, Johannes
Juelch, Maria Barbara
Juelch, Maria Catharina
Juelch, Maria Elisabetha
Juelch, Maria Margaretha
Juelch, Miss
Juelch, Mrs Anna Christina
Juelch, Mrs Margaretha
Juellich, Barbara
Juellich, Johann Jakob
Juellich, Johannes
Juellich, Katherine
Juellich, Maria Barbara
Juenke, Mrs Hans Heinrich
Junke, Hanne Louise Friederike
Jünke, August Heinrich Wilhelm
Jünke, Christian Friedrich
Jünke, Christina Eleonora
Jünke, Christine Eleonora Charlotte
Jünke, Dorothea Johanne Charlotte
Jünke, Engel Christine Friedrike
Jünke, Engel Maria
Jünke, Engel Maria Amalia
Jünke, Georg Conrad
Jünke, Georg Heinrich
Jünke, Georg Heinrich Conrad
Jünke, Georg Heinrich Wilhelm
Jünke, George Augustus
Jünke, Hanne Marie Wilhelmine
Jünke, Hanss Heinrich
Jünke, Heinrich Conrad Wilhelm
Jünke, Henrich Christian
Jünke, Henriette Friederike
Jünke, Johann Christian Friedrich
Jünke, Johann Conrad
Jünke, Johann Conrad Heinrich
Jünke, Johann Friedrich David Conrad
Jünke, Johann Friedrick Conrad
Jünke, Johann Heinrich
Jünke, Johann Heinrich Friedrich
Jünke, Johann Jürgen
Jünke, Johanna Eleonore Wilhelmine
Jünke, Johanne Georgine
Jünke, Johanne Louise Friederike
Jünke, Maria Christine Caroline
Jünke, Maria Conradine Caroline
Jünke, Maria Dorothea
Jünke, Maria Justin
Jünke, Maria Justine
Jünke, Maria Lowisa
Jünke, Marie Caroline Eleonore
Jünke, Marie Justine
Jünke, Mrs Johann Friedrick Conrad
Justesen, Peter Severene
Justice, Virginia
Justus, Lucrecia Jane
Kandelhardt, Henrike
Kartoff, Niels Larsen
Katzenmeyer, Agnesia
Kauffman, Charles
Keasley, John N
Keddick, James
Keene, Josiah
Keifer, Theresa
Keith, Susanna
Kellog, John
Kellogg, Beulah
Kellogg, Sarah
Kelly, Christopher
Kelly, Elizabeth
Kelly, George
Kelly, James A.
Kelly, James R.
Kelly, John R. G.
Kelly, Kindred
Kelly, Margaret Ann
Kelly, Margaret R.
Kelly, Mary A
Kelly, Mary Louise
Kelly, William
Kemp, Abigail
Kemp, Anne
Kemp, Charles
Kemp, Elizabeth
Kemp, James
Kemp, John
Kemp, Margaret
Kemp, Martha
Kemp, Mary
Kemp, Mrs Susan
Kemp, Mrs. Anne
Kemp, Richard
Kemp, Samuel
Kemp, Sarah
Kemp, Thomas
Kemp, William
Kempe, Elizabeth
Kempton, Glenn Martin
Kendall, Hannah
Kendrick, Mary
Kennedy, Henry D.
Kennedy, Joseph Henry
Kennedy, Nancy Elizabeth
Kenning, Marjory
Kent, Deborah
Kent, Edward
Kent, Hannah
Kenyon, Lucretia
Kerley, William
Kern, Henry
Kern, Louise
Kerr, Cordelia
Kerry, Ann
Kerry, Elizabeth
Kessinger, Maude Arabelle
Kessler, Anthony Thomas
Kessler, John F.
Kessler, Joseph Charles
Kessler, Joseph J.
Kessler, Magdalena
Kessler, Mary J.
Kessler, Mrs Helen L.
Kessler, Phillip Thomas
Kettle, Susan
Kilbourne, Naomi
Killam, Daniel
Kimball, Abigail
Kimball, Mary
Kimball, Rebecca
Kimball, Richard
King, Anna
King, Cecil Dustin
King, Elizabeth
King, Elizabeth Katherine
King, Joel Barton
King, Martha
King, Mary
King, Mercy
King, Mrs. Sarah
King, Peter
King, Samuel Rice
King, Sarah
King, Thomas
King, William
Kingsbury, Joseph
Kingsbury, Mary
Kingsley, Anne
Kingsley, Josiah
Kinney, Nancy
Kinsley, Mary
Kirby, John
Kirby, Sarah
Kirkbie, Elizabeth
Kirkbie, John
Kirkbie, Joseph
Kirkbie, Marye
Kirkbie, Richard
Kirkbie, Robert
Kirkbie, Sara
Kirkbye, Benjamin
Kirkbye, John
Kirkbye, Josias
Kirkbye, Maria
Kirkbye, Nathaniel
Kirkbye, Robert
Kirkbye, Sara
Kirkbye, William
Kirleis, Eleonore Caroline
Kirtland, Priscilla
Kleemeyer, Casper H.
Kleemeyer, Franz Heinrich
Klein, Margaretha
Kleinmeyer, Anna Maria
Klepser, Lillian
Klose, Catherine Salome
Knapp, Mary
Knight, Elizabeth
Knight, Sarah
Knight, Susanna
Knock, Engel Christine
Knocke, Johann Friedrich David
Knott, Martha
Knowlton, Abraham
Knowlton, Benjamin
Knowlton, Elizabeth
Knowlton, George
Knowlton, John
Knowlton, Joseph
Knowlton, Mary
Knowlton, Mrs Elizabeth
Knowlton, Mrs. Susannah
Knowlton, Richard
Knowlton, Robert
Knowlton, Samuel
Knowlton, Sarah
Knowlton, Stephen
Knowlton, Susanna
Knowlton, Thomas
Knowlton, William
Knudsen, Bruus
Knudsen, Emma Dorinda
Knudsen, Maren
Knudsen, Mrs Bruus
Knudsen, Zidsel
Knupfer, Barbara
Knutsson, Christina
Knutsson, Kierstin
Koenig, Minnie Yvonne
Kolb, Augustian
Kolb, Catherine
Kolb, Conrad
Kolb, Deilman
Kolb, Dielman
Kolb, Henry
Kolb, John
Kolb, Martin
Kolb, Mary
Kolb, Mrs. Anna Philis
Kolb, Mrs. Heirnrich
Kolb, Mrs. Martin
Kolb, Peter
Kolb (Kulp), Heinrich
Kolb or Culp, Benjamin
Korndorfer, Elizabeth
Krabbe, Bernard Henrich
Krabbe, Heinrich Hubert
Krabbe, Joannes Henricus Luetge
Krabbe, Joseph
Krabbe, Maria Catharina
Krabbe, Maria Catharina Wilhelmina
Krabbe, Maria Catherine Alwiena
Krabbe, Wilhelm
Krage, Frederick William Henry
Kreables, Margaret
KRICK (?), Catharine S
Kriesher, Jacob Peter
Kuhn, Karolina
Kulman, Anna Catharina Elisabeth
Kummann, Henrick
Kur, Maria Margaretha
Kyle, Anna Mary Belle
Labeaume, Isabella
Lacey, Eunice
Ladd, Elizabeth
Ladd, Hepzibah
Lake, Ammon
Lake, Hannah
Lake, William Bailey
Lakin, Mary
Lakin, Sarah
Lambert, Mabel Odilie
Lamma, L H
Lamson, Martha
Landenberg, Emma
Landon, Nathan
Lands, Nancy
Lane, Deborah
Lane, Susannah
Lang, Mable Gertrude
Langworth, Francis
Lansberry, Nancy Margaret
Larribee, Phoebe
Larsen, Lisbeth
Larsen, Mette Kirstine
Larsen, Rasmus
Larsen, Sidsel
Larsson, Anders
Larsson, Anna
Larsson, Berita
Larsson, Hanna
Larsson, Karin
Larsson, Kjerstina
Larsson, Kurstina
Larsson, Margreta
Larsson, Martin
Larsson, Morten
Larsson, Ola
Larsson, Olof
Larsson, Per
Latham, Abigail
Latham, Mary Elizabeth
Lathrop, Eunice
Lathrop, Mary
Latimore, Ann
Laursen, Olle
Lauterbach, Katie Margurita
Law, Mary
Lawe, Benetta
Lawrence, Asa
Lawrence, Clyde
Lawrence, Elizabeth
Lawrence, Joshua S.
Laxton, Israel Pickeron
Laxton, John
Laxton, John Thomas
Laxton, Mary Elizabeth
Laxton, Olive Adelaide
Laxton, Peter
Laxton, William
Laxton, William Henry
Lay, Amos
Layne, Phyllis Courtney
Lazell, Elizabeth
Lazell, Hannah
Lazell, Isaac
Lazell, Israel
Lazell, John
Lazell, Joshua
Lazell, Mary
Lazell, Sarah
Lazell, Stephen
Lazell, Thomas
Lazelle, Sylvestria Theodora
Le Fevre, Timothy
Lea, Elizabeth
Leach, Ebenezer
Leach, Ichabod
Leach, Miriam
Leader, William
Lealand, Mr
Leavitt, Abial
Lee, Mary Emma
Lee, Neils Peter
Lee, Samuel
Leeds, Rebecca
Leeke, John
Leeke, Katherine
Leeke, Mrs
Leeke, Mrs Alice
Leeke, Mrs John
Leeke, Thomas
Leete, John
Leffingwell, Christian
Leffingwell, Deborah
Leffingwell, Jonathan
Leffingwell, Joseph
Leffingwell, Margaret
Leffingwell, Mary
Leffingwell, Michael
Leffingwell, Michel
Leffingwell, Mrs Alice
Leffingwell, Mrs Thomas
Leffingwell, Mrs William
Leffingwell, Mrs. Alice
Leffingwell, Nathaniel
Leffingwell, Rachel
Leffingwell, Robert
Leffingwell, Samuel
Leffingwell, Thomas
Leffingwell, William
Lefletrau, Edmond
Legg, Elizabeth
Leggett, Harriett Ellen
Lehr, Catherine
Lehr, Johannes
Leiner, Balthasar
Leland, Sarah
Lemon, Margaret
Lenard, Milo Hale
Leonard, Eliphalet
Leonard, Elizabeth
Leonard, Mehitable
Leonard, Sarah
Lepley, Adam
Lepley, Anna
Lepley, Annie J
Lepley, Anthony
Lepley, Catherine
Lepley, Charles F
Lepley, Christian
Lepley, Christiana
Lepley, Daniel S
Lepley, Dianna
Lepley, Elizabeth
Lepley, Elizabeth Betsy
Lepley, Erman Eugene
Lepley, George
Lepley, Henry
Lepley, Henry C.
Lepley, Henry J
Lepley, Ira E.
Lepley, Isaac
Lepley, Jacob
Lepley, James Michael
Lepley, James W.
Lepley, Johanna Michael
Lepley, John
Lepley, John P.
Lepley, Joseph
Lepley, Joseph Stanford
Lepley, Lannie
Lepley, Levina Catherine
Lepley, Margaret
Lepley, Maria L.
Lepley, Martin Oliver
Lepley, Mary
Lepley, Mary Lovina
Lepley, Michael
Lepley, Peter
Lepley, Samuel
Lepley, Sarah
Lepley, Sarah Ada
Lepley, Sarah Elizabeth
Lepley, Simon
Lepley, Sophia
Lepley, Thomas Andrew
Lepley, William Albert
Lettyn, John
Lewes, Benjamin
Lewin, Jane
Lewis, Benjamin
Lewis, George
Lewis, James
Lewis, Martha Ann
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary Frances
Lewis, Samuel
Lewis, Sarah
Lewis, Thomas
Lilly, William
Lincford, Edward
Lincoln, Abigail
Lincoln, Deborah
Lincoln, Jacob
Lincoln, Lester
Lincoln, Lydia
Lincoln, Nathan
Lincoln, Rachel
Lincoln, Solomon
Lincoln, Temperance
Lindrodt, Justine Friedrich
Linnell, Experience
Linnell, Hannah
Linnell, John
Lish, Fannie Ilene
Lish, George Tye
Little, Emeline Dunbar
Little, Henry
Little, Thomas
Little, William
Littlefield, David M.
Littlefield, Emma P.
Littlefield, Mabel S.
Littlewood, Jana
Littlewood, Katherine
Littlewood, Margaret
Littlewood, Mrs Alice
Littlewood, Robert
LLoyd, Orval Neddo
Lloyde, Mary
Lobdell, Sarah
LOBLE, George Adam
Locke, Sarah
Locker, Bridget
Lockhart, Robert Washington
Loeffler, Anna M.
Logan, Grace Emma
Lomax, Mary Alice
Lombard, Jedediah
Lone, Elizabeth
Long, Lucy Ann
Long, Mary
Longden, Ann
Longden, Helen
Longley, Maria
Loomis, John
Loomis, Josiah
Lord, Ann
Lord, Edward
Lord, Elizabeth
Lord, Hezekiah
Lord, Johes
Lord, Joseph
Lord, Joshua
Lord, Margaret
Lord, Mary
Lord, Mrs Ann
Lord, Mrs Robert
Lord, Ralph
Lord, Richard
Lord, Robert
Lord, Samuel
Lord, Sarah
Lord, William
Lords, Susan Annie
Loring, Josiah
Lossie, Heinrich Wilhelm
Louder, Maryett
Lougee, Lucinda Jane
Lound, Helen
Lovel, FrancIs
Lovell, A. Spencer
Lovell, Alice
Lovell, Andrew
Lovell, Estell
Lovell, Jessie David
Lovell, Myrtle
Lovell, Mytis
Lovell, Nora E.
Lovell, Rennie R.
Lovell, Winston Porter
Low, Ambrose
Low, John
Lower, Adam O.
Lower, Adrem Harrison
Lower, George W
Lower, James Calvin
Lower, John E.
Ludden, Mary
Ludwig, Adam
Ludwig, Johannes Nicholaus
Ludwig, Maria Margaretha
Ludwig, Mrs. Adam
Luecke, Henry
Luiddy, Catherine
Lukesmore, Argent
Lumbert, Jemima
Lumpkins, Rachel A
Lumpkins, William L
Lunnis, Elizabeth
Lyon, Benjamin
Lyon, Ebenezer
Lyon, George
Lyon, Henry
Lyon, John
Lyon, Joseph
Lyon, Lemuel
Lyon, Mary
Lyon, Mrs Elizabeth
Lyon, Mrs Hannah
Lyon, Mrs Mary
Lyon, Nathaniel
Lyon, Samuel
Lyon, Thomas
Lytle, Andrew
Lytle, Bert
Lytle, Emma
Lytle, John Henry
Lytle, Mary
Lytle, Peter
Lytle, Thomas
Lytle, William
Madsen, Maren
Madsson, Jorgen
Madsson, Mrs Jorgen
Maie, Joan
Maize, Annie Barbara
Majors, Joseph Ealy
Makepeace, Abell
Makepeace, Ambrose
Makepeace, Amy
Makepeace, Anne
Makepeace, Annys
Makepeace, Bridget
Makepeace, Dorothy
Makepeace, Elizabeth
Makepeace, Esther
Makepeace, George
Makepeace, Gyles
Makepeace, Hannah
Makepeace, Henry
Makepeace, Jane
Makepeace, Joan
Makepeace, John
Makepeace, Joseph
Makepeace, Lawrence
Makepeace, Lucy
Makepeace, Mary
Makepeace, Miss
Makepeace, Mr
Makepeace, Mrs. Dorothy
Makepeace, Mrs. Elizabeth
Makepeace, Mrs. Johanna
Makepeace, Mrs. Susan
Makepeace, Richard
Makepeace, Susanna
Makepeace, Thomas
Makepeace, Waitawhile
Makepeace, William
Mallory, Rachel
Mangold, Johann Michael
Manker, Theadore Oliver
Manly, Sarah
Mann, Nathaniel
Mann, Thomas
Manners, Frances
Manning, Elizabeth
Manning, Jeffrey
Mansburger, Zelpha Rose
Mansson, Bengta
Mansson, Bodell
Mansson, Erik
Mansson, Estrid
Mansson, Gunnar
Mansson, Hanna
Mansson, Ingar
Mansson, Jons
Mansson, Kierstin
Mansson, Marten
Mansson, Nils
Marion, John
Marjoram, Anne
Mark, Anne
Markel, William Henry
Marks, Agnes
Marks, Elizabeth
Marler, Jetta
Marple, Ann
Marple, Anne
Marple, Elizabeth
Marple, Helena
Marple, Mary
Marple, Rebeckah
Marple, Robert
Marple, Sara
Marple, Thomas
Marsden, Edwin Rufus
Marsden, Elizabeth Angelina
Marsden, Emily M.
Marsden, Louisa Aldous
Marsden, Mary J.
Marsden, Rufus Marmaduke
Marsden, Sarah Frances
Marsh, Amos
Marsh, Benjamin D.
Marsh, Elihu
Marsh, Eunice
Marsh, Hannah
Marsh, John
Marsh, Joseph
Marsh, Lydia
Marsh, Mary
Marsh, Robert
Marsh, Ruth
Marsh, Samuel
Marsh, Sarariah
Marshall, Allen
Marshall, Anna
Martenson, Bertel
Martensson, Agnes
Martensson, Anders
Martensson, Aron
Martensson, Elin
Martensson, Elsa
Martensson, Else
Martensson, Hanna
Martensson, Hans
Martensson, Ingar
Martensson, Ingierd
Martensson, Jons
Martensson, Lars
Martensson, Mans
Martensson, Nils
Martensson, Per
Martin, Blanche
Martin, Charles I.
Martin, Genevra
Martin, Maria Elisabetha
Martin, Melane
Marvin, Esther
Marvin, Mary
Mason, Abigail
Mason, Agnes
Mason, Alice
Mason, Anne
Mason, Daniel
Mason, Elizabeth
Mason, Hannah
Mason, Hezekiah
Mason, Isabel
Mason, James
Mason, Joan
Mason, John
Mason, Jonathan
Mason, Lydia
Mason, Margaret
Mason, Margory
Mason, Mary
Mason, Mrs Annes
Mason, Mrs Jenet
Mason, Mrs William
Mason, Rachel
Mason, Sybil
Mason, Thomas
Mason, William
Massa, Nilde Josephine
Massey, Mary Alis
Mather, Abigail
Matlock, Jessie
Matsson, Boel
Matsson, Elisabeth
Matsson, Hans
Matsson, Jons
Matsson, Mrs Hans
Matthews, Abigail
Matthews, Anne Catherine
Matthews, Esther
Matthews, Samuel
Mattsson, Hans
Maurer, Apollonia
Maurer, Catharina
Maurer, Catharina Barbara
Maurer, Johann Jakob
Maurer, Johann Wilhelm
Maurer, Maria Barbara
Maurer, Susan
Mauritsdotter, Inger
Mauritzsson, Bengta
Mauritzsson, Elisabeth
Mauritzsson, Elna
Mauritzsson, Jons
Mauritzsson, Joran
Mauritzsson, Karin
Mauritzsson, Marina
Maxfield, Jacob
Maxie, Alexander
May, Ephraim
Mayer, Anna Elisabeth
Mayer, Kirstine Charstensen
Mayhew, Thomas
Maynard, Abigail
Maynard, Joan
Maynard, John
Maynard, Miss
Maynard, Mrs
Mayo, Joseph
Mays, Ruth
Mc Farland, Hannah
Mc Farland, Isabel
Mc Farland, Margaret
Mc Intyre, Maude Marie
McAllister, Alma Leon
McAllister, Elizabeth Elenor
McCain, Samuel Wright
McCarthy, James E.
McCartney, Clyde C.
McCarty, Mavis Ruth
McClellan, Samuel
McClendon (McClellen), Sara
McDaniel, Mary
McDill, Alice Green
McDill, General Taylor.
McDill, Jems M.
McDill, Wesley C.
McDonald, Jessie
McDonalds, Sarah B
McFarland, Elizabeth
McFarland, Roy
McFarland, William Cole
Mcgee, D.
McGee, James Riley
McKinney, John William
McMurdie, Robert Kay
McNamara, Ralph Leo
McNerney, Anna Elizabeth
McNish, Mary Ann
McPherson, Catherine
McPherson, Richard Adam
McReynolds, Lawson
McSherry, Frank
Meachem, Jeremiah
Mead, Mary
Meade, Sarah
Meads, Mary
Mecham, Earl Lyman
Medeken, Maria Dorothee
Meeker, Harriett
Megahan, Grace
Meier, Dorothea Eleonore
Meier, Engel Hanne Sophia Charlotte
Meier, Engel Justine
Meier, Engel Lowise Frederike
Meier, Engel Marie Eleonore
Meier, Engel Sophie Amalia
Meier, Johann Andreas
Meier, Johann Christoph
Meier, Johanna Eleonora
Meier, Johanne Dorothee
Meier, Louise Frederica
Meier, Mrs Johann Andreas
Meigs, Janna
Meincker, Catharina Elisabeth
Meinheusen, Johann Christoph
Melton, John
Melville, David
Melyen, Jacob
Menge, Christine Henrike Charlotte
Menge, Hanna Frederike Caroline
Menge, Heinrich Christoph
Menge, Heinrich Ernst
Menge, Johann Christian
Menge, Johanne Caroline
Mensing, Mette
Merckel, Gertraudt
Meriman, Richard
Merkel, Johann Georg Christian Ludwig
Merrell, Winetta
Merriam, Abigail
Merriam, Elizabeth
Merriam, George
Merriam, Hannah
Merriam, Joane
Merriam, Joseph
Merriam, Margaret
Merriam, Mary
Merriam, Robert
Merriam, Samuel
Merriam, Sara
Merriam, Sarah
Merriam, Susan
Merriam, William
Merrick, Hannah
Merryman, Robert
Mertz, Johannes
Mertz, Joseph
Mertz, Lorenz
Mertz, Margarethe
Mertz, Maria Anna
Mervin, Alden
Messenger, Ann
Metcalf, Delight
Metcalf, Jane
Metcalf, Mary
Metcalfe, Mary Elizabeth
Meyer, Alonzo Jackson
Meyer, Franz Joseph
Meyer, Johannes
Meyer, Maria Anna
Meyer, Wilhelmina
Meyers, Susan Francis
Michelsen, Hans
Middlebrook, Joseph
Middlebrook, Mrs Sarah
Midgeley, Agnes
Midgeley, Mrs Richard
Midgeley, Richard
Mikkelsen, Karna
Miller, Edna Gertrude
Miller, Frank
Miller, Gretta Mae
Miller, James
Miller, Mehitable
Miller, Ora L.
Miller, Rachel
Miller, Ruth
Miller, William H.
Milles, Anne
Milligan, Archibald
Mills, Mary
Millwood, Elizabeth Emiline
Milpass, William
Minot, George
Minot, James
Miriam, Stephen
Mitchell, Abraham
Mitchell, Chauncy Jeff
Mitchell, Daniel
Mitchell, Jane
Mitchell, LaRue
Mitchell, Zetland William
Mize, Alene
Mize, Catharine
Moeller, Floyd Albert
Monk, Martha Jane Weaver
Monohan, Kathryn
Montague, Alice
Montgomery, Rose
Moore, Ann
Moore, Augustus E.
Moore, Azubah
Moore, Bridget
Moore, Edna
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Ephraim
Moore, George Dewey
Moore, Isaac
Moore, John
Moorehouse, John
Moorehouse, Jonathan
Moorehouse, Samuel
Moorehouse, Thomas
Morce, Susan
More, Susannah
More, William
Morey, Benjamin
Morey, Jonathan
Morey, Maria
Morey, Mary
Morey, Thankful
Morley, Ann
Morley, Anne
Morley, Grace
Morley, Henry
Morley, John
Morley, Joseph
Morley, Margery
Morley, Mary
Morley, Mrs Mary
Morley, Samuel
Morley, Thomas
Morley, William
Morley, Winifred
Morningstar, Helen
Morris, Agnes
Morrison, John Randolph
Morrison, Josiah Francis
Morse, Bethia
Morse, Hannah
Morse, Joseph
Morse, Mary Cedena
Morse, Sally Breese
Morse, Samuel
Mortensen, Alvin Peter
Mortensen, Ane Christine
Mortensen, Anna Evelena Maria
Mortensen, Anna Mary
Mortensen, Annie Mariah
Mortensen, Ben H.
Mortensen, Benjamin Blaine
Mortensen, Benjamin Franklin
Mortensen, Benjamin H.
Mortensen, Carl Frederick
Mortensen, Charles Frederick
Mortensen, Christoffer Lars
Mortensen, Darrell Albert
Mortensen, David
Mortensen, Ellen Iona
Mortensen, Ellie Caroline
Mortensen, Emma
Mortensen, Etta Mae
Mortensen, Fannie Capitola
Mortensen, Frederick Ahrnfeldt
Mortensen, Hans Carlsen
Mortensen, Hans Charles
Mortensen, Hans Heber
Mortensen, Harold Alvin
Mortensen, Harry J.
Mortensen, Henry
Mortensen, James Frederick
Mortensen, James Joseph
Mortensen, Jens Joseph Carlsen
Mortensen, Jesse
Mortensen, John Albert
Mortensen, Jorgen
Mortensen, Joseph Melvin
Mortensen, Karen Sophia Christina Elila
Mortensen, Lars
Mortensen, Leslie Schwalbe
Mortensen, Lilly May
Mortensen, Manly
Mortensen, Margaret Fern
Mortensen, Marion
Mortensen, Marion Fawn
Mortensen, Martha Caroline
Mortensen, Martin Orlando
Mortensen, Mary Ann
Mortensen, Morten Frederick
Mortensen, Morton
Mortensen, Mrs Elnora M
Mortensen, Mrs Evelyn
Mortensen, Murray Griffith
Mortensen, Myrtle Louise
Mortensen, Orson Henry
Mortensen, Peder Arenfeldt Carlsen
Mortensen, Peter
Mortensen, Peter Albert E
Mortensen, Phyllis Elen
Mortensen, Ruby Eleanor
Mortensen, Simon
Mortensen, Virginia A.
Mortinson, Sarah
Morton, Dyer H.
Morton, Joanna
Morton, Rebecca
Morton, Sarah
Moseley, Increase
Mosely, Sarah
Mosman, Anna
Mosman, Phebe
Motter, Joseph Fred
Moulding, Laurence Erwin
Moulton, Abigail
Moulton, Mary
Mount, Helen Elizabeth
Mouse, Richard
Mowen, Hazel May
Moyer, Fredric E.
Mudge, Charles
Mudge, Lydia
Mudge, Rachel
Muench, Anna Catharina
Muench, Anna Margaretha
Muench, Catharina
Muench, Catherine
Muench, Franciscus Josephus
Muench, Franz Ludwig
Muench, Jakob
Muench, Joanna Catharina Josepha
Muench, Joannes
Muench, Joannes Michael
Muench, Joannis Nicolaus
Muench, Johann Matthew
Muench, Johanna Leonardina
Muench, Johannes
Muench, Margaretha
Muench, Maria Catharina
Muench, Maria Elisabetha
Muench, Maria Eva
Muench, Maria Friederica Joanna
Muench, Maria Joanna
Muench, Maria Margaretha
Muench, Martin
Muench, Philipp Rudolph
Muench, Sebastian
Mueters, Gerhard Henrich
Mullen, Sophia P.
Mulleneaux, Earl Lanaar
Mulleneaux, Edward Orland
Mulligan, Wm.
Munn, Ellen
Munson, Lois
Murch, Nathaniel
Murphy, John Joseph
Murtaugh, Charles Edward Eugene
Musselman, George Edmund
Musser, Elizabeth Hughes
Musser, Lodie A.
Muxham, Samuel
Mychell, Frances
Myers, Katheryn
Mylnye, Margaret
Mynsterley, Mary
Myrick, Amithea
Naerr, Donald George
Naether, Georg Heinrich
Naether, Johanne Friderike
Nagel, Engel Rosine Caroline
Nagel, Johann Andreas
Nagel, Marie Justine
Nagel, Thomas
Nail, Daniel B.
Nash, Hope
Nash, Robert
Nash, Zeruiah
Neary, Margaret Elda
Neaves, Virginia Lafayette
Neilson, Emma Johannah
Neilson, Glen John
Nelson, Lorania
Nelson, Marion Standaforth
Nelson, William
Ness, John Alexander
NEVILL, Thomas
Neville, Alice
Neville, Catherine
NEVILLE, Dorothy
Neville, George
NEVILLE, Margaret
Neville, Mary
Neville, Richard
Newbold, Alice
Newcomb, Peter
Newcomb, Rachel
Newey, Ernest Newton
Newland, William
Newson, Alice
Newson, Ann
Newson, Elizabeth
Newson, Jonathan
Newson, Joseph
Newson, Mary
Newson, Samuel
Newton, Elizabeth
Newton, Phebe
Nicholls, Benjamin
Nichols, Ada
Nichols, Adelina Ann Manicy
Nichols, Alburn Alton
Nichols, Alice Holly
Nichols, Allen Christopher
Nichols, Andrew Clark
Nichols, Andrew J
Nichols, Annie Lou
Nichols, Belle
Nichols, Cassius Monroe
Nichols, Champion Monroe
Nichols, Charlotte Tempie
Nichols, Cora Effie
Nichols, Daniel Mead
Nichols, Della Dora
Nichols, Dock
Nichols, Dora Melinda
Nichols, Ellen
Nichols, Emma
Nichols, Essie Bell
Nichols, Frances Penelope
Nichols, Fredrick
Nichols, Gideon Dunlap
Nichols, Hannah
Nichols, Henry Richard
Nichols, Ida
Nichols, infant
Nichols, Isa W.
Nichols, James Thomas
Nichols, Jenettie Evalina
Nichols, Jettie Lee
Nichols, John
Nichols, John (Eugene P.)
Nichols, John W.
Nichols, John William
Nichols, Johnny M.
Nichols, Jonah Fletcher
Nichols, Kenneth Alven "Buck"
Nichols, Leanah Belle
Nichols, Lemuel (Samuel)
Nichols, Lemuel Christopher
Nichols, Lemuel Griffin
Nichols, Leona Pairlee
Nichols, Lidda G
Nichols, Lucinda Catherine
Nichols, Maggie Myrtle
Nichols, Mahala
Nichols, Mary
Nichols, Mayola Pearl
Nichols, Missouri Bell
Nichols, Mrs. Mary
Nichols, Myrta Adeline
Nichols, Nancy
Nichols, Nancy Elizabeth
Nichols, Newton N.
Nichols, Paralee Elizabeth
Nichols, Patience
Nichols, Pettie Ella
Nichols, Pinkney Dean
Nichols, Pinkney Eugene
Nichols, Pinkney Tren
Nichols, Rachel
Nichols, Rhoda
Nichols, Samuel
Nichols, Samuel Simms
Nichols, Tempie Lula May
Nichols, Texana
Nichols, Walter William
Nichols, William
Nichols, William Clifton
Niekamp, Wilhelmina H
Nielsen, Hans
Nielsen, Jens
Nielsen, Kirsten
Nielsen, Maren
Nielsen, Maria Ane
Nielsen, Mette
Nielsen, Sidsel
Nielson, Anna Nellie
Nielson, Estella Maud
Nielson, Ole Alma
Nielson, Peter Franklin
Nielson, Rachel Mabel
Nielson, Sarah Luella "Lula"
Nielson, Sina Christina
Nielson, Swen Ole
Nielson, Swen William
Nielson, Violet Venice
Nikolaus, Frank Ludwig
Niles, Mary
Nilsson, Agnis
Nilsson, Anders
Nilsson, Anna
Nilsson, Apellonia
Nilsson, Benedicta
Nilsson, Bengt
Nilsson, Bengta
Nilsson, Bereta
Nilsson, Elias
Nilsson, Elna
Nilsson, Elsa
Nilsson, Hanna
Nilsson, Hans
Nilsson, Helena
Nilsson, Hella
Nilsson, Henric
Nilsson, Ingar
Nilsson, Inger
Nilsson, Johannes
Nilsson, Jons
Nilsson, Karna
Nilsson, Kierstin
Nilsson, Kierstina
Nilsson, Kjerstina
Nilsson, Lars
Nilsson, Maria
Nilsson, Marna
Nilsson, Marten
Nilsson, Mrs. Jons
Nilsson, Nils
Nilsson, Oluf
Nilsson, Pehr
Nilsson, Per
Nilsson, Sidza
Nilsson, Soren
Nilsson, Trued
Nolan, Emmett
Noon, Mary Ann
Nordin, Andrew Rossman
Nordin, Cora
Nordin, Grant Buster
Nordin, John Andrew
Norman, James
Norred, Grace
Norris, Henry
Northcutt, Thomas J.
Northrop, Isaac
Northrup, Joel
Norton, Ann
Norton, Joan
Norton, John
Nott, Richard
Nourse, Elizabeth
Noyes, Margaret
Nunn, Mary
Nuswonger, William McKinley
Nutting, Sarah
Nye, Emma
Nye, Experience
Nye, Joseph
Nye, Mary
Nye, Susannah
O'Kelly, Sarah
Oak, Jonathan
Obenauer, Catherine
Obenour, David
Oberer, Charles William
Obergoenne, Bernard
Obergoenne, Bernardina Elisabetha
Oborne, Edward Kenney
Odell, Ann
Odell, Bethiah
Odell, Deborah
Odell, Elizabeth
Odell, Eunice
Odell, Gershom
Odell, Hannah
Odell, Hezekiah
Odell, James
Odell, Joanna
Odell, John
Odell, Martha
Odell, Mary
Odell, Mrs
Odell, Mrs Mary
Odell, Rebecca
Odell, Richard
Odell, Samuel
Odell, Sarah
Odell, Tabitha
Odell, Thomas
Odell, Ursula
Odell, William
Odormon, Otis Marvin
Oeinck, Anna Catharina Margaretha
Oeinck, Johann Heinrich
Ohsen, Johann Henrich
Ohsen, Marie Catherine
Olasson, Anders
Olasson, Bengt
Olasson, Elna
Olasson, Jons
Olasson, Lars
Olasson, Marten
Olasson, Nils
Olasson, Per
Olausson, Anna Bernhardina
Olausson, Benedicta
Olausson, Ingrid Cristine
Olausson, Johan Bernhard
Olausson, Nelly Sofia
Oldham, Hannah
Oldroyd, Robert Meldrum
Oldt, Sarah
Olesen, Claus
Olesen, Karen
Olesen, Oluf
Olesen, Povel
Olesen, Rasmus
Olesen, Sidsel
Ollesen, Anne
Ollesen, Bodil
Ollesen, Elisabeth
Ollesen, Hans
Ollesen, Laurs
Ollesen, Rasmus
Olofsson, Anna
Olofsson, Carin
Olofsson, Christen
Olofsson, Ingar
Olofsson, Inger
Olofsson, Ingred
Olofsson, Jens
Olofsson, Jeppa
Olofsson, Johanna
Olofsson, Kierstina
Olofsson, Nils
Olofsson, Olof
Olofsson, Sven
Olsen, Anna
Olsen, Peder
Olsen, Regine Christine
Olson, Laura Laurinda Octavia
Olsson, Anders
Olsson, Bereta
Olsson, Ellna
Olsson, Elna
Olsson, Hanna
Olsson, Jons
Olsson, Karna
Olsson, Kirstina
Olsson, Kjerstena
Olsson, Nils
Olsson, Pahl
Olsson, Per
Olsson, Stig
Olsson, Trued
Olufsson, Anna
Olufsson, Par
Openshaw, Lovina Elizabeth
Orcutt, Hannah
Ormsbee, Christopher C.
Ormsbee, Ichabod
Ormsbee, Jonathan
Ormsbee, Joseph
Ormsbee, Sarah
Ormsby, Elijah
Ormsby, Enos
Orton, Thomas
Osborn, Sarah
Osborne, Mary
Owen, Kezia
Owen, Mary
Owens, George
Owles, Agnes
Oxoson, Anna
Oxpring, Sarah
Oxspring, Edward
Oxspring, George
Oxspring, Jeremiah
Oxspring, Johannes
Oxspring, Mrs Thomas
Oxspring, Thomas
Pace, Walter Cottam
Packer, Harry Hays
Packer, Larry Frank
Padduck, Alice
Page, Elizabeth
Page, Ely
Page, Georgianna Self
Page, John
Page, Lydia
Page, Mary
Page, Sarah
Page, Thomas
Page, William
Pahlsson, Anna
Pahlsson, Bengta
Pahlsson, Elna
Pahlsson, Jons
Pahlsson, Karna
Pahlsson, Kirstina
Pahlsson, Nils
Pahlsson, Ola
Paine, Rebecca
Palmer, Aaron
Palmer, Ann
Palmer, Ebenezer
Palmer, Eleazer
Palmer, Elizabeth
Palmer, Ichabod
Palmer, John
Palmer, Lula
Palmer, Martha
Palmer, Mary
Palmer, Moses
Palmer, Mrs Tabitha
Palmer, Nettie Celesta
Palmer, Samuel
Palmer, Sarah
Palmer, Shubael
Palmer, Zebulon
Palsson, Karna
Palsson, Kirstine
Pannell, Ursula
Pannell, William George
Paradee, LeRoy
Parke, Robert
Parke, Thomas
Parker, Benjamin
Parker, Ephraim
Parker, Joshua
Parker, Molly
Parker, Nathaniel
Parker, Ruth
Parkhurst, George
Parkhurst, Helen
Parkin, Ann
Parkin, Charlotte
Parkin, Christian
Parkin, Eliza
Parkin, Elizabeth
Parkin, Hannah
Parkin, Jane
Parkin, Jesmina
Parkin, Jonathan
Parkin, Joseph
Parkin, Lucy
Parkin, Luke
Parkin, Mary
Parkin, Mary Anne
Parkin, Mrs Mary
Parkin, Samuel
Parkin, Sarah
Parkin, William
Parkman, Susanna
Parmenter, Joshua
Parr, William
Parson, Hannah
Parsons, Lucie
Parsons, Ruth
Parsson, Kierstina
Partridge, Elizabeth
Patten, Sarah
Patterman, Mr.
Paulden, William
Paulett, Frances
Paulsen, Andreas
Paulsen, Anna
Paulsen, Carsten
Paulsen, Christen
Paulsen, Christian
Paulsen, Claus
Paulsen, Elisabeth
Paulsen, Hans
Paulsen, Kirstine
Paulsen, Maren
Paulsen, Margarethe
Paulsen, Maria
Paulsen, Marie
Paulsen, Paul
Paulsen, Peder
Paulsen, Petter
Pawlett, Francesca
Payne, Edmund
Payne, John
Payne, Joseph
Paysan, John
Payson, Ann
Pearce, Emily Minerva
Pearce, Martha
Pearce, Mary Abigal
Pearsson, Hannah
Peasbury, Keziah
Pease, James
Pease, Mary
Pease, Rebeca
Peasley, Jane
Peat, Henry
Peat, Sarah Jane
Peck, Anna
Peck, Anne
Peck, Bethia
Peck, Bridget
Peck, Deliverance
Peck, Israel
Peck, Joan
Peck, John
Peck, Joseph
Peck, Margaret
Peck, Martha
Peck, Mary
Peck, Mehitabel
Peck, Mrs Joseph
Peck, Mrs Robert
Peck, Nathaniel
Peck, Nicholas
Peck, Olivia
Peck, Rebecca
Peck, Richard
Peck, Robert
Peck, Samuel
Peck, Thomas
Peck, William
Peckmann, Johann Jurgen
Pedersen, Anne
Pedersen, Christen
Pedersen, Claus
Pedersen, Hans
Pedersen, Jens
Pedersen, Maren
Pedersen, Margarethe
Pedersen, Marie
Pedersen, Marten
Pedersen, Niels
Pedersen, Peder
Pedersen, Rasmus
Pedersen, Sofia
Pedersen, Zidsel
Pehrsson, Appeluna
Pehrsson, Bengt
Pehrsson, Bertel
Pehrsson, Catharina
Pehrsson, Hilda
Pehrsson, Ingeborg
Pehrsson, Jons
Pehrsson, Karna
Pehrsson, Lisa
Pehrsson, Malin
Pehrsson, Par
Peightal, John
Peightal, Mary E.
Peightal, Nevin
Peightal, Thomas
Peightal, William
Peitersen, Bodil
Peitersen, Hans
Peitersen, Jorgen
Peitersen, Rasmus
Perkins, Hannah
Perkins, Mary
Perkins, Patience
Perrin, John
Perry, Abigail
Perry, Abner
Perry, Alanson
Perry, Anna
Perry, Anson
Perry, Anthony
Perry, Arthur
Perry, Azor
Perry, Benjamin
Perry, Bethia
Perry, Chloe
Perry, David
Perry, Deborah
Perry, Dinah
Perry, Downer
Perry, Ebenezer
Perry, Edmund
Perry, Edward
Perry, Eliakim
Perry, Elijah
Perry, Elisha
Perry, Elishua
Perry, Elizabeth
Perry, Experience
Perry, Ezekiel
Perry, Ezra
Perry, Freelove
Perry, George
Perry, Hannah
Perry, Jabez Downer
Perry, Jacob
Perry, James
Perry, Jariel
Perry, Jerusha
Perry, Joanna
Perry, John
Perry, Joseph
Perry, Josiah
Perry, Keziah
Perry, Lavinia
Perry, Lucy
Perry, Lydia
Perry, Manassah
Perry, Margaret
Perry, Mary
Perry, Mary Ann
Perry, Mehitable
Perry, Mercy
Perry, Meribah
Perry, Mrs Elizabeth
Perry, Mrs Mehitable
Perry, Mrs. Elizabeth
Perry, Mrs. Hannah
Perry, Mrs. John
Perry, Nathan
Perry, Nathaniel
Perry, Nathaniel Green
Perry, Ozias
Perry, Patience
Perry, Phebe
Perry, Philippa
Perry, Phillip
Perry, Rebecca
Perry, Remembrance
Perry, Rowland
Perry, Rufus
Perry, Ruth
Perry, Samuel
Perry, Sarah
Perry, Seth
Perry, Seth Harden
Perry, Susannah
Perry, Sylvanus
Perry, Thomas
Perry, Timothy
Perry, William
Perry, William Bliss
Perry, Winslow
Persson, Anders
Persson, Anna
Persson, Bengta
Persson, Bertil
Persson, Elna
Persson, Elsa
Persson, Erik
Persson, Hanna
Persson, Hannah
Persson, Hans
Persson, Ingar
Persson, Jons
Persson, Karna
Persson, Kierstin
Persson, Kierstina
Persson, Lars
Persson, Maja
Persson, Margareta
Persson, Marna
Persson, Marten
Persson, Matta
Persson, Nils
Persson, Olof
Persson, Per
Peshke, Albert Karl
Peter, Maria Elisabeth
Peters, William James
Peterson, Annie Maria
Peterson, Emma Magdalyn
Petterson, Hans Fitioff
Petterson, Margaret McCormick
Pfeifer, Adam
Pfeifer, Agnes Katharina
Pfeifer, Anna Catherina
Pfeifer, Georg
Pfeifer, Johann Adam
Pfeifer, Maria Barbara
Pfeifer, Mrs. Anna
Pfeifer, Peter
Phelps, Elizabeth
Phelps, Miriam
Phelps, Sarah
Phillips, Bridget Ann
Phillips, Caleb
Phillips, Joanna
Phillips, Mary
Phillips, Michael
Phillips, Mr.
Phillips, Mrs.
Phillips, Ruth
Phillips, Sarah
Phippeny, Rebecca
Pickles, Lydia
Pierce, John
Pierce, Margery
Pierce, Michael
Pierce, Mrs
Pierce, Mrs John
Pierson, Hannah
Pierson, Mary
Pike, Hannah
Pike, Priscilla
Pincock, George Albert
Pinder, Peter
Pinkernelle, Johann Heinrich Ludwig
Pinks, Sally
Pipe, Ann B.
Pipe, Esther
Piper, Elizabeth
Pippin, Grace Bell
Pitcher, John
Pitcher, Joseph
Pitts, Ann
Pitts, Hannah Charles
Plantangenet, Anne
Platzer, Clara Elisabeth
Plumb, Abigail
Plumley, Mrs Betsey
Plumley, Mrs Dorcas
Plumly, Abigail
Plumly, Alexander
Plumly, Daniel
Plumly, Elizabeth
Plumly, Hannah
Plumly, Hester
Plumly, John
Plumly, Joseph
Plumly, Levi
Plumly, Lydia
Plumly, Mary
Plumly, Mercy
Plumly, Mrs. Esther
Plumly, Oliver
Plumly, Patty or Lucy
Plumly, Pede
Plumly, Richard
Plumly, Sally
Plumly, Sarah
Plumly, Submit
Plumly, Susannah
Plumly, Winters
Plumly, Ziba
Pock, Dorothy
Poland, James
Polden, Charles
Polie, Anne
Pollard, Silas Ashby
Polley, Abigail
Polley, Bethiah
Polley, Elizabeth
Polley, Hannah
Polley, Johannah
Polley, John
Polley, Mary
Polley, Mehitable
Polley, Patience
Polley, Rebeckah
Polley, Rhoda
Polley, Sarah
Polley, Susanna
Pond, Thankful
Pool, Elizabeth
Poole, Henry
Poorman, Mary Edith
Pope, Abigail
Pope, Seth
Port, Burkett G.
Port, Charles N.
Port, Martha
Port, Merrile
Porter, Hannah
Porter, John
Porter, Mary
Porter, Nathaniel
Portwood, Lee
Posey, Adolphus
Posey, Alfred
Posey, Alice Hyburnia
Posey, Alonzo
Posey, Aloundo
Posey, Amanda
Posey, Ambrose P.
Posey, Ambrose W.
Posey, America
Posey, Amos Latham
Posey, Amos Latham "Bill"
Posey, Amos Lathem
Posey, Anna Belle
Posey, Anna Elizabeth
Posey, Antoranne
Posey, Arista Cebrooks
Posey, Arlissa
Posey, Arminda
Posey, Arthur Allen
Posey, Arthur Anderson
Posey, Arthur Henley
Posey, Arthur Pinckney
Posey, Augusta Victoria
Posey, Augustus
Posey, Barbara Isabell
Posey, Barocha
Posey, Benjamin
Posey, Bestor
Posey, Calvarado
Posey, Candada
Posey, Caswell
Posey, Catharine A.A.T.
Posey, Christopher Columbus
Posey, Cincinati
Posey, Clarissa
Posey, Clemens Gideon
Posey, Columbus
Posey, Curtis
Posey, Daniel
Posey, Dovey Velula
Posey, Ebenezer Volney "Ed"
Posey, Elizabeth
Posey, Elizabeth Modine
Posey, Esther Elizabeth
Posey, Evenent
Posey, Florence "K"
Posey, Francis
Posey, Gadsden M.
Posey, Gadsden Palestine
Posey, Gaston
Posey, Gentile D
Posey, Gentile D.
Posey, Gideon Kyle
Posey, Greenberry
Posey, Harrison
Posey, Helen Lou
Posey, Hezekiah
Posey, infant
Posey, Isadora Isbelle
Posey, Israel
Posey, James D.
Posey, James Harvey "Bud"
Posey, James Wesley
Posey, Jasper Augustus
Posey, Jerusha Ann
Posey, John Calvin
Posey, John T
Posey, John W.
Posey, John Wesley
Posey, Joseph Glen
Posey, Joseph Harrison
Posey, Josephine R.
Posey, Kate
Posey, Laura
Posey, Lavada
Posey, Lenora
Posey, Leulla F.
Posey, Levada Viola
Posey, Levicy
Posey, LuAnnie Bell
Posey, Mansfield
Posey, Marcus Portius
Posey, Margaret
Posey, Marie
Posey, Marjorie
Posey, Martha
Posey, Mary "Polly"
Posey, Mason
Posey, Maudene
Posey, Melba
Posey, Melissa
Posey, Mercy
Posey, Merinda M
Posey, Mildred
Posey, Milton
Posey, Milton O. D.
Posey, Missouri
Posey, Montagu
Posey, Montezuma
Posey, Moses Lafayette
Posey, Moses Marmaduke
Posey, Myra
Posey, Nancy Ethelyn
Posey, Napoleon Bonopart
Posey, Napoleon Colorado
Posey, Norene
Posey, Olive "Ollie"
Posey, Paralee
Posey, Parmelia
Posey, Paul Tryon
Posey, Perci D.
Posey, Pinkie Daniel
Posey, Preshie Idella
Posey, Rachel Belle
Posey, Relda May
Posey, Richard
Posey, Rufus P
Posey, Rufus Rutilus
Posey, Ruth Ellison
Posey, Sampson
Posey, Sarah Ann
Posey, Seborn Benjamin
Posey, Seres or Cyrus
Posey, Simona
Posey, Sylvester
Posey, Sylvester Judson
Posey, Tarandocty
Posey, Teresa
Posey, Thomas
Posey, Tinsley Elizabeth
Posey, Trissey R.
Posey, Truman Anderson
Posey, Vinora
Posey, Viola
Posey, Virgil E
Posey, Vitarry
Posey, Wickliff
Posey, William Anderson
Posey, William Atkin
Posey, William Caleb
Posey, William Elias
Posey, William Feliz
Posey, William Napoleon Boneparte
Posey, Wyett Avel
Post, Abraham
Post, Mary
Post, Ruth
Post, Sarah
Potter, Eunice
Potter, Hannah
Potter, William L.
Poulsen, Anna Maria
Poulsen, Leonard Merian
Poulter, Hannah Montgomery Wood
Poulter, Isabella
Poultney, James
Powell, Anne
Powell, Dorothy
Powers, Mary
Pratt, Daniel
Pratt, Henry
Pratt, Thomas
Pratt, William
Preble, Eleanor
Prentice, Daniel
Prentice, Mary Ann
Prentice, Sarah
Presbury, Abigail
Prescott, Jonathan
Prescott, Sarah
Preston, Abigail
Preston, Elizabeth
Prince, Benjamin
Prince, Deborah
Prince, Elizabeth
Prince, Ella
Prince, Isaac
Prince, Job
Prince, John
Prince, Joseph
Prince, Martha
Prince, Mary
Prince, Samuel
Prince, Sarah
Prince, Thomas
Prine, Everett Victor
Proctor, Elizabeth
Prophett, Ann
Prout, Ebenezer
Prudden, Sarah
Puffer, George
Puffer, Hannah
Puffer, James
Puffer, Matthias
Puffer, Mrs. William
Puffer, Rachel
Puffer, William
Pullen, Susanna
Pullford, Mary
Pullin, Mary E.
Purchas, George
Purchas, John
Purchas, Mrs. Mary
Purchas, Thomas
Purchase, John
Purchase, Mary
Purchis, Hannah
Putnam, Elizabeth
Pyrrans, Isabel
Quarry, Kenneth
Quarry, Margaret Mildred
Quigley, Julia Viola
Quinn, Hubert J.
Quithampton, Joan
Raach, Elizabeth
Rabe, Emma May
Rach, Anna Barbara
Rachau, Robert Scott
Rafinck, Anna Rosina
Ramskar, Helena
Rankin, Christian
Rankin, Laura H.
Rasmusen, Maren
Rasmussen, Anna
Rasmussen, Birthe
Rasmussen, Bodil
Rasmussen, Christen
Rasmussen, Claus
Rasmussen, Hans
Rasmussen, Henrich
Rasmussen, Jesper
Rasmussen, Ole
Rasmussen, Peder
Rasmusson, Hans
Ratcliffe, George
Ratcliffe, John
Ratcliffe, Rose
Ratcliffe, Sarah
Ratcliffe, Thomas
Rathburn, Grace
Raven, Susan
Raven, William
Rawlings, Frederick William Charles
Rawlinson, Charles William James
Rawson, David Ward
Rawson, Helen
Rawson, John
Rawson, Joseph Horace
Rawson, Martha
Ray, Anna Mabel
Ray, Milo Eugene
Ray, Samuel Grant
Raymond, Elizabeth
Raymond, William James
Read, Ann
Read, Edward
Read, Margery
Read, Simeon
Reed, Abigail
Reed, Emma E
Reed, John
Reed, Noah Brown
Reed, Ruth Katherine
Reed, Susannah
Reed, William
Reeve, Deborah
Rehkopf, Anna Engel Christine
Rehkopf, Anna Hedwig
Rehkopf, Mrs Zacharias
Rehkopf, Zacharias
Reid, Mary Parker
Reighard, Ernest
Reinhard, Agnes
Reinhard, Anna Catharina
Reinhard, Anna Eva
Reinhard, Anna Josepha
Reinhard, Anna Maria
Reinhard, Anton
Reinhard, Dominicus
Reinhard, Dorothea
Reinhard, Franz
Reinhard, Franz Joseph
Reinhard, Georg
Reinhard, Johann Caspar
Reinhard, Johann Dominicus
Reinhard, Johannes
Reinhard, Johannes Caspar
Reinhard, Johannes Franz
Reinhard, Johannes George
Reinhard, Johannes Ludwig
Reinhard, Laurentz
Reinhard, Magdalena
Reinhard, Margareatha
Reinhard, Maria Anna
Reinhard, Maria Anna Eva
Reinhard, Maria Elisabeth
Reinhard, Maria Elisabetha
Reinhard, Maria Eva
Reinhard, Maria Magdalena
Reinhard, Mrs Catharina
Reinhard, Mrs. Anna Maria
Reinhard, Mrs. Laurentz
Reinhard, Simon
Reinke, Johann Conrad
Reipold, Magdalena
Remick, James
Renn, Elizabeth
Revell, Elizabeth
Rex, Guy Carlton
Reynes, Ellen
Reynolds, Arthur
Reynolds, Elizy
Reynolds, Jasper J.
Reynolds, Joseph
Reynolds, Lindy Anna C.
Reynolds, Melinda A
Reynolds, Peter
Reynolds, Towna
Rhodes, Helena Jannette
Rhodes, Susanna B
Rhule, Bertha Alma
Rice, Abigail
Rice, Benjamin
Rice, Bethulia
Rice, Daniel
Rice, Dinah
Rice, Dorothy
Rice, Edmund
Rice, Edward
Rice, Elizabeth
Rice, Hannah
Rice, Henry
Rice, Hester
Rice, James
Rice, Jonathan
Rice, Joseph
Rice, Joshua Joseph
Rice, Lydia
Rice, Mary
Rice, Mary Gernor
Rice, Matthew
Rice, Phineas
Rice, Prudence
Rice, Rachel
Rice, Ruth
Rice, Samuel
Rice, Sarah
Rice, Sarah A.
Rice, Sybil
Rice, Thomas
Rich, Emma
Richardson, Abigail
Richardson, Alice
Richardson, Ann
Richardson, Sarah
Richardson, Selina Elizabeth
Riche, William
Richerson, Lawrence
Rider, Kezia
Rider, Mary
Ridge, Mrs Naphtali
Ridge, Naphtali
Ridlington, Sarah (Stapleton)
Rightnor, Barbara
Ripley, Ann Carey
Ripley, Faith
Ripley, Joshua
Ripley, Mary
Ripley, Peter
Risley, Mary
Risner, A. B.
Ritter, Frances Mary
Rix, Ebenezer
Rix, Rebecca Lyman
Roach, Elmer D.
Robbins, Eliazer
Robbins, Rebecca
Roberds, Alice
Roberson, Dora Jessona
Roberts, Margaret
Robertson, Calvin L.
Robinson, Benjamin
Robinson, George William
Robyn, Joan
Robyn, John
Robyn, Mrs. Joan
Rockwood, Lydia
Rogers, Gwendolyne
Rogers, Mary E.
Rogers, Mrs
Rogers, Samuel
Rogers, Timothy
Rohland, Fredrick Walton
Rohland, Harold Endres
Rohmeier, Engel Maria
Rolison, Thomas
Rommer, Niels
Romney, Mary Ann
Roodes, Anne
Roodes, Henry
Roodes, Margaret
Roper, Mary
Rose, Damaris
Rose, Elizabeth
Rose, Thomas
Ross, Asenath M.
Ross, Ronald Fred
Roth, Elisabeth
Roth, Franz
Roth, Johannes Caspar
Roth, Mrs. Valentin
Roth, Valentin
Row, Frances
Row, Margery
Rowe, John
Rowley, Richard Lee
Rowley, Robert Franklin
Rows, Margaret
Rubio, George Arthur
Ruck, Andrew
Rudd, Abigail
Rudd, Ann or Anna
Rudd, Daniel
Rudd, Daughter
Rudd, Gideon
Rudd, Jonathan
Rudd, Joseph
Rudd, Lydia
Rudd, Marcy
Rudd, Mary
Rudd, Mrs. Mary
Rudd, Nathaniel
Rudd, Patience
Rudd, Sarah
Rudd, Susanna
Rumrill, Lucy
Runk, Martha I
Rupert, Leslie
Rupert, Martha Pauline
Russ, Ebenezer
Russ, John
Russell, Myrtle Rebecca
Ryall, Ann
Ryder, Hannah
S., Mary
Saben, Noah
Sabin, Benjamin
Sabin, Daniel
Sabin, Mary
Sabin, Zerviah
Sackville, Ann
Sackville, Christopher
Sackville, Isabel
Sackville, John
Sackville, Maria
Sackville, Richard De
Sackville, Thomas
Sadler, William
Saenger, Margarethe
Safford, Margaret
Safford, Zerviah
Sales, Anna
Salisbury, Patience
Salloman, Edmund
Saltonstall, Martha
Salzmann, Maria Elisabeth
Samann, Barbara
Sampson, James W.
Samson, Dorcas
Sanders, Henry J.
Sanders, Katherine Margaret
Sanders, Leah
Sanders, Robert
Sanford, Ezekiel
Sanson, William Simpson
Sargent, Ann
Saunders, Anna
Savage, Agnes Belzora
Savery, Judith
Savory, Elizabeth
Sawyer, Margaret
Sawyer, Mary
Sawyer, Mehetable
Sawyer, Rachel
Saylor, Lawrence E.
Sayre, Alice
Sayre, Mrs Thomas
Sayre, Thomas
Sayre, William
Scales, William
Schade, Arthur Henry
Schafer, Louise
Schaper, Anna Marie
Schaper, Hanne Justine Amalie
Schertz, Margaretha
Schilling, Ada E
Schilling, Ana C
Schilling, Andrew Calvin
Schilling, Anna Sarah
Schilling, Betty Gertrude
Schilling, Boyd A
Schilling, Carl Edward
Schilling, Charles Ambrose
Schilling, Della
Schilling, Edwin Porter
Schilling, Eliza
Schilling, Eliza or Annie
Schilling, Elizabeth
Schilling, Harold
Schilling, Hearold Newton
Schilling, Henry Harrison
Schilling, Isaac
Schilling, Isaac Leonard
Schilling, Isaac Newton
Schilling, Issac Leonard
Schilling, James
Schilling, James I.
Schilling, Jane or Jennie
Schilling, Jennie Rebecca
Schilling, John Roy
Schilling, Kenneth George
Schilling, Lovinia Ida
Schilling, Mahlon Kyle
Schilling, Mark Allen
Schilling, Mary
Schilling, Mary Ann
Schilling, Mary Elizabeth
Schilling, Mary L.
Schilling, Nancy Jenny Bell
Schilling, Paul David
Schilling, Rachael
Schilling, Raymond H
Schilling, Rebecca
Schilling, Rex Eugene
Schilling, Ruth E.
Schilling, Ruth Gertrude
Schilling, Samuel H
Schilling, Sarah
Schilling, Sophia Alice
Schilling, Susan
Schilling, Unknown
Schilling, Vera N
Schilling, William Henry
Schilling, William Hugh
Schilling, William Jacob
Schilling, William Porter
Schilling, William Simon
Schilling, Willis Ambrose
Schlander, Anna Maria
Schnelle, August C.
Schnipper, Harold Edward
Schoch, John
Schuh, Paul
Schulte, Anna
Schultz, Henry Frederick Ferdinand
Schumacher, Agnes
Schupp, Anna Katharina
Schupp, Johann Jacob
Schutte, Johanne Dorothy
Schutte, John Herman
Schuyler, John
Schwalbee, Anna Margaret
Schwieters, Anna Catherine
Scolefield, Rowland
Scotchford, John
Scott, Abigail
Scott, Ann
Scott, Dorothy
Scott, Edward
Scott, Elizabeth
Scott, Faith
Scott, Francis
Scott, George
Scott, Joan
Scott, John
Scott, Julianna
Scott, Katherine
Scott, Mary
Scott, Mrs Elizabeth
Scott, Mrs Francis
Scott, Mrs Margaret
Scott, Mrs Richard
Scott, Mrs. Clemence
Scott, Mrs. Joan
Scott, Mrs. Joanna
Scott, Mrs. Richard
Scott, Richard
Scott, Robert
Scott, Sarah
Scott, Silas
Scott, Susannah
Scott, Thomas
Scott, William
Scoville, Horatio Bardwell
Scranton, John
Scrowther, Verner LeGrand
Sears, Bethia
Sears, Paul
Secrist, Charles Allen
Sedley, Elizabeth
Sedley, James
Sedley, Mary
Sedley, Mrs. Sarah
Sedley, Sarah
Seeley, Alice R.
Seeley, Elizabeth
Seeley, Nathaniel
Seiler, Elisabeth
Selby, Nellie
Self, Margaret
Self, Mary Ann
Self, Nathaniel Henderson
Self, Sarah
Senger, Eve
Senger, Johann
Servoss, Doris
Sessions, Leonard
Severance, Abigail
Seward, Temperance
Sewell, Joseph Lemuel
Sharman, Henry
Sharp, Mary
Sharpe, Anne
Sharpe, Elizabeth
Sharpe, Henry
Sharpe, John
Sharpe, Rychard
Sharpe, Susanna
Sharpe, Thomas
Shattuck, Benjamin
Shaw, Ann
Shaw, Charles Austrin
Shaw, George
Shaw, Thomas
Sheaf, Mary
Sheldon, Isaac
Sheldon, Mary
Shemeld, Anna
Shemeld, George
Shemeld, Humphrey
Shemeld, Isabel
Shemeld, James
Shemeld, John
Shemeld, Joseph
Shemeld, Margaret
Shemeld, Maria
Shemeld, Mrs Elizabeth
Shemeld, Richard
Shemeld, William
Shepard, Hannah
Shepard, John
Sheperd, Rose
Shepherd, John
Shepherd, Louisa
Shepherd, Persis
Sherburne, Frances
Sherman, Abigail
Sherman, Elizabeth
Sherman, Hannah
Sherwood, Rebecca
Sherwood, Sarah
Shipley, John
Shipp, James Edward
Shive, Marian Isabella
Short, Priscilla
Shortell, Alice Gertrude
Showalter, Irvin
Shubert, Rebecca
Shultz, Dewalt Fouse
Shulver, Barnaby
Shulz, John Gerald
Shurtliff, Annie Almeda
Shurtliff, Cynthia Ann Melissa
Sides, Idell
Silsbee, Sarah
Silsby, Hannah
Silsby, Lydia
Silvester, Richard
Simcock, Sarah
Simeon, Anna
Simmons, Dorothy
Simons, Jonathan
Simpson, Willie
Singleton, Don Richardson
Sisson, Elizabeth
Sisson, Joan
Sisson, Mrs
Skaning, Anders
Skaning, Anders Nilsson
Skaning, Bengt Nilsson
Skaning, Hans Andersson
Skaning, John Andersson
Skaning, Jon Andersson
Skaning, Jons Nilsson
Skaning, Mans
Skaning, Mrs Nils
Skaning, Mrs. Bereta
Skaning, Nils
Skaning, Nils Andersson
Skaning, Olof Nilsson
Skaning, Pahl Nilsson
Skaning, Per Nilsson
Skanning, Mrs Anders
Skellett, Charlotte
Skellett, Elizabeth
Skellett, Fanny
Skellett, Henry
Skellett, Mary Jane
Skellett, Sarah Ann
Skillings, Margaret
Skousen, John Wayne Wimmer
Slack, Anna
Slack, Anne
Slack, Elizabeth
Slack, Isabel
Slack, Jane
Slack, Jeremiah
Slack, Johanna
Slack, John
Slack, Jonathan
Slack, Joseph
Slack, Joshua
Slack, Margaret
Slack, Mrs Anne
Slack, Mrs John
Slack, Mrs Jonathan
Slack, Richard
Slack, Robert
Slack, Rose
Slack, Samuel
Slack, Sara
Slack, Sarah
Slack, William
Slapp, Hannah
Slate, Anne
Slate, Daniel
Slate, Ebenezer
Slate, Elizabeth
Slate, Ezekiel
Slate, John
Slate, Samuel
Slate, William
Slater, Marie Louisa
Slater, Phillip Allen
Slater, Richard A.
Slear, Ada
Sloan, Esther Mabel
Sloneau, Marco
Slosson, Abigail
Small, Albert Leander
Smead, Waitstill
Smedley, Anne
Smedley, Bridgett
Smedley, Samuel
Smith, Abigail
Smith, Abner W.
Smith, Alice
Smith, Amy
Smith, Ann
Smith, Ann Elizabeth
Smith, Bathsheba
Smith, Clara Elizabeth
Smith, Deborah
Smith, Eliashub
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth Ophalia
Smith, George
Smith, Hannah
Smith, Harold E
Smith, Hester
Smith, Homer
Smith, James
Smith, Jesse Maxwell
Smith, Joan
Smith, John Monroe
Smith, Leo George
Smith, Louisa
Smith, Mariah
Smith, Martha A.
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary Violet
Smith, Mercy
Smith, Mrs Abigail
Smith, Mrs Sarah
Smith, N.
Smith, Richard
Smith, Robert
Smith, Ruth
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Sarah Ann
Smith, Shubael
Smith, Susanna
Smith, Uriah
Smith, Villa
Smith, William
Smith, William George
Smith, Zacheriah
Smyth, Elizabeth
Smyth, Joan
Smythe, Anne
Smythe, Hughe
Smythe, Lawrence
Smythington, Emma
Snook, Paul S
Snow, Abigail
Snow, Alma
Snow, Amanda Melvina
Snow, Dilworth Merrill
Snow, Harriet Newell
Snow, Irma Eliza
Snow, Mary
Snow, Mary Minerva
Snow, Willard Trowbridge
Snyder, Emma
Soebbing, Anna Catharina Elisabeth
Soebbing, Anna Christina Adelheid
Soebbing, Anna Maria Catharina Margaretha
Soebbing, Bernard Henrich
Soebbing, Berndt Ferdinand
Soebbing, Berndt Ferdinand Heinrich
Soebbing, Heinrich Ferdinand
Soebbing, Johann Bernard
Soebbing, Johann Henrich
Solley, Josie Alice
Sölter, Heinrich Carl Georg
Sones, Mary
Sonesson, Abella
Sorensen, Emma Oline Hansine
Sorensen, Soren Christian
Sorensson, Christen
Sorensson, Elsa
Sorensson, Hans
Sorensson, Jorgen
Sorensson, Marina
Sorensson, Per
Sorensson, Pernilla
Sorensson, Sissa
Soule, Zachariah
Southwick, Mary
Sowell, Samuel Alexander
Spalding, Daniel
Spalding, Van Densen
Sparhawk, Nathaniel
Sparks, Maude Alice
Spaulding, Charlotte
Spaulding, Eunice
Spauldinge, James
Speaker, Sidney A
Spear, Nancy E.
Spencer, Susannah
Spicer, Theodore M.
Spindler, Paul Lawrence
Spinning, Humphrey
Spooner, Martha
Sporer, Francesca Anna
Sprague, Alice
Sprague, Anthony
Sprague, Betty
Sprague, Birdella
Sprague, Hannah
Sprague, Joanna
Sprague, John
Sprague, Jonathan
Sprague, Mary
Sprague, Persis
Sprague, Ruth
Sprague, Samuel
Sprague, William
Spriggs, Everett Laughlin
Spritby or Spilsby, Sarah
Squiers, Mary
Squire, Alice
Squire, John
Squire, Jonathan
St. George, Frances
St. Leger, John
St. Leger, Warham
Stacy, Elizabeth
Staddenn, Alice J
Staebel, Josepha Magdalena
Stafford, Anne
Stafford, Charles
Stafford, Elizabeth
Stafford, John
Stafford, Robert
Stafford, Sarah
Stafford, Susannah
Stafford, William
Standish, Josiah
Standish, Samuel
Staniforth, John
Staniforth, Lydia
Stannard, Hannah
Stark, Susannah
Starkey, Arthur
Starkweather, Daniel
Starnes, Joel E.
Stead, Sarah
Steadman, Charlotte
Steadman, Isaac
Steadman, Martha M.
Stearns, David
Stearns, John
STEDMAN, Alexander
STEDMAN, Charles or Barton
Stedman, David
Stedman, Edward
Stedman, Elizabeth
Stedman, George
Stedman, Henry
Stedman, Henry Henderson
Stedman, Henry I.
Stedman, Isaiah
Stedman, James
Stedman, James A.
Stedman, James Alford
Stedman, James M.
Stedman, Jasper
Stedman, Jesse
Stedman, John
Stedman, John A.
Stedman, Joshua
Stedman, Joshuay
Stedman, Louisa
Stedman, Lucinda
Stedman, Martha "Patsy"
Stedman, Mrs. Alexander
Stedman, Nancy
Stedman, Newton
Stedman, Pickens
Stedman, Rachel
Stedman, Rebecca
Stedman, Robert
Stedman, Robert C.
Stedman, Sarah
STEDMAN, William
Stedson, John
Stedson, Mrs. Agnes
STEEDMAN, Alexander
Steel, Almira Grace
Steel, Beulah Janet
Steel, Earnest Sumner
Steel, Ettie Ruth
Steel, Fay McKinley
Steel, John
Steel, Samuel Ellis
Steel, Thomas Clifford
Steele, Albert Greenberry
Steele, Elizabeth
Steele, James
Steele, John
Steele, Mary
Steele, Rachel B.
Steele, Sarah
Steinbach, Edna Louise
Steinman, Elizabeth
Steinman, Georg
Steinman, Mrs.Margareta
Steinmann, George
Stephensen, Peter Christian
Sterling, Jacob
Sterling, John
Sterling, Joseph
Sterling, Mary
Sterling, Mrs Sarah
Sterling, Samuel
Sterling, Stephen
Stetson, Benjamin
Stetson, Bethia
Stetson, Deborah
Stetson, Desire
Stetson, Elizabeth
Stetson, Eunice
Stetson, Hannah
Stetson, James
Stetson, John
Stetson, Jonah
Stetson, Joseph
Stetson, Judah
Stetson, Lois
Stetson, Lydia
Stetson, Margaret
Stetson, Mary
Stetson, Matthew
Stetson, Mrs. Elizabeth
Stetson, Mrs. Mercy
Stetson, Mrs. Rachel
Stetson, Nathaniel
Stetson, Patience
Stetson, Prudence
Stetson, Rachel
Stetson, Robert
Stetson, Samuel
Stetson, Seth
Stetson, Silas
Stetson, Thomas
Stetson, Timothy
Stetson, Urith
Stetson, William
Stevens, Anne
Stevens, Cyprian
Stevens, Derinda Evelyn
Stevens, Dorothy
Stevens, Elizabeth
Stevens, James S.
Stevens, Joseph
Stevens, Mary
Stevens, Mehala
Stevens, Patty
Stevens, Sarah
Stevens, Simon
Stevenson, Rhonda
Stewart, Ann
Stewart, Edmund
Stewart, Elizabeth
Stewart, James
Stewart, John
Stewart, Jonathan
Stewart, Mary Ann
Stewart, Peter
Stewart, Rose
Stewart, Sarah
Stidman, John
Stigsson, Elna
Stigsson, Hanna
Stigsson, Jons
Stigsson, Nils
Stigsson, Oluf
Stillinger, Clyde,
Stitson, Agnes
Stitson, Anne
Stitson, Argent
Stitson, Arthur
Stitson, Charity
Stitson, Elizabeth
Stitson, Ellenor
Stitson, Francis
Stitson, Hugh
Stitson, Johan
Stitson, John
Stitson, Lawrence
Stitson, Lewes
Stitson, Ludovicke
Stitson, Mary
Stitson, Mrs. Alice
Stitson, Mrs. Mary
Stitson, Nicholas
Stitson, Samuel
Stitson, Susan
Stitson, Sussan
Stitson, Tamazen
Stitson, Thomas
Stitson, Vincent
Stitson, Water
Stitson, William
Stitson, Wilmont
Stock, Francis Moroni
Stock, Johanna Justine Louise
Stockbridge, Charles
Stockedell, Agnes
Stockhecke, Anna L.
Stoddard, Carma Mabel
Stoddard, Elizabeth
Stoddard, Jane
Stodder, John
Stone, Dorcas
Stone, Mary
Stone, Miss
Stone, Sarah
Storrs, Samuel
Storth, Anna
Stoughton, Daniel
Stoughton, Elizabeth
Stowe, Thankful
Stowell, Ebenezer
Stowell, Mary
Strang, Neva Marie
Stratford, Eva Viola
Stratker, Maria
Stratton, Annie
Stratton, Sophia
Stringer, Christian
Stringer, Christian Ferdinand
Stringer, John P
Stroud, Paul
Strutt, Alice
Strutt, Ambrose
Strutt, Ann
Strutt, Audrey
Strutt, Elizabeth
Strutt, Erasmus
Strutt, Eustace
Strutt, Johanna
Strutt, John
Strutt, Katherine
Strutt, Margery
Strutt, Mrs Johane
Strutt, Mrs. Isabelle
Strutt, Mrs. John
Strutt, Robert
Strutt, Thomas
Strutt, Ursula
Stubborn, Alice
Stubbs, Joshua
Stubbs, Samuel
Stucki, Rosetta
Studley, Joseph
Sullivan, Aveline
Sullivan, Eunice C.
Sullivan, Martha M.
Sullivan, Orlena Jackson
Summers, Eunice
Summers, Marjorie Lucille
Summers, Rachel May
Summers, Samuel
Summers, Sarah
Sumner, Benjamin
Sumner, George
Sumner, Mary
Sumner, Roger
Sumner, Seth
Sumner, Susannah
Sumner, Waitstill
Sutton, Abigail
Sutton, Jane
Svensson, Ahna
Svensson, Nils
Svensson, Olof
Swain, Eli Vernon
Sweetzer, Mary
Swenson, Pearl Hilma Venta
Swetland, Joseph
Swift, Abigail
Swift, Alexander
Swift, Alice
Swift, Anna
Swift, Anne
Swift, Benjamin
Swift, Christopher
Swift, Dinah
Swift, Dorothy
Swift, Ebenezer
Swift, Edward
Swift, Elizabeth
Swift, Ephraim
Swift, Esther
Swift, Hannah
Swift, Henry
Swift, Hester
Swift, Hugh
Swift, Isaac
Swift, Jabez
Swift, James
Swift, Jane
Swift, Jemima
Swift, Jireh
Swift, Joanna
Swift, Job
Swift, John
Swift, Joseph N
Swift, Josiah
Swift, Keturah
Swift, Margaret
Swift, Mary
Swift, Mercy
Swift, Moses
Swift, Mrs Abigail
Swift, Mrs Desire
Swift, Mrs Elizabeth
Swift, Mrs Sara
Swift, Nathaniel
Swift, Richard
Swift, Robert
Swift, Rowland
Swift, Ruth
Swift, Samuel
Swift, Sara
Swift, Sarah
Swift, Seth
Swift, Silas
Swift, Susannah
Swift, Temperance
Swift, Thankful
Swift, Thomas
Swift, William
Swift, Zaccheus
Swift, Zephaniah
Swindell, Charles Hughie
Syddall, Anthony
Taber, Esther
Talbot, Ephraim
Talbot, Jared
Tallman, Roy Earl
Tanner, Vasco Myron
Tarbell, Elizabeth
Tarbutton, Robert Aires
Tassell, Pearl Una
Tattersall, Elizabeth
Taylor, Ada May
Taylor, Alice
Taylor, Buelah
Taylor, Cicelia
Taylor, Eli Franklin
Taylor, Eunice
Taylor, John
Taylor, Levi James
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Milton B
Taylor, Mrs Robert
Taylor, Robert
Taylor, Ruth
Taylor, Samuel T
Taylor, Sarah
Taylor, William
Taylor, Woodley Gallatin
Temple, Abigail
Temple, Alice
Temple, John
Temple, Prudence
Temple, William
Terry, Durban Hathorn
Thayer, Anna
Thayer, Cicily
Thayer, Deborah
Thayer, John
Thier, Wilhelm
Thies, August
Thiesselin, Catherine
Thomander, Arthur Chester
Thomander, Daniel Theodore
Thomander, Edna
Thomander, Edward Peter
Thomander, Martha Caroline
Thomander, May Marcella
Thomander, Oscar Franklin
Thomander, Oscar Hyrum
Thomander, Per Martensson
Thomander, Phoebe
Thomas, Ann
Thomas, Mildred
Thomas, Minnie
Thomas, Rose
Thomas, Samuel
Thomas, Sarah
Thomas, Thomas Jackson
Thompson, Alice Bell
Thompson, Ann
Thompson, Christine Pearl
Thompson, David John
Thompson, Gordon Earl
Thompson, Jane
Thompson, John
Thompson, Joseph
Thompson, Joy Olive
Thompson, Mable D
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Mary Ann
Thompson, Rachel
Thompson, Richard
Thompson, Sarah
Thompson, William
Thormann, Maria Sophia
Thorndike, James
Thornley, Alice
Thurber, James
Tibbals, Mary
Tibbals, Sarah
Ticknor, Deborah
Tieman, Carrie
Tilney, Elizabeth
Tilney, Frederick
Tilton, John
Tisdale, Thomas
Tobey, Ephraim
Tobey, Francis
Tobey, Gershom
Tobey, John
Tobey, Jonathan
Tobey, Mrs Jane
Tobey, Mrs Sarah
Tobey, Nathan
Tobey, Ruth
Tobey, Samuel
Tobey, Thomas
Todde, Anne
Tollerton, Mrs. Joan
Tollett, William Ennis
Tolman, John
Tolman, Mary
Tolman, Rebecca
Tompson, Agnes
Toogood, Nathaniel
Topping, Harry Clayton
Topping, Helen Jane
Toresson, Borta
Torrey, Mary
Torstensen, Christiana Magdalina
Tower, Abigail
Tower, Mary
Townsend, Elizabeth
Townsend, Mary
Tracy, Abel
Tracy, Alice
Tracy, Deborah
Tracy, James
Tracy, John
Tracy, Joshua
Tracy, Mary
Tracy, Mrs Ann
Tracy, Nancy Marinda
Tracy, Nathaniel
Tracy, Perez
Tracy, Prince
Tracy, Stephen
Tracy, Thomas
Tracy, Tryphosa
Tracy, Vera M.
Tranburger, Bernice Elvajeane Baker
Trap, Peres
Traphis, Sarah
Traupe, Henrich Christian
Traupe, Marie Helene
Traylor, Elizabeth Delena
Treadwell, Samuel
Treat, Samuel
Tresise, Bruce F.
Trimnell, Basil
Trott, Mary
Trotter, Mark P.
Truedsson, Anna
Truedsson, Bengta
Truedsson, Boel
Truedsson, Christen
Truedsson, Hans
Truedsson, Joen
Truedsson, John
Truedsson, Marna
Truedsson, Mr
Truedsson, Nils
Truedsson, Per
Truntz, Hans
Truntz, Maria Margaretha
Truntz, Mrs Hans
Truss, Christopher Columbus
Trutt, Elizabeth
Tryon, Mary
Tryon, Maude Mathylda
Tryon, Otto John
Tubbs, Mary
Tucker, Abraham
Tucker, Alice
Tucker, Ann
Tucker, Anne
Tucker, Arthur
Tucker, Benjamin
Tucker, Catherine
Tucker, Daniel
Tucker, Ebenezer
Tucker, Edward
Tucker, Elizabeth
Tucker, Ephraim
Tucker, Experience
Tucker, Francis
Tucker, George
Tucker, Hannah
Tucker, Henry
Tucker, Hester
Tucker, Honour
Tucker, James
Tucker, Jasaniah
Tucker, John
Tucker, Jonathan
Tucker, Josea
Tucker, Joseph
Tucker, Judith
Tucker, Lewis
Tucker, Lydia
Tucker, Manasseh
Tucker, Mansfield
Tucker, Maria
Tucker, Martha
Tucker, Mary
Tucker, Mrs Elizabeth
Tucker, Mrs Hannah
Tucker, Mrs Jemima
Tucker, Mrs John
Tucker, Mrs Juda
Tucker, Mrs Margarette
Tucker, Mrs Sarah
Tucker, Nicholas
Tucker, Rebecca
Tucker, Richard
Tucker, Richardus
Tucker, Robert
Tucker, Samuel
Tucker, Sarah
Tucker, Stephen
Tucker, Thomas
Tucker, Tobias
Tucker, Urith
Tucker, Waitstill
Tucker, Walter
Tucker, William
Tunstead, Mrs Helen
Tupper, Abiah
Tupper, Abigail
Tupper, Benjamin
Tupper, Bethia
Tupper, Eliakim
Tupper, Joanna
Tupper, Judah
Tupper, Levi
Tupper, Matha
Tupper, Mayhew
Tupper, Reuben
Tupper, Seth
Tupper, Simeon
Tupper, Thomas
Turner, James
Turner, Lillie
Turner, Louise D.
Turner, Mary
Turner, Mercy
Turner, Nathaniel
Turner, Philip
Turner, Rebecca
Turner, Ruth
Turner, Sarah
Turney, Abigall
Turney, Benjamin
Turney, Deborah
Turney, Jerusha
Turney, John
Turney, Jonah
Turney, Rebecca
Turney, Robert
Turney, Sarah
Tustin, Thomas
Tuttle, Elizabeth
Twiddy, Nancy
Twiddy, Son
Twigg, Maria
Twining, John
Twining, Jonathan
Twining, Nathan
Twining, Tabitha
Tyler, Hopestill
Tyler, Susan Marion
Tyng, Eunice
Uhrig, Adalbert
Uhrig, Anna Barbara
Uhrig, Anna Maria
Uhrig, Elisabeth
Uhrig, Eva Catharina
Uhrig, Franz Joseph
Uhrig, Johann Michael
Uhrig, Johannes
Uhrig, Johannes Michael
Uhrig, Johannes Peter
Uhrig, Ludwig
Uhrig, Maria Barbara
Uhrig, Maria Eva
Uhrig, Maria Magdalena
Uhrig, Maria Ursula
Uhrig, Mrs Ludwig
Uhrig, Mrs. Anna Maria
Uhrig, Peter
Underwood, George W.
Underwood, Margaret
Underwood, Walter Lewis
Upton, Sarah
Van San Tan, Harry "Prince"
Vardiman, Vienna C. or Wilma Melvanie
Vasthoff, Anna Catharina
Vasthoff, Frantz
Vaugh, John F.
Vaughn, Thomas Howell
Veare, Ann
Veare, Dimon
Veare, Mrs. Anne
Vennemann, Carl Friederick Eduard
Vennemann, Friedrich Franz Elisabeth
Vennemann, Johanna Friederike
Vicars, Elizabeth
Vickars, Mary
Vickerow, Rebecca
Viehdorfer, Boston
Viehdorfer, Gertie
Viehdorfer, Hazel
Viehdorfer, Raymond
Vincent, Elizabeth
Vincent, James
Vinton, Mary
Vinton, Samuel
Vogt, Frederick Henry
Volkmar, Marie Louise
Vose, Anna
Vose, Ebenezer
Vose, Edward
Vose, Henry
Vose, Hephzibah
Vose, Thomas
Vose, William
Vose, Zibia
Vowles, Sarah
Wade, Cynthia
Wadland, Amos
Wadsworth, Abigail
Wadsworth, Claude Henry
Wadsworth, Elizabeth
Wadsworth, George
Wadsworth, John
Wadsworth, Joseph
Wadsworth, Maria
Wadsworth, Richard
Wadsworth, Thomas
Wadsworth, William
Wager, Joseph Victor
Waite, John
Wakeman, Esbon
Wakeman, Esther
Wakley, John Joseph
Walcott, Hannah
Walcott, Rachel
Walden, Joseph
Waldo, Abigail
Waldo, Deborah
Waldo, John
Waldo, Rebecca
Walker, Eleanor
Walker, Eliza Emma
Walker, Emma Annie
Walker, James Franklin
Walker, Joanna
Walker, Johanna
Walker, Keziah
Walker, Mary Carolyn
Walker, Mary Elizabeth
Walker, Minerva J.
Walker, Samuel
Walker, William Henry
Walker, William Holmes
Wallace, Bert\Bertie
Wallace, William
Walls, Charlie "Buck"
Walpole, Anne
Walter, Margaret
Walters, Martha
Wand, Eleanor M.
Wann, Ann
Wann, Edward
Wann, Elizabeth
Wann, Henry
Wann, John
Wann, Mary
Wann, Mary Ann
Wann, Peter
Wann, Peter George
Wann, Sarah
Wann, Sophia
Wann, Susanna
Wann, Thomas
Wann, William
Wanzer, Abigail
Ward, Alice
Ward, James
Ward, John
Ward, Marcie Jean
Ward, Milicent
Ward, Mr
Ward, William
Wardell, Margaret
Warden, Sarah Ruby
Wardwell, Abigail
Wardwell, William
Ware, Mary
Warenan, Eliza L.
Warnecke, Johanne Sophie Auguste Amalie
Warner, Abigail
Warner, Abraham
Warner, Alice
Warner, Amye
Warner, Andrew
Warner, Anne
Warner, Daniel
Warner, David
Warner, Dorothy
Warner, Ebenezer
Warner, Edmund
Warner, Edward
Warner, Elisha
Warner, Elizabeth
Warner, Esther
Warner, Hannah
Warner, Ichabod
Warner, Isaac
Warner, Jacob
Warner, Joan
Warner, Johane
Warner, John
Warner, Joseph
Warner, Josiah
Warner, Lydia
Warner, Margaret
Warner, Margery
Warner, Martha
Warner, Mary
Warner, Mehitabel
Warner, Mehitable
Warner, Mercy
Warner, Mrs Nicholas
Warner, Mrs Steven
Warner, Mrs Thomas
Warner, Mrs. Deborah
Warner, Mrs. Joane
Warner, Mrs. Margaret
Warner, Mrs. Mary
Warner, Mrs. Rebecca
Warner, Mrs. Thomas
Warner, Nathaniel
Warner, Nicholas
Warner, Rebecca
Warner, Robert
Warner, Rose
Warner, Ruth
Warner, Samuel
Warner, Sarah
Warner, Steven
Warner, Susan
Warner, Thankful
Warner, Thomas
Warner, Zerviah
Warren, Benjamin
Warren, Ebenezer
Warren, Elizabeth
Warren, John
Warren, Joseph
Warren, Mabel
Warren, Peter
Warren, Robert
Warren, Thomas
Washburn, Daniel
Washburn, David
Washburn, Dinah
Washburn, Hannah
Washburn, Joel
Washburn, Jonathan
Washburn, Mary
Washburn, Meribah
Washburn, Miles
Washburn, Nathaniel
Washburn, Susannah
Washington, George
Washington, Mary
Waterman, Elizabeth
Watermore, Joanna Joan
Waters, Joan
Waters, John
Waters, Margery
Waters, Mrs John
Waters, Mrs Margaret
Waters, Mrs Robert
Waters, Mrs William
Waters, Robert
Waters, William
Watkin, Susannah
Watkins, Agnes
Watkins, Humphrey
Watkins, Mrs Catherine
Watkins, Ruth Elizabeth
Watlock, Susan
Watson, Frances
Watson, Martha
Watson, Mary
Watson, Mary Doss
Watson, Robert
Watts, Elizabeth
Watts, Pheriba
Watts, Thomas
Waynes, Dorothy
Weare, Mary
Weathersby, Neuel Oliver
Weaver, Charles W.
Weaver, La Verda Tryphena
Weaver, Mary Catherine
Webb, Anna
Webb, Dave R.
Webb, Jerusha
Webb, John
Webb, Mary
Webb, Nathaniel
Weber, Elizabeth Edith
Webster, Thomas
Wedding, Anna Elisabeth
Wedge, Rebekah
Weeks, Lydia
Weems, Alabama
Weems, Alexander
Weems, Annie
Weems, Elijah
Weems, Elisabeth
Weems, Joseph G.
Weems, Joseph H
Weems, Marion
Weems, Minerva
Weems, Mississippi
Weems, Nancy
Weems, Thomas
Weideman, Amelia Caroline
Weiler, Alheitt
Welch, Iva V. Bain
Welch, John
Welch, Joseph
Welch, Thomas
Weld, Elizabeth
Weld, Samuel
Welles, Samuel
Wellington, Ruhamah
Wells, Allen
Wells, Andrew
Wells, Ann
Wells, Charles
Wells, Henry
Wells, James
Wells, Jonathan
Wells, Josiah
Wells, Mary
Wells, Peter
Wells, Rhoda E.
Wells, Samuel
Wells, Sarah
Wells, Thomasine
Wentworth, Charles
Werner, Helen
Werner, Martin Anton
Wert, Minnie
Wertz, Ethel Alberta
Wesson, Effie
Wesson, William
West, Henry
West, Martha Jane
Westcote, Katherine
Wester, Eveline
Weston, Alfred Joseph
Weston, James
Wetherill, Zerviah
Wetmore, Abigail
Whale, Philemon
Wharam, Elizabeth
Wheatleigh, Anne
Wheatleigh, Jane
Wheatleigh, John
Wheatleigh, Martha
Wheatleigh, Mrs. Mary
Wheatleigh, Mrs. Richard
Wheatleigh, Nathaniel
Wheatleigh, Olive
Wheatleigh, Richard
Wheatleigh, Samuel
Wheatley, Dorothy
Wheatley, Edward
Wheatley, Frank John
Wheatley, John
Wheatley, Magdalen
Wheatley, Mrs. Richard
Wheatley, Mrs. Zachariah
Wheatley, Priscilla
Wheatley, Zachariah
Wheaton, Christopher
Wheeler, Abiah
Wheeler, Abigail
Wheeler, Agnes
Wheeler, Alice
Wheeler, Ann
Wheeler, Anne
Wheeler, Cicely
Wheeler, Deborah
Wheeler, Deliverance
Wheeler, Edward
Wheeler, Elizabeth
Wheeler, Ephraim
Wheeler, Esther
Wheeler, George
Wheeler, Gillian
Wheeler, Hannah
Wheeler, Henry
Wheeler, Isaac
Wheeler, Isabel
Wheeler, Jane
Wheeler, Joan
Wheeler, John
Wheeler, Joseph
Wheeler, Joseph Edward
Wheeler, Joshua
Wheeler, Judith
Wheeler, Judith-Ann
Wheeler, Lucy
Wheeler, Margaret
Wheeler, Mary
Wheeler, Molly
Wheeler, Mr
Wheeler, Mrs Agnes
Wheeler, Mrs Ann
Wheeler, Mrs Elizabeth
Wheeler, Mrs Isaac
Wheeler, Mrs Joan
Wheeler, Mrs Margery
Wheeler, Mrs Mary
Wheeler, Mrs Richard
Wheeler, Mrs. Alice
Wheeler, Mrs. Elizabeth
Wheeler, Mrs. Ellen
Wheeler, Mrs. Henry
Wheeler, Mrs. Isabel
Wheeler, Mrs. Jane
Wheeler, Mrs. John
Wheeler, Mrs. Rebecca
Wheeler, Mrs. Thomas
Wheeler, Nathaniel
Wheeler, Obadiah
Wheeler, Parthians
Wheeler, Priscilla
Wheeler, Rebecca
Wheeler, Richard
Wheeler, Rufus
Wheeler, Ruth
Wheeler, Samuel
Wheeler, Sarah
Wheeler, Susanna
Wheeler, Thomas
Wheeler, Timothy
Wheeler, William
Wheelock, Elizabeth
Wheelock, Jean
Wheelock, Mrs Richard
Wheelock, Richard
Wheelock, Sarah
Whetten, Elizabeth Ann
Whetten, John
Whetten, John Thomas
Whipple, Horace
Whitaker, Abigaill
Whitaker, Bethiah
Whitaker, Elizabeth
Whitaker, Experience
Whitaker, George
Whitaker, Israell
Whitaker, John
Whitaker, Mary
Whitaker, Mehitabel
Whitaker, Mehittabell
Whitaker, Mrs. George
Whitaker, Nathanell
Whitaker, Noah
Whitaker, Rebecca
Whitaker, Rebeckah
Whitaker, Richard
Whitaker, Samuell
Whitcom, Ephraim
Whitcomb, Elias
Whitcomb, Hannah
Whitcomb, Lois
Whitcomb, Lucy
Whitcomb, Lydia
Whitcomb, Mary
Whitcomb, Oliver
Whitcomb, Persis
Whitcomb, William
White, Edward
White, Eunice
White, Hannah
White, Hilda
White, Keziah
White, Leslie Floyd
White, Mary
White, Mrs. Martha
White, Sarah
Whitehead, John
Whitehouse, Samuel
Whitehouse, Thomas
Whitely, Hannah
Whiteside, William
whiting, Sybil
Whitlock, Mary Ann
Whitman, Elizabeth
Whitman, Ellen Virginia
Whitman, Isaac
Whitman, Zachariah
Whitney, Aaron
Whitney, Elizabeth
Whitney, Isaiah
Whitridge, Susannah
Whittaker, Donald Fredrick
Whittaker, Maude
Whittaker, Philip
Whittemore, Joseph
Whittemore, Susannah
Whitten, Mr.
Whitting, Mary
Whitworth, Henry Thomas
Wibken, Anna Elisabeth
Wiedemann, Richard Max
Wiegman, Margaretha Elisabeth
Wigwall, Alice
Wilde, Anna
Wilde, Elizabeth
Wilde, George
Wilde, Godfrey
Wilde, Hannah
Wilde, Helen
Wilde, Isabel
Wilde, Johann
Wilde, John
Wilde, Joseph
Wilde, Lydia
Wilde, Margaret
Wilde, Mrs Honora
Wilde, Mrs Lydia
Wilde, Mrs Samuel
Wilde, Samuel
Wilde, Sara
Wilde, Sarah
Wilde, Thomas
Wilde, William
Wilde, Willus
Wilder, Anna
Wilder, Edward
Wilder, Ephraim
Wilder, Hannah
Wilder, Josiah
Wilder, Priscilla
Wilder, Thomas
Wilkins, Margaret
Wilkins, Thomas
Wilkinson, Elizabeth
Wilkinson, Isabel
Wilkinson, John
Wilkinson, Mary
Wilkinson, Tabitha
Willard, Abigail
Willard, Abovehope
Willard, Agnes
Willard, Alexander
Willard, Alice
Willard, Andrew
Willard, Anna
Willard, Benjamin
Willard, Catherine
Willard, Daniel
Willard, David
Willard, Deborah
Willard, Dorothy
Willard, Edward
Willard, Elizabeth
Willard, Esther
Willard, Eunice
Willard, George
Willard, Hannah
Willard, Henry
Willard, Hepsibah
Willard, Hezekiah
Willard, Jacob
Willard, James
Willard, John
Willard, Jonathan
Willard, Joseph
Willard, Joshua
Willard, Josiah
Willard, Margaret
Willard, Margery
Willard, Martha
Willard, Mary
Willard, Mehitable
Willard, Mercy
Willard, Miss
Willard, Mr
Willard, Mrs Abigail
Willard, Mrs Joan
Willard, Mrs Sarah
Willard, Mrs. Catherine
Willard, Mrs. Elizabeth
Willard, Mrs. Jane
Willard, Mrs. Johann
Willard, Richard
Willard, Robert
Willard, Samuel
Willard, Sarah
Willard, Simeon
Willard, Simon
Willard, Stephen
Willard, Susanna
Willard, Susannah
Willard, Tabitha
Willard, Thomas
Willard, Thomasine
Willard, William
Willey, Danforth
Willey, Joseph
Willey, Joseph R.
Willey, Louisa
Willey, Mary H.
Willey, Sophrona P.
Willey, Tracy Bingham
Williammee, George Darby
Williams, Adosha
Williams, Albert Hays
Williams, Barbara
Williams, Bertha May
Williams, Charles Richard
Williams, Charles William
Williams, David Owen
Williams, Deborah
Williams, Edward Joseph
Williams, Eleazer
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Elwood
Williams, Eugene
Williams, George Washington
Williams, Isaac
Williams, John
Williams, Joseph Albert
Williams, Joy
Williams, Lester Elmer
Williams, Lovinia Marguirette
Williams, Margaret
Williams, Mary
Williams, Mary Elizabeth
Williams, Paul Martin
Williams, Reginald DeLancy
Williams, Rosa Blanch
Williams, Sarah
Williams, Silas
Williams, William Chester
Williams, William Edward
Williams, William H.
Williams, Willis Seymore
Williamson, Elizabeth
Willis, Ambrose
Willis, Hannah
Willis, Jeremiah
Willis, Lawrence
Willoughby, Dorothy
Willow, Sarah Elain
Willshere, Martha
Wilmarth, Thomas
Wilson, Albert Chauncey
Wilson, Allen Harris
Wilson, Alma LaVoy
Wilson, Catherine Rozella
Wilson, Charles James
Wilson, Emily R
Wilson, Ephraim
Wilson, Hannah
Wilson, Jacob R.
Wilson, Janet Elizabeth
Wilson, Jennie Lind
Wilson, John
Wilson, Marcy
Wilson, Margaret Crichton
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Mrs John
Wilson, Napoleon
Wilson, Ola
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Sarah E.
Wilson, W. "Griffin" J.
Wilson, Wayne
Wilson, William
Wims, James
Winans, Elizabeth
Winchester, Mary
Wines, Barnabus
Wing, Beulah
Wing, Daniel
Wing, Deborah
Wing, Ephraim
Wing, Hannah
Wing, Hepzibah
Wing, John
Wing, Lydia
Wing, Samuel Batchelder
Wingate, Roger
Winkopp, Richard
Winter, Timothy
Winterflood, Mary
Winters, Adam
Winters, Frank
Winters, Harry
Winters, John
Winters, Joseph
Winters, Mary
Winters, William P.
Wissmann, Mary Josephine
Wodsworth, Elizabeth
Wolf, Anna Barbara
Wolf, Annabelle Ruth
Wolf, Gerog
Wolters, Johannes
Womer, Sally
Wood, Abigail
Wood, Ann
Wood, Bethia
Wood, Cibel
Wood, Daniel
Wood, Dorothy
Wood, Ebenezer
Wood, Elizabeth
Wood, Eunice
Wood, George Dennison
Wood, Gideon
Wood, Hannah
Wood, Jacob
Wood, John
Wood, Joseph
Wood, Mary
Wood, Michael
Wood, Mrs. William
Wood, Nathan
Wood, Rebecca
Wood, Ruth
Wood, Samuel
Wood, Siba
Wood, Sybil
Wood, Thomas
Wood, William
Woodbury, Angus Munn
Woode, John
Wooden, Anne
Woodhouse, Elizabeth
Woodhouse, John
woodland, Merlin Edward
Woods, Eliza Isabella
Woods, Sarah
Woodward, Amos
Woodward, Daniel
Woodward, Elizabeth
Woodward, Eunice
Woodward, George
Woodward, James
Woodward, John
Woodward, Mary
Woodward, Nathaniel
Woodward, Rebecca
Woodward, Richard
Woodward, Sarah
Woodward, Susanna
Woodward, Thomas
Wooley, Christopher
Wooley, Edward
Wooley, Elizabeth
Wooley, Mary
Woolley, Margaret
Woolnaugh, Thomas
Woolnough, James
Woolnough, Mary
Woolsey, Theodore Forrest
Worden, Mary
Worden, Richard Andrew
Worden, Samuel
Workman, Walter Spendlove
Worster, Amelia
Worthing, Irvin V
Worthington, John
Worthington, Mary
Worthington, Robert
Worthington, Samuel
Worthington, Samuel Jr.
Worthlake, Alice
Wright, Amanda Elmira
Wright, Andrew
Wright, Ebenezer
Wright, Edward
Wright, Elisabeth
Wright, Elizabeth
Wright, James
Wright, Joseph
Wright, Joseph Kalan
Wright, Karl Edmund
Wright, Kent B.
Wright, Martin
Wright, Mary
Wright, Matthew
Wright, Mercy
Wright, Mrs Elizabeth
Wright, Phoebe
Wright, Rose
Wright, Samuel
Wright, Sibyl Hannah
Wright, Susan
Wright, Thomas
Wright, William
Wright, Wilson George
Wyard, Elizabeth
Wyard, Francis
Wyard, Henry
Wyard, John
Wyard, Mrs. Ursula
Wyard, Randolph
Wyard, Ursula
Wyard, William
Wyarde, Mrs. Richard
Wyarde, Richard
Wyatt, Elizabeth
Wyatt, William Allen
Wylling, Thomasine
Yates, James
Yeater, Mohler
Yelverton, Elishua
Yeomans, Hannah
Young, Alice
Young, Florence Emily
Young, Rachel
Young, William Eugene
Zeigler, Daniel W.
Zemke, Lillian Caroline
Ziegler, Harry
Zimmerman, Alois L.
Abel Abbe
Abigail Abbe
Abner Abbe
Agnes Abbe
Amelia Abbe
Amos Abbe
Anna Abbe
Anne Abbe
Azubah Abbe
Bathsehba Abbe
Benjamin Abbe
Ebenezer Abbe
Eleazer Abbe
Elijah Abbe
Elisabeth Abbe
Elisha Abbe
Elizabeth Abbe
Esther Abbe
Eunice Abbe
Ezekial Abbe
Ezra Abbe
Gideon Abbe
Hannah Abbe
Hepsibah Abbe
Isaac Abbe
Jacob Abbe
Jeduthan Abbe
Jerusha Abbe
John Abbe
Jonathan Abbe
Joseph Abbe
Joshua Abbe
Lemuel Abbe
Lucretia Abbe
Lucy Abbe
Lydia Abbe
Marah Abbe
Mary Abbe
Mercy Abbe
Miriam Abbe
Mrs John Abbe
Mrs Mary Abbe
Naomi Abbe
Nathan Abbe
Nehemiah Abbe
Obadiah Abbe
Phebe Abbe
Phineas Abbe
Rachel Abbe
Rebecca Abbe
Rebekah Abbe
Richard Abbe
Samuel Abbe
Sarah Abbe
Shadrach Abbe
Shubael Abbe
Solomon Abbe
Stephen Abbe
Tabitha Abbe
Thomas Abbe
William Abbe
Zerviah Abbe
ZIbeiah Abbe
Hannah Abbot
Mary Abbot
Alpheus Abell
Joshua Abell
Catherine Abendschon
Joseph Ablett
Adam Acker
Catherine Acker
Elizabeth A. Acker
Elsie Acker
John Acker
Margaret M. Acker
Nancy Acker
William Acker
Charles Frank Actis
Clara Emmarene Adams
Jane Adams
John Adams
John Quincy Adams
Joseph Adams
Lillian Adams
Mary Adams
Dorcas Addey
George Addy
Thomas Adgate
Bud Adkins
Clarence Lee Adkins
Josiah Adkins
Floyd Patrick Aerts
Anne Catherine Ahrenfeldt
Anne Kirstine Ahrenfeldt
Anne Sofie Magdalene Ahrenfeldt
Florentine Ahrenfeldt
Hendrik Christian Bartholi Ahrenfeldt
Inge Marie Ahrenfeldt
Jacob Frederik Ahrenfeldt
Ole Ahrenfeldt
Jeppe Akesson
Elizabeth Alabaster
Lasse Albrechtsson
Claude Chester Albright
William Alcock
Elizabeth Alden
Henry Alden
Isaac Alder
Ann Aldis
Abel Leggett Aldous
Abraham Aldous
Agnes Aldous
Alfred Evan Aldous
Alice Aldous
Alma Warner Aldous
Angelina Aldous
Angelina Theresa Aldous
Ann Aldous
Ann Maria Aldous
Anne Aldous
Augustas Theodore Aldous
Betsy Maria Aldous
Charles Aldous
Charles Newell Aldous
Charles William Aldous
Charlotte Aldous
Charlotte Ann Aldous
Clara Abalone Aldous
Cynthia Mariah Aldous
David Louis Aldous
Edgar Aldous
Edward Aldous
Edward Charles Aldous
Eliza Ellen Aldous
Elizabeth Aldous
Frances Aldous
Francis Aldous
Frederic Charles Aldous
Frederick Robert Aldous
Fredrick Robert Aldous
Georganna Maria Aldous
George Aldous
George Edward Aldous
George James Aldous
George Parkin Aldous
Georgeanne Theresa Aldous
Georgiana Aldous
Georgianna Maria Aldous
Grace Aldous
Hannah Aldous
Harriet Aldous
Henry Aldous
Henry Parkin Aldous
James Aldous
James Newton Aldous
Jehoshaphat Aldous
Jemmy Aldous
Jeremiah Aldous
Joan Aldous
Joane Aldous
Johane Aldous
Johanna Aldous
John Aldous
John Fuller Aldous
John Henry Aldous
John Jefferson Aldous
John Page Aldous
Jonathan Aldous
Joseph Aldous
Joseph Henry Aldous
Lucy Ann Aldous
Lydia Aldous
Mabel Evelyn Aldous
Magdalena Christianna Aldous
Margaret Aldous
Maria Aldous
Marie Aldous
Martha Aldous
Martha Elizabeth Aldous
Mary Aldous
Mary Ann Aldous
Mary Matilda Aldous
Mr Aldous
Mrs Ann Aldous
Mrs Edith Aldous
Mrs Elizabeth Aldous
Mrs Frances Aldous
Mrs Judith Aldous
Mrs Margaret Aldous
Mrs Mary Aldous
Phaniel Aldous
Ralph Aldous
Richard Aldous
Robert Aldous
Robert Fredrick Aldous
Robert Thurston Aldous
Roger Aldous
Ruth Aldous
Samuel Aldous
Sarah Aldous
Sarah Alice Aldous
Sarah Dodd Aldous
Stephen Aldous
Susan Aldous
Susanna Aldous
Sybred Aldous
Thomas Aldous
Ursula Aldous
William Aldous
William Henry Aldous
Jeremiah Aldrich
Abiah Allen
Abigail Allen
Ahazadiah Allen
Ann Allen
Anson Gaston Allen
Arthur Allen
Caleb Allen
Daniel Allen
David Allen
Deborah Allen
Dinah Allen
Dorothy Allen
Ebenezer Allen
Eleazer Allen
Elizabeth Allen
Emeline Clarissa Allen
Ephraim Allen
Esther Allen
Experience Allen
Frances Allen
Francis Allen
George Allen
Gideon Allen
Hannah Allen
Henry Allen
Increase Allen
Isaac Allen
Isabel Allen
James Allen
Jedediah Allen
John Allen
Joseph Allen
Joshua Allen
Josiah Allen
Judah Allen
Katherine Allen
Lydia Allen
Mabel Alice Allen
Mary Allen
Matthew Allen
Mercy Allen
Miriam Allen
Mrs Christian Allen
Mrs George Allen
Mrs Katherine Allen
Mrs Lydia Allen
Mrs Rachel Allen
Mrs Rebecca Allen
Mrs Susan Allen
Mrs. Hannah Allen
Mrs. Mary Allen
Mrs. Susannah Allen
Patience Allen
Philip Allen
Rachel Allen
Ralph Allen
Rebecca Allen
Robert Allen
Rose Allen
Samuel Allen
Sarah Allen
Thankful Allen
Thomas Allen
William Allen
Yelverton Allen
Zachariah Allen
Edward Alling
Jessie Leona Altman
Archibald Alverson
Florence Alverson
Anna Catharina Amersee
Anna Margaretha Amersee
Anna Maria Amersee
Franciscus Amersee
Joannes Henricus Amersee
Leonardi Amersee
Maria Eva Elisabetha Amersee
Maria Margaretha Amersee
Lydia Ames
Silence Ames
Elizabeth Emily Ammons
Karen Andersen
Alvin Wilford Anderson
Anna Catharina Anderson
Anna Maria Anderson
Arthur Henry Anderson
Elenora Augusta Anderson
Elizabeth Jane "Patsey" Anderson
Emma Hilda Anderson
Emma Martha Anderson
Ernest Raymond Anderson
Frances Rebecca Anderson
Howard Anderson
Hulda Fidelia Anderson
James Anderson
Jasper N Anderson
Johan August Anderson
John August Anderson
Julia Caroline Anderson
Julia Dagmar Anderson
Lillie Matilda Anderson
Margaret Anderson
Mary L Anderson
Nancy Elizabeth Anderson
Thomas C Anderson
Wesley Vernon Anderson
William Anderson
Abella Andersson
Anders Andersson
Anders Johan Andersson
Anna Andersson
Arvid Andersson
Augusta Andersson
Bengt Andersson
Bereta Andersson
Berta Andersson
Elias Andersson
Elna Andersson
Elsa Andersson
Erik Andersson
Erland Andersson
Hanna Andersson
Hans Andersson
Ingeborg Andersson
Ivar Andersson
Johanna Andersson
Johannes Andersson
Jons Andersson
Lars Andersson
Marta Andersson
Marten Andersson
Matta Andersson
Metta Andersson
Mrs Arvid Andersson
Nils Andersson
Ola Andersson
Olaus Andersson
Olof Andersson
Per Andersson
Pernilla Andersson
Sissa Andersson
Jorgen Andreasen
Rebecca Andrew
Abigail Andrews
Benjamin Andrews
Christopher Andrews
Elizabeth Andrews
Ephraim Andrews
Hannah Andrews
Hepsibah Andrews
Jedediah Andrews
John Andrews
Joseph Andrews
Mary Andrews
Mrs Thomas Andrews
Mrs. Elizabeth Andrews
Mrs. Ruth Andrews
Nathan Andrews
Ruth Andrews
Stephen Andrews
Thomas Andrews
William Andrews
John Andrus
Milo Andrus
Reva Ann Andrus
Mary Anne
Amos Uriah Arbogast
Minnie J. Arbogast
Rose Armiger
Johann Friedrich Arnemann
Frances Arnold
James S. Arnold
Mary Frances Arnold
Joan Artys
Mrs Judith Artys
Thomas Artys
Irma Reeves Arundell
Johannes Arvidsson
Lars Asen
William Lewis Ash
Vernia Gleason Ashcraft
Josea Ashe
James Noble Ashman
Elizabeth Astin
Abigail Atkin
Adelaide Atkin
Albert Busby Atkin
Alicia Atkin
Alicia (twin) Atkin
Amy G Atkin
Annie Atkin
Anthony William Atkin
Audrey Atkin
Bessie Sharp Atkin
Bridget Atkin
Caleb Torrensdale Atkin
Caroline Atkin
Charles Atkin
Charlotte (Lottie) Atkin
Donald McAllister Atkin
Doris Atkin
Eleanor Walker Atkin
Elizabeth Maud May Atkin
Elizabetha Atkin
Elsie Adela Atkin
Emily Madgelene Atkin
Emma Atkin
Emma Gertrude Atkin
Enoch Atkin
Erica Mae Atkin
Esther Ann Atkin
Frank Atkin
George Alma Atkin
Glenn Damon Atkin
Grace Atkin
Harvey Atkin
Hazel Atkin
Heber Charles Atkin
Henry Atkin
Henry Randolph Atkin
Henry Thomas Atkin
Hyrum Atkin
Inez Atkin
James Barnett Atkin
Janice Atkin
Jetta Atkin
Johannes Atkin
John Peter Atkin
Joseph Thompson Atkin
Josephus Atkin
Kate Atkin
LeGrand Fawcett Atkin
LeRoy Atkin
Levi Atkin
Lillian Atkin
Luella Maud Atkin
Mabel Lucy Atkin
Maria Atkin
Marr William Atkin
Mary Atkin
Mary Ann Atkin
Mary Ella Atkin
Mary\Maria Atkin
Matilda May Atkin
May Atkin
Millicent Atkin
Milton Atkin
Naomi Atkin
Nellie Atkin
Nellie Martha Atkin
Nellie Rosetta Atkin
Norman Miller Atkin
Orson John Atkin
Orville Robert Atkin
Owen Woodruff Atkin
Peter Atkin
Phoebe Ester Atkin
Rachel Marie Atkin
Rachel Violet Atkin
Rachel Walker Atkin
Ray Atkin
Rex Brady Atkin
Richard Atkin
Richard Henry Atkin
Richardus Atkin
Robert Atkin
Robert (twin) Atkin
Rudger Clawson Atkin
Ruth Atkin
Ruth O. Atkin
Samuel Atkin
Sophia Ann Atkin
Stanley Gordon Atkin
Thomas Atkin
Thomas Lloyd Atkin
Walter William Atkin
Wendell Atkin
Wesley Hyrum Atkin
William Atkin
William Charles Atkin
William Tennyson Atkin
Emma B. Atkin Butler
Alice Atkins
Ann Atkins
Elizabeth Atkins
Ezekial Atkins
James Atkins
John Atkins
Joseph Atkins
Margaret Atkins
Mary Atkins
Michael Atkins
Richard Atkins
Richard (Ricardus) Atkins
Richard (twin) Atkins
Sarah Atkins
Sarah (twin) Atkins
Thomas Atkins
William Atkins
Joseph Atkins (Atkin)
William Atkins (Atkin)
Maria Augustinsson
Mabel Carrie Aumiller
Joshua Austin
Abial Averill
Anna Averkamp
Anna Catharina Averkamp
Anna Catharina Elisabeth Averkamp
Anna Elisabeth Averkamp
Anna Gertrud Elisabeth Averkamp
Anna Margaretha Averkamp
Bernard Herman Averkamp
Bernard Wilhelm Averkamp
Berndt Averkamp
Caroline Averkamp
Caspar Melchior Averkamp
Catharina Averkamp
Catharina Elisabeth Averkamp
Catherine Elisabeth Averkamp
Christine A. Averkamp
Christopher Adolph Averkamp
Elisabeth Averkamp
Elizabeth Averkamp
Eugenia L. Averkamp
Frank Averkamp
Gerhard Henrich Melchior Averkamp
Henrich Anton Averkamp
Hermann Averkamp
Johann Averkamp
Johann Bernard Averkamp
Johann Everwin Averkamp
Johann Gerhard Averkamp
Johann Henrich Averkamp
Johann Hermann Averkamp
John James Averkamp
Joseph Bernardt Averkamp
Margaretha Elisabeth Averkamp
Maria Catharina Averkamp
Mary Catherine Averkamp
Sophia M. Averkamp
Theresia Averkamp
Hannah Avery
Ruth Avery
Arthur Aloysius Awerkamp
August Aloysius Awerkamp
Bernard Anton Awerkamp
Carl Eugene Awerkamp
Catharina Elisabeth Awerkamp
Edward Parker Awerkamp
Esther Awerkamp
Ethel Clara Awerkamp
Frank Albert Awerkamp
Frank Joseph Awerkamp
Henry Charles Awerkamp
Leona Amelia Awerkamp
Lila Louise Awerkamp
May R. Awerkamp
Mildred Louise Awerkamp
Norma Hazel Awerkamp
Orval Arthur Awerkamp
Roy John Awerkamp
Stanley Frank Awerkamp
Theodore Frank Awerkamp
Theresa Johana Awerkamp
Walter Phillip Awerkamp
William Awerkamp
William Frederick Awerkamp
Henry Axtell
Agnes Ayloffe
Betsy Ayre
Mary B
Elizabeth Babbs
Hellen Babbs
Joanne Babbs
Nicholas Babbs
Abigail Babcock
Anna Babcock
Benjamin Babcock
Bridget Babcock
Caleb Babcock
Daniel Babcock
Dorothy Babcock
Ebenezer Babcock
Elizabeth Babcock
George Babcock
Hannah Babcock
Hopestill Babcock
James Babcock
John Babcock
Jonathan Babcock
Joseph Babcock
Josiah Babcock
Martha Babcock
Mary Babcock
Mercy Babcock
Nathaniel Babcock
Nicene Babcock
Robert Babcock
Samuel Babcock
Sarah Babcock
Stephen Babcock
Thankful Babcock
Zebulon Babcock
Zerviah Babcock
Alice Backhouse
Anna Backhouse
Anne Backhouse
Benjamin Backhouse
Ebenezer Backhouse
Elizabeth Backhouse
Jabez Backhouse
Joanna Backhouse
John Backhouse
Jonas Backhouse
Jonathan Backhouse
Joseph Backhouse
Lydia Backhouse
Mark Backhouse
Mary Backhouse
Mary Ann Backhouse
Mrs Elizabeth Backhouse
Noah Backhouse
Philemon Backhouse
Rachel Backhouse
Rebecca Backhouse
Robert Backhouse
Samuel Backhouse
Sarah Backhouse
Sarah Daines Backhouse
Sophia Backhouse
Susan Backhouse
William Backhouse
Abigail Backus
Elijah Backus
Hannah Backus
Jerusha Backus
John Backus
Lydia Backus
Mary Backus
Nathaniel Backus
Sarah Backus
William Backus
Zerviah Backus
Beriah Bacon
Daniel Bacon
Elizabeth Bacon
Hester Bacon
Joseph Bacon
Susanna Bacon
Edmund Badger
Samuel Badger
Anne Bagshaw
Caroline Friedericke Baichaus
(William) Gulielmus Baines
Ann Baines
Anna Baines
Anne Baines
Catherina Baines
Edward Baines
Elizabeth Baines
Fanny Baines
Hannah Baines
Harry Baines
Henricus\Henry Baines
Henry Baines
Isabella Baines
Jane Baines
John Baines
Margery\Margeria Baines
Mary Baines
Matthew Baines
Richard Baines
Robert Baines
Sarah Baines
Susanna Baines
Susannah Baines
Thomas Baines
William Baines
Abigail Baker
Agnes Baker
Albert Marvin Baker
Alice Baker
Cicely Baker
Edward Baker
Hannah Baker
Isabel Baker
Joan Baker
Michael Baker
Richard Baker
Sarah Baker
Thomas Baker
William Baker
Ruth Balch
Abigail Baldwin
Anne Baldwin
Daniel Baldwin
Eliphalet Baldwin
Eunice Baldwin
Jabez Baldwin
Jemima Baldwin
Lydia Baldwin
Mrs Mary Baldwin
Thomas Baldwin
Mildred Evans Bales
Jonathan Ball
Sarah Ball
Mary Elizabeth Ballantyne
Johannes Adam Balles
Ira H. Ballou
Mary Balls
Sarah Bancroft
Catherine Jamima Baney
Charles Benjamin Franklin Baney
Charles Clayton Baney
Clarrisa Baney
Cora May Baney
George Edwart Baney
Harry Edison Baney
Joannah Baney
Lucilla Ellen Baney
Lucy Gertrude Baney
Mary Margaret Baney
Maud Pearl Baney
Minnie Minerva Baney
Rachel Jane Baney
Rose May Baney
Ruth Leona Baney
Sarah Alice Baney
Valentine Baney
William Edward Baney
Iley Banks
William Barbebin
Aaron Barber
Aaron Arthur Barber
Agnes Barber
Alabama Barber
Allen Barber
Allen F. Barber
Almedea Barber
Amanda Melvina Barber
Amanda Melvina "Mandy" Barber
Andrew Jackson Barber
Belzoria Barber
Carolyn Barber
Champion Barber
Champion Monroe Barber
Charlotte Barber
Cindarilla Ruby Barber
Cynthia Barber
Daniel Barber
Duffy Sidney Barber
Effie Ann Barber
Eleanor Barber
Elizabeth Barber
Elizabeth M Barber
Ernest Franklin Barber
Eunice Allean Barber
Fidelia Barber
Fidella F. Barber
Flosea Barber
Frances Barber
Francis Barber
Francis Catherine "Kitty" Barber
Freeman F Barber
George Washington Barber
Gilla Barber
Gilley Barber
Gilly Barber
Gray Barber
Grey Barber
Griffin Barber
Henry Francis Barber
Isaac Newton "Bud" Barber
James Barber
James Franklin Barber
James M. Barber
Jane Jinney Barber
Joe Constant Barber
Johann Barber
John Barber
John Griffin Barber
John Henry Barber
John R. Barber
John William Barber
Jonathan Barber
Lewis G Barber
Lorena Barber
Lucinda Catherine Barber
Maney Winnifred Barber
Margaret Barber
Martha Elizabeth Barber
Mary Barber
Mary Ann Barber
Mary E. Barber
Mary F. Barber
Mary Jane Barber
Mattie Barber
Minerva Barber
Minerva M. Barber
Miss Barber
Mittie Lucille Barber
Monroe Barber
Moses Alverson Barber
Moses F. Barber
Mrs Alice Barber
Mrs Rose Barber
Mrs William Barber
Mrs. Joan Barber
Mrs. Nancy E. Barber
Nancy Belle (Annabella) Barber
Nancy L. Barber
Naomi Elizabeth Barber
Nettie Chandler Barber
Nicholas Barber
not named Barber
Penelope Barber
Perry Barber
Rebecca Barber
Rhoda Barber
Rhoda Jane Barber
Richard Barber
Robert Barber
Robert Sanford Barber
Ruth Barber
Sally Maria Barber
Sarah Barber
Sarah "Sallie" Barber
Sarah Ann Barber
Silas Harrison Barber
Simon Barber
Susan Barber
Susan Jane Barber
Symon Barber
Thomas Barber
Wiley Crawford Barber
Wiley Griffin Barber
William Barber
William H. Barber
William Wesley Barber
Hannah Barbour
Margaret Bardwell
John Barker
Lydia Barker
Robert Barker
William Barker
Mary Barlow
Nathan Barlow
Peleg Barlow
Msty Barnard
Edward Barnes
Elizabeth Barnes
Eliza Barnett
Milicent Barr
Mary Barrett
Richard Barrett
Samuel Barrett
Adeline Barroner
Albert Silas Barroner
Betty Elizabeth Barroner
Charles Ray Barroner
Francis Ferman Barroner
Harry Barroner
Harry Edgar Barroner
John Joseph Barroner
Mary Jane Barroner
Merle William Barroner
Robert Barrow
Emma Fetherstone Barrows
Margaret Barstow
Martha Barstow
Woodrow Allen Bartges
Elizabeth Bartlett
Hannah Bartlett
John Barton
Luella Barton
Catharina Dorothea Bartram
Jonathan Basford
Triphena Bass
Elizabeth Bassett
Joseph Bastar
Joan Bate
Alice Bateman
Ann Bateman
Dorothy Bateman
Elizabeth Bateman
Hannah Bateman
John Bateman
Leonard Bateman
Margaret Bateman
Margarete Bateman
Martha Bateman
Mary Bateman
Miss Bateman
Mrs Alice Bateman
Mrs Frances Bateman
Mrs Helena Bateman
Mrs Mabel Bateman
Peter Bateman
Richard Bateman
Robert Bateman
Roger Bateman
Samuel Bateman
Sarah Bateman
Susan Bateman
Susannah Bateman
Thomas Bateman
William Bateman
Caffort Bates
Joshua Bates
Persis Baucus
Anna Maria Bauer
Bartholamaus Bauer
Catharine, Bauer
Hans Bauer
Mrs Hans Bauer
John Baxter
Anna Baynes
Christopher Baynes
Elizabetha Baynes
Francis (Axam) Baynes
George Nicholas Baynes
Gulielmi (William) Baynes
Gulielmus (William) Baynes
Henniri Baynes
Henricus Baynes
Isabella Baynes
Joanna Baynes
Lucy Baynes
Margoria (Margery) Baynes
Maria Baynes
Mathew Baynes
Richard Baynes
Ronnifius Baynes
William Baynes
Dorothea Baynes\Baines
Johannos Baynos
George Beach
Sarah Beach
John Beal
Nathaniel Beal
Anna Calipatria Beale
Charles Austin Beale
Etta Christine Beale
Harry Mortensen Beale
Harry Robert Beale
William Howard Beale
William Beamone
Thomas Beard
Rebecca Beardslee
John Beardsley
Naomi Lucille Beardsley
Charles Herbert Beatty
Edna Beatty
Henry Beaver
Lillian Beazer
Esther Becker
Helen Augusta Becker
James Beebe
Lettie Beecroft
Mary Beers
Sarah Beers
Hannah Belcher
Mary Belcher
John Belden
Abraham Belgrave
Barbara Belgrave
Catherine Belgrave
Dorcas Belgrave
Elizabeth Belgrave
George Belgrave
Isaac Belgrave
Jacob Belgrave
John Belgrave
Johnathan Belgrave
Joseph Belgrave
Mrs Jacob Belgrave
Richard Belgrave
Thomas Belgrave
Thomasine Belgrave
Bridget Bellamy
Benjamin Bement
Sally Brooks Bemer
Annie A Benfer
Anna Bengtsson
Ola Bengtsson
Pehr Bengtsson
Pernilla Bengtsson
Abel Benjamin
Abigail Benjamin
Abraham Benjamin
Alice Benjamin
Anna Benjamin
Anne Benjamin
Caleb Benjamin
Catherine Benjamin
Eleanor Benjamin
Elizabeth Benjamin
Faith Benjamin
Giles Benjamin
Gyles Benjamin
Hannah Benjamin
Jemima Benjamin
Joan Benjamin
Joane Benjamin
Johan Benjamin
John Benjamin
Joseph Benjamin
Joshua Benjamin
Julyan Benjamin
Keziah Benjamin
Mary Benjamin
Mercy Benjamin
Mrs Elizabeth Benjamin
Mrs Wait Benjamin
Mrs. Anna Benjamin
Mrs. Anne Benjamin
Mrs. Joan Benjamin
Mrs. Mary Benjamin
Priscilla Benjamin
Richard Benjamin
Samuel Benjamin
Sarah Benjamin
Simeon Benjamin
Susan Benjamin
Thomas Benjamin
William Benjamin
Francis Bennett
Joseph Bennett
James Albert Benson
Jane Benson
Letha Prison McNeil Benson
Agnes Bent
David Bentley
Richard Bentley
Friederick Christian Franz Bergfeld
Josephine Berkemeier
Elizabetha BERKITT
Margery (Margaret) Berners
Richard Berners
Patty Bernis
John Berry
Katherine Zemmer Berstch
Marna Bertilsson
Pehr Bertilsson
Mary Besse
Sarah Betts
Ann Bever
Benjamin Bezant
Enoch Bezant
Henry Bezant
James Bezant
John Bezant
Mary Bezant
Mrs. Elizabeth Bezant
Mrs. Mary Bezant
Sarah Bezant
Martha Matilda Bibb
Nancy Caroline Bibby
Anna Catharina Bickel
Catherine N. Bickel
Ammey Biddle
James Biddle
Benjamin Bidlack
Daniel Bidwell
Ambrose Biggs
Charles Christian Bihler
Ruth Bilger
Hannah Billings
Rebecca Billings
Samuel Billings
Sarah Billings
Stephen Billings
John Billington
Mary Billington
Frances Biltcliffe
Clara D. Bingaman
Abel Bingham
Abell Bingham
Abigail Bingham
Abigaile Bingham
Abisha Bingham
Adam Aranthon Bingham
Adella Bingham
Adonijah Bingham
Alfrad Bingham
Amanda Melvina Bingham
Amy Bingham
Andrew Bingham
Angelina Maria Bingham
Ann Bingham
Anna Bingham
Annette Bingham
Annie Marinda Bingham
Annie May Bingham
Annis Bingham
Bela Bingham
Benjamin Franklin Bingham
Benjamin Moroni Bingham
Benjamin Wisdom Bingham
Bertrand Artello Bingham
Betsy Bingham
Brigham Albert Bingham
Brigham Heber Bingham
Charles Bingham
Charles Coulson Rich Bingham
Chester Henry Bingham
Clara Bingham
Clara Isabella Bingham
Clara Rozella Bingham
Clarence Elbert Bingham
Cora Estella Bingham
Daniel Bingham
David Bingham
David Holladay Bingham
Deborah Bingham
Delight Bingham
Diana Bingham
Dora Angeline Bingham
Dorothy Bingham
Dorothy Jane Bingham
Edda Bingham
Edith Cordelia Bingham
Edna Bingham
Edward Bingham
Edward Franklin Bingham
Edwin Bingham
Edwin Aldous Bingham
Edwin Florentine Bingham
Edwin Marion Bingham
Eileen Bingham
Eldon Smith Bingham
Eleazer Bingham
Elias Bingham
Elijah Bingham
Elijah Norman Bingham
Elisabeth Warner Bingham
Elisha Bingham
Elisha Erastus Bingham
Elisha Gates Bingham
Elisha Warner Bingham
Eliza Ann Bingham
Elizabeth Bingham
Ella May Bingham
Ellen Bingham
Elzada Bingham
Emmaretta Bingham
Enoch Bingham
Erastus Bingham
Erastus A. Bingham
Erastus Le Grande Bingham
Erastus Perry Bingham
Esther LaVon Bingham
Ethel Exile Bingham
Ezra Bingham
Flora Genet Bingham
Florence Bingham
Florence Adalaide Bingham
Frederick Bingham
Genevra Bingham
George Azro Bingham
Georgina Bingham
Gideon Bingham
Gladys Vanetia Bingham
Glen Victor Bingham
Grace Bingham
Hanna Bingham
Hannah Bingham
Hannah B. Bingham
Harriet Adeltha Bingham
Harry Bingham
Hazel Bingham
Heber Raymond Bingham
Henry Dewitte Bingham
Horatio Henry Bingham
Howard Wilson Bingham
Hyrum Smith Bingham
Ida Bingham
Ida Evelyn Bingham
Inez Teressa Bingham
Irene Bingham
Ireta Bingham
Isaac Bingham
Isaac Farwell Bingham
Isabel Bingham
Ithamar Bingham
Jabez Bingham
Jacob Bingham
Jacob Moroni Bingham
James Bingham
James Warner Bingham
Jedediah Grant Bingham
Jemima Bingham
Jeremiah Bingham
Jerusha Bingham
Jesse Edgar Bingham
Joanna Bingham
John Bingham
John Brigham Bingham
John Martin Bingham
John Slapp Bingham
Jonathan Bingham
Joseph Bingham
Joseph Fife Bingham
Joseph Mortensen Bingham
Joseph Smith Bingham
Josephine Bingham
Josiah Bingham
Laura Rankin Bingham
Lawrence Heber Bingham
Leah Bingham
Lemuel Bingham
Leonard Paul Bingham
LeRoy Smith Bingham
Lester Bingham
Lorenzo Bingham
Lorenzo Freeman Bingham
Lorin Beason Bingham
Lucee Bingham
Lucinda Bingham
Lucinda Catherine Bingham
Lucinda Elizabeth Bingham
Lucinda Irene Bingham
Lucinda Maria Bingham
Lucy Ann Bingham
Lucy M. Bingham
Lydia Bingham
Lydia Maria Bingham
Lydia Roxina Bingham
Mabel Bingham
Maltiah Bingham
Marah Bingham
Margaret Bingham
Maria Bingham
Maria Louisa Bingham
Marintha Eltharia Bingham
Martha Bingham
Martha Agnes Bingham
Martha Alice Bingham
Martha Ann Bingham
Martha Benita Bingham
Martha Bernice Bingham
Martha Leah Bingham
Martha Mae Bingham
Mary Bingham
Mary Ann Bingham
Mary Arvilla Bingham
Mary Elizabeth Bingham
Mary Ellen Bingham
Mary Frances Bingham
Mary Jane Bingham
Maude Ellen Bingham
May Lucinda Bingham
Mehitable Bingham
Minerva Alice Bingham
Miriam Bingham
Mrs John Bingham
Mrs Vienna A. Bingham
Mrs. Anne Bingham
Mrs. Elizabeth Bingham
Myrtle Adele Bingham
Myrtle Ellen Bingham
Nancy Jane Bingham
Naomi Bingham
Nathan Bingham
Nathaniel Bingham
Nephi Bingham
Norman Elijah Bingham
Norman Fife Bingham
Olive Louisa Bingham
Oliver Bingham
Ophelia Bingham
Ophelia Cedenia Bingham
Oscar Bingham
Parley Pratt Bingham
Pearl Elva Bingham
Perry Bingham
Phebe Bingham
Phebe Keziah Bingham
Phoebe Bingham
Phoebe Caron Bingham
Phyllis Bingham
Polly Bingham
Rachel Bingham
Rebecca Bingham
Rebecca Jane Bingham
Robert Bingham
Robert Walter Bingham
Rosa Bingham
Rose Bingham
Rosetta Bingham
Royal Bingham
Rozinah Diantha Bingham
Ruth Bingham
Samuel Bingham
Sanford Bingham
Sanford James Bingham
Sarah Bingham
Sarah Ann Bingham
Sarah B. Bingham
Sarah Louise Bingham
Shadrach Bingham
Sophia Cordalia Bingham
Sophia Madeline Bingham
Stephen Bingham
Susan Bingham
Susan Melvina Bingham
Sybel Bingham
Thomas Bingham
Thomas Smith Bingham
Tracy Bingham
Tracy Flynn Bingham
Tracy Francis Bingham
Tracy Perry Bingham
Tracy Tyler Bingham
Tyler Bingham
Uvada Bingham
Verna Catherine Bingham
Viola Bingham
Violetta May Bingham
Virginia Bingham
Wallace Dunbar Bingham
Walter Bingham
Warner Bingham
Warner Ether Bingham
Wayne Aldous Bingham
Wilard Smith Bingham
Wilford Bingham
Willard Bingham
Willard Eugene Bingham
Willard, Bingham
William Bingham
William Jefferson Bingham
William Smith Bingham
Zilpha Isadore Bingham
Damion Binkert
Maria Louise Binneweis
Sebastian Binz
Matilda Caroline Birch
Elizabeth Birchard
Mary Bird
Mary Birley
Mrs Birley
Sarah Bisbee
Abigail Bishop
Ann Bishop
Bethia Bishop
Caleb Bishop
Carrie Elizabeth Bishop
Daniel Bishop
David Bishop
Ebenezer Bishop
Elizabeth Bishop
Hannah Bishop
James Bishop
John Bishop
Josiah Bishop
Mary Bishop
Mehitable Bishop
Mrs. Dulzebella Bishop
Nathaniel Bishop
Rebeckah Bishop
Richard Bishop
Samuel Bishop
Sarah Bishop
Stephen Bishop
Susanna Bishop
Tabitha Bishop
George James Bitton
Louis Kendle Bitton
Hannah Blackden
Paul Blackmer
Elizabeth Blackmore
George Blackmore
Mercy Blackwell
Sarah Blackwell
Ellen Blair
Margaret Blair
Sara Jane Ellicock Blake
Simon Blake
Joseph Blanchard
Mary Blanchard
Joseph Blaney
Moses Blatchley
Alfred Lockington Bleak
Abigail Bliss
Abraham Bliss
Agnes Bliss
Anna Bliss
Anne Bliss
Bethia Bliss
Constance Bliss
Dorothy Bliss
Elizabeth Bliss
Experience Bliss
George Bliss
Jane Bliss
Joane Bliss
John Bliss
Jonathan Bliss
Joyce Bliss
Katherine Bliss
Keziah Bliss
Martha Bliss
Mary Bliss
Mrs John Bliss
Mrs William Bliss
Mrs. Elizabeth Bliss
Mrs. George Bliss
Nathan Bliss
Nathaniel Bliss
Nicholas Bliss
Rachel Bliss
Rebecca Bliss
Ruth Bliss
Samuel Bliss
Thomas Bliss
Timothy Bliss
William Bliss
Abigail Blood
Ebenezer Blood
Edmund Blood
Elizabeth Blood
Ellen Blood
Hannah Blood
James Blood
John Blood
Jonathan Blood
Josiah Blood
Mary Blood
Mrs Edmund Blood
Mrs Margaret Blood
Mrs Neptune Blood
Mrs Thomas Blood
Neptune Blood
Richard Blood
Robert Blood
Samuel Blood
Sarah Blood
Simon Blood
Thomas Blood
William Blood
Nancy C. Bloom
Christopher Blott
Henry Blott
John Blott
Mrs John Blott
Robert Blotte
Alice Blower
Hannah Blower
John Blower
Joshua Blower
Mary Blower
Mrs Tabitha Blower
Thomas Blower
Ursula Bluit
Harvey Blythe
Teressa Tobitha Blythe
Hannah Boardman
Jonathan Boardman
Marguerite Bock
Thomas Boddell
Andreas Bode
Christian Bode
Johann Heinrich Bode
Johanne Friedrich Bode
Johannes Bode
Johannes Christoph Bode
Mrs Andreas Bode
Anna Engel Boden
Anna Maria Boden
Johann Andreas Boden
Mary Bodfish
Anna Engel Christine Boekers
Thomas Bolde
Margaret BOLEYN
Robert Boline
William Bolline
Ann Bolsover
Edward Bolsover
Elizabeth Bolsover
George Bolsover
Helena Bolsover
John Bolsover
Roger Bolsover
Samuel Bolsover
William Bolsover
Esther Bolton
George Bolton
Lydia Boltwood
Martha Boltwood
Mary Boltwood
Mrs Thomas Boltwood
Robert Boltwood
Samuel Boltwood
Sarah Boltwood
Thomas Boltwood
Eugene Carl Bonham
Emma Antonia Bonneru
Hilda Amelia Bonnerud
Grace Booth
Johannes Borjesson
Samuel Borman
Ann Borodell
John Borrett
Peter W. Borstadt
Anna Elizabeth Bossler
Carl Chester Bossler
Coila Bossler
Elda May Bossler
Emma G Bossler
Frank Oliver Bossler
George Elvin Bossler
Lewis Bossler
Samuel Hoover Bossler
Bathsheba Bosworth
Benjamin Bosworth
Bethiah Bosworth
Deliverance Bosworth
Edward Bosworth
Elizabeth Bosworth
John Bosworth
Jonathan Bosworth
Joseph Bosworth
Mary Bosworth
Mrs Benjamin Bosworth
Mrs Edward Bosworth
Mrs Elizabeth Bosworth
Mrs Mary Bosworth
Mrs Zacchius Bosworth
Nathaniel Bosworth
Rebecca Bosworth
Rebecca Ann Bosworth
Zaccheus Bosworth
John Bottred
John Botwright
Anna Bourchier
Elizabeth Bourchier
Humphrey Bourchier
Joan Bourchier
John Bourchier
Margaret Bourchier
Thomas Bourchier
William Bourchier
Benjamin Bourne
Elizabeth Bourne
Joanna Bourne
Job Bourne
Mehitable Bourne
Timothy Bourne
Thomas A. Bowdoin
Isaac Bowen
Joanna Bowen
Mary Bowen
Catherine Bower
Henry Bower
Isaac Bower
Job Bower
John Bower
Mary Bower
Mary A Bower
Matthew Bower
Mrs Mary Bower
Paul Bower
Sophia Bower
Mary Bowker
Abigail Bowser
Dorcas Bowtell
Patterson Box
Arthur Berry Boyd
Rachel Boyden
John Adams Boyle
Thomas Boyle
Mary Bracket
Peter Brackett
Richard Brackett
Betty Luella Bradfield
John Bradford
Melatiah Bradford
Abigail Bradley
Hannah Bradley
Joseph Bradley
Jonathan Bradstreet
Caroline Brady
Sara Brag
John Brame
William Brame
Katherine Ruth Brandt
Ann Bransby
Alice Brasier
Elizabeth Bray
Thomas Braye
Allen Breed
Elizabeth Breed
John Breed
Mrs Mary Breed
Anna Sara Breininger
Lizzie Bressler
John Brett
Anna Breunig
Anna Barbara Breunig
Anna Eva Breunig
Anna Maria Breunig
Anna Ursula Breunig
Anton Breunig
Catharina Breunig
Franz Breunig
Franz Joseph Breunig
Johann Adam Breunig
Johann Joseph Adolph Breunig
Johannes Michael Breunig
Maria Anna Breunig
Maria Barbara Breunig
Maria Catharina Breunig
Maria Eva Breunig
Maria Francisca Breunig
Maria Margaretha Breunig
Mrs Anna Maria Breunig
Allen Brewer
Hannah Brewer
James Brewer
John Brewer
Mary Frances Brewer
Ambrose Brewster
Mary Brewster
Millicent Brewster
Thomas Brewster
Mary Bridges
Samuel Briggs
Ephraim Brigham
Thomas Brigham
Hellena Bright
May Bright
Dorothy Brintnall
Jerusha Brintnall
Nathaniel Brintnall
Parnell Brintnall
Paul Brintnall
Phineas Brintnall
Susannah Brintnall
Thomas Brintnall
William Brintnall
Martha D. Briscoe
Rebecca Briscoe
Daniel Brobst
John Brobst
Martha Brobst
Mary Anna Brobst
Clement Brock
Martha Brodeley
Rachel Brooke
William Brooke
Dinah Brooks
Joanna Brooks
Joseph Brooks
Martha Brooks
Mary Brooks
Simeon Brooks
Rhoda Bropst
Phebe Broughton
Aaron Brown
Abigail Brown
Arthur Preston Brown
Charles L. Brown
Daniel Brown
David Bingham Brown
Deborah Brown
Edna Lucinda Brown
Elizabeth Brown
Esther Brown
Gladys Brown
Hannah Olmstead Brown
Helen Brown
John Brown
Joseph Brown
Lydia Brown
Martin Preston Brown
Mary Brown
Priscilla Brown
Rebecca Brown
Robert Edward Brown
Ruth Brown
Sarah Brown
Susannah Brown
Thomas Brown
Wallace Martin Brown
Wilford Thomas Brown
Dinnah Browne
Elizabeth Browne
Ephraim Browne
Mary Browne
Peter Browne
Priscilla Browne
Ruth Browne
Thomas Browne
Margaret Brownell
Anna Brownhill
James David Browning
Phebe Brownson
John Brugge
John Raymond Brumbaugh
Christabel Bruschett
Edmund Bruschett
Ann Brushfield
Anne Brushfield
Bartholomew Brushfield
Betty Brushfield
Dorothy Brushfield
Elizabeth Brushfield
Humphrey Brushfield
John Brushfield
Joseph Brushfield
Joshua Brushfield
Margaret Brushfield
Maria Brushfield
Martin Brushfield
Mary Brushfield
Mrs Maria Brushfield
Mrs Sarah Brushfield
Mrs. Martin Brushfield
Mrs. Richard Brushfield
Rachel Brushfield
Richard Brushfield
Robert Brushfield
S. Brushfield
Sarah Brushfield
Susanna Brushfield
Tabitha f Brushfield
Thomas Brushfield
William Brushfield
Knud Bruusen
Frederick Bryant
Samuel Bryant
Elizabeth BRYDGES
Winifred Brydges
Amelia Ellen Bubb
Richard Buchanan
Barbara Bucher
Ablena Buck
Elizabeth Buck
Maria Barbara Buckenmeyer
Joan Buckingham
Robert Buckingham
Samuel Buckingham
Joseph Buckland
William Buckland
Zeruiah Buckmkinster
Kate Buckner
Dorothy Bugbee
Dorthy Bugbee
Timothy Bugbee
Heinrich Christian Friedrich Bukmann
Peter Bulkeley
Rebecca Bulkley
Henry Bull
Margaret Bull
Sybil Bull
Williamson Bull
Eleazer Bullard
Hannah Bullard
Maynard Benjamin Bullard
Elizabeth Bullock
Isaac Bumpas
Sarah Bumpas
Engel Christine Caroline Bundstein
Margaretha Bundtschuh
Brigett BURGES
James Burges
Winfrede BURGES
Abigail Burgess
Alice Burgess
Benjamin Burgess
Elizabeth Burgess
Frank Thompson Burgess
Franklin Livingston Burgess
Jacob Burgess
John Burgess
Joseph Burgess
Lewis Atkin Burgess
Mrs. James Burgess
Rachel Atkin Burgess
Sarah Burgess
Thomas Burgess
William Atkin Burgess
Phoebe Jane Burk
Stephen Burket
William Henry Burkhalter
Mary Burleigh
Dionis Burley
Esther Burnham
Anna Burr
James Burr
Raymond James Burr
Rebecca Burr
Simon Burr
Virgil Oliver Burtcher
Eleonor Elizabetrh Burton
Hannah Burton
Lydia Burton
Sarah Burton
Sarah Ellen Burton
William Burton
Charlotte Busby
Frederick L. Busch
Francis Xavier Bushman
Abigail Bushnell
Daniel Bushnell
Jonathan Bushnell
Joseph Bushnell
Judith Bushnell
Mary Bushnell
Mercy Bushnell
Nathaniel Bushnell
Samuel Bushnell
Weston Louis Buswell
Oscar Emmanuel Butler
Richard Butler
Hannah Butman
Edward Butterfield
Jesse Butterfield
William Butterick
Priscilla Buttolph
Abigail Buttrick
Edward Buttrick
Elizabeth Buttrick
Hannah Buttrick
John Buttrick
Jonathan Buttrick
Joseph Buttrick
Mary Buttrick
Rachel Buttrick
Samuel Buttrick
Sarah Buttrick
William Buttrick
Robert Buxton
John Taylor Bybee
William Jefferson Bybee
Mary Cade
Rachel Cady
John Calclift
Mary Callomer
Elizabeth Calton
Lydia Calver
John M. Cameron
Hazelton Joiner Campbell
Bethia Candit
Elizabeth Cantize
Valentine Cantize
Eliza Canty
Anna Capen
Malinda Caperton
Johann Conrad Carell
Joseph Carew
Thomas Carew
Ane Tomine Carlsen
Dorthe Kirstine Carlsen
Pauline Carlsen
Nils Carlsson
Abraham Carpenter
Benjamin Carpenter
Daniel Carpenter
James Carpenter
Lois Carpenter
Miriam Carpenter
Agnes Carr
Elizabeth Carr
James or Jacob Carr
Anna Carstensen
Christen Carstensen
Johanne Carstensen
Maren Carstensen
Margarethe Carstensen
Paul Carstensen
Zakarias Carstensen
Sarah Carter
Eunice Isabel Carthew
Joanna Cartilon
Ida Effie Cartwright
John Carver
Susannah Carver
Abigail Cary
Mary Cary
Bernard Case
Mercy Case
Louisa Clementine Casey
Catherine Catchpold
E. M. Cate
Eliza Ann Cates
Harry Caustner
Thomas Cave
Charles Gates Cazier
Nathaniel Chaffee
Lucy Chaffey
Katherine Chalker
Mary Chamberlain
Shyrl Cram Chamberlain
Hester Ann Chamblee
Claudius Champion
Samuel Chandler
Sarah Chandler
Catherine Chapin
Mercy Chapin
Eva Chapman
Jane Ellen Chapman
Leanna Alliefair Chapman
Mary Ann Elizabeth Chapman
Rachel Chapman
Arvilla Margaret Charlton
Maurice Charles Charvoz
Abigail Chatfield
George Chatfield
John Chatfield
Myrtle Chatterton
Sarah Chauncey
Arthur Hayes Cheney
Elizabeth Cheney
Lawrence Cheney
Margaret Cheney
Olive Elzada Cheney
Lucy Chester
John Cheyney
Ann Chiddock
Mary Chilcote
Thomas Child
Adele Childs
Mehitable Chillingworth
Sarah Chillingworth
Lydia Chipman
Thomas Chittenden
Agnes Pearl Chlarson
Charlotte Bell Chlarson
Floyd Rudger Chlarson
Hyrum Rudolph Chlarson
Karl Naudran Chlarson
Lars Chlarson
Lars Hilman Chlarson
LaRue Elizabeth Chlarson
Myrtle Elizabeth Chlarson
Orson Henry Elliott Chlarson
Roy Otto Chlarson
Rudolph Scherlen Chlarson
Ichabod Chnurchill
Anne Christensen
Elisabeth Christensen
Francis Hannah Christensen
Hans Christensen
Lars Christensen
Leone Christensen
Maren Christensen
Maria Christensen
Ole Christensen
Peder Christensen
Poul Christensen
Sidsel Christensen
Anna Christensson
Hanna Christensson
Jorgen Christensson
Marna Christensson
Mrs. Kierstina Christensson
Nils Christensson
Soren Christensson
Trued Christensson
Arenfeldt Christoffersen
Christoffer Christoffersen
Florentine Christoffersen
Hans Christoffersen
Morten Christoffersen
Ester Christoffersson
Jens Christophersen
Nathaniel Chubbuck
Abigail Church
Caleb Church
Eunice Church
Hyrum Taylor Church
Joseph Church
Mary Deon Church
Rebecca Churchill
Sarah Churchman
Francis Chyles
Hannah Cinverse
Engel Marie Clages
Mary Claghorn
Rose Clamp
Abigail Clapp
Ebenezer Clapp
Ezra Clapp
Jane Clapp
Judith Clapp
Nehemiah Clapp
Preferred Clapp
Prudence Clapp
Abigail Clark
Arthur Clark
Benjamin Clark
Daniel Clark
David Clark
Elizabeth Clark
Hannah Clark
John Clark
Mary W. Clark
Melba Irene Clark
Mrs Mary Clark
Rachel Clark
Rebecca Clark
Samuel Clark
Sarah Clark
Susanna Clark
Thomas Clark
William Clark
Jemima Clarke
John Clarke
Josephine Marian Clarke
Martha Clarke
Mrs Hannah Clarke
Anne Clausen
Berte Clausen
Birte Clausen
Christen Clausen
Ellen Clausen
Hans Clausen
Jorgen Clausen
Kirsten Clausen
Maria Clausen
Peder Clausen
Rasmus Clausen
Zidsel Clausen
Darwen H. Clawson
George Albert Clawson
Mavis Clawson
Thoma Clawson
Elizabeth Claye
Alexander Clayton
Condry Clayton
Eunice Clayton
Farmer Clayton
John Clayton
Jonathan Clayton
Lucinda Clayton
Mary Clayton
Molly Clayton
Moses Clayton
Mr Clayton
Mrs. Sarah Clayton
Patience Clayton
Sally Clayton
Sarah Clayton
Susannah Clayton
Thomas Clayton
Richard Clebond
Benjamin Franklin Clement
Elizabeth Clement
Joseph Ray Clement
Nathaniel Clement
Aaron Clements
Andrew Clements
Andrew J. Clements
Benjamin Clements
Clara Clements
Cynthia B. Clements
Elmon R. Clements
Isaac Clements
James Clements
Louie A. Clements
Martha Clements
Miss Clements
Peter Clements
Phoebe M Clements
Rebecca Clements
Riley Clements
Sarah F. Clements
Sarah Jane Clements
William Washington Clements
Anna Clemons
Edward Cleveland
Esther Cleveland
Patience Clifton
Mary Magdalene Cline
John Clinton
Mary Clitheroe
Eddie Leroy Cluff
Pearl Geneva Cluff
Ann Clutton
Elizabeth Clutton
Henry Clutton
John Clutton
Martha Clutton
Mary Clutton
Steven Clutton
Valentine Clutton
William Clutton
Nancy Worthington Coates
Samuel Coates
Elizabeth Cobb
John Cobley
Daniel Coburn
Elenore Coburn
Lizzie Cocke
Stephen Cocks
Richard Codwell
Martha Cody
Ann Cogeswell
Jemima Cogeswell
Phebe Cogeswell
Zerviah Cogeswell
Elizabeth Cogswell
Mason Cogswell
Mrs Mason Cogswell
Samuel Cogswell
Rebecca Colburn
Fabian Cole
Gertrude Cole
Harry T. Cole
Harry Thomas Cole
John Bruce Cole
Judith Cole
Mary Cole
Martha Hutchinson Colgate
Lawrence Collen
Wesley W. Collier
Anne Collins
Benjamin Collins
Elizabeth Collins
Hannah Collins
Henry Collins
Hugh Collins
Humphrey Collins
Joan Collins
John Collins
Joseph Collins
Margery Collins
Mary Collins
Riall Collins
Johanne Collyn
Jane Colmer
Richard Colnell
Anna Colton
Jacob Colton
John Colton
Maria Colton
Nicholaus Colton
Richard Colton
Robert Colton
Sara Colton
John Colvin
James Louis Combe
Lee James Combe
Marlow Compton
Daniel Comstock
Mary Conant
Peter Conant
Myra F. Connett
Marmaduke Constable
Zachariah Converse
Bernard Barrein Cook
Demis A. Cook
Elizabeth Cook
James Hunter Cook
Gilbert Cooke
Mary Cooke
Hyrum Coons
Bathsheba Cooper
Josiah Cooper
Richard Palmer Cooper
Thomas Cooper
Jemima Copely
Lawrence Corbyn
Benjamin Corey
David Corey
Eunice Corey
Jacob Corey
John Corey
Jonathan Corey
Marie Corey
Mary Corey
Robert Cornelius
Benjamin Cornish
Sarah Cornwell
Elizabeth Cory
Mary Ann "Polly" Cosby
Thomas Cotton
Johane Couper
Alsa Courson
Amanda Courson
Andrew Jackson Courson
Belzoria Courson
Charles P. Courson
Charles T Courson
Eliza Jane Courson
Harry E. Courson
Henry H. Courson
Jane Elizabeth Courson
John A. Courson
John W. Courson
P. R. Courson
Rufus Courson
Sarah Ann Courson
Thomas Henry Courson
William Courson
James Michael Courtney
Johann Courtois
Mr Courtois
Katherine Couthopp
Ethel Cowan
Hannah Cowdrey
William Cowdrey
Matthias Cowdry
Samuel Cowles
Anthony Cowper
Henry Cowper
John Cowper
Mrs Elizabeth Cowper
Mrs Mary Cowper
Mrs. Margaret Cowper
Peter Cowper
Richard Cowper
Robert Cowper
Thomas Cowper
Hessie E. Cox
Isabella Cox
John Cox
Julia Cox
Leona Cox
Mary Crabbe
Hannah Cracknell
James Cracknell
Joihn Cracknell
Mehitable Craft
Crawford Cramer
Albert Berrett Crandall
Anna Crane
Theodosia Crane
Allisa Elizabeth Cranford
Avenett V. Cranford
Celia "Sadie" Cranford
Doxie Anjeline A. Cranford
Erbey T. Cranford
Henrietta Cranford
Joseph W. Cranford
Leory Cranford
Lewis Mason Cranford
Mason R. Cranford
Ophelia Cranford
Princis Cranford
Rosanna Cranford
Rosetta Cranford
William C. H. Cranford
Thomas H. Crang
Annie Crapnell
Randolph Craven
Frances Crawford
Harriet N Crawford
Martha C Creasy
Marguerite Gardner Creely
Margery Crees
Margaret Creswick
Adelisa Crocker
Alice Ellen Crocker
Charles S. Crocker
James Crocker
Francis Ellen Cromwell
Mary Crooker
Abigail Cross
Daniel Cross
Ebenezer Cross
Eleazer Cross
Eunice Cross
Ichabod Cross
John Cross
Joseph Cross
Mary Cross
Miriam Cross
Mrs Anne Cross
Mrs Mary Cross
Nathan Cross
Shubael Cross
Theophilus Cross
Tryphena Cross
Uriah Cross
William Cross
John Laurence Crossley
Hannah Crossman
Wesley Crouch
Katherine Icy Crough
Adam Crow
John Crow
Mrs. Susan Crow
Nathaniel Crow
Mehitable Crowel
Edward Crowell
Elishua Crowell
Elizabeth Crowell
Hannah Crowell
Jeremiah Crowell
John Crowell
Lydia Crowell
Mary Crowell
Moses Crowell
Mrs Agnes Crowell
Mrs. Deborah Crowell
Mrs. Hannah Crowell
Samuel Crowell
Susannah Crowell
Thomas Crowell
Yelverton Crowell
Samuel Crowfoot
Henry C. Crump
Nathaniel Cudworth
Elizabeth Cuff
Barbara Culp or Kolp
Hanc Casper Kolb or Culp or Kulp
Margaret Culp or Kulp
William E. Cumback
Sarah Cummings
Ida M Curevo
Abigail Currier
Benjamin Currier
Isaac Curtis
Mary Curtis
Mary Cushing
Sarah Cushman
Susan Kiney Cushman
Thomas Cutlass
Dorcas Cutler
Hannah Cutler
Edward Cutt
Mrs Hanna Daby
Joan Dacre
Elizabeth Dafte
Johanni Mrs. Mrs. Dafte
Johanni\John Dafte
John Dafte
Rebecca Dafte
Sarah Dafte
Susanna Dafte
Hannah Daggeett
Michael Jeppsson Dahlgren
Emily Effie Dailey
Essa Dailey
Job Daily
William Jasper Daily
Sarah Daines
Thomas Daines
Dorothy Dakin
Simon Dakin
Ellen Dalby
Frances Elizabeth Dalby
Ann Dalenger
Elizabeth Dalkin
William M. Dalrymple
Philippa Dalyngridge
Abigail Damon
Hannah Damon
Elizabeth Dana
Philip Dance
Rebecca Danforth
Samuel Danforth
Jemima Daniels
Anne Darby
Elizabeth Darby
Esther Darby
Hannah Darby
John Darby
Joseph Darby
Mary Darby
Mrs Alice Darby
Mrs Martha Darby
Nahum Darby
Robert Darby
Sarah Darby
Simon Darby
Thomas Darby
John Darell
Maria Darell
Robert Darell
Elizabeth Darrel
Amos Davis
Benjamin Davis
Catherine Davis
Daniel Davis
Doller Davis
Dolor Davis
Ebenezer Davis
Eliezer Davis
Elizabeth Davis
Ellen Davis
Ephraim Davis
Ezra Davis
Hannah Davis
Henry Davis
Howard Davis
Jabez Davis
James Davis
John Davis
Jonathan Davis
Joseph Davis
Judith Davis
Katherine Davis
Mary Davis
Mercy Davis
Nathan Davis
Nathaniel Davis
Peter Davis
Rice Davis
Ruth Davis
Samuel Davis
Sarah Davis
Simon Davis
Stephen Davis
Thomas Davis
Timothy Davis
Warren Egar Davis
Zechariah Davis
Mary Davy
Carrie Mildred Dawes
Ann Dawson
Thomas Day
Josiah Dean
Laura Dean
William Dean
John Franklin Deavor
Charles Elmer Decker
Claude Mansfield Dee
Wanda Amelia Louise Dehn
Hanne Dorothee Caroline Denecke
Johann Christoph Friedrich Denecke
Anna Maria Deneken
Christoph Johann Heinrich Deneken
Gottlieb Johann Deneken
Hanne Louise Caroline Deneken
Heinrich Wilhelm August Deneken
Johann Heinrich Deneken
Johann Henrich Andreas Deneken
Johanne Dorothee Justine Deneken
Johanne Dorothee Louise Deneken
Marie Caroline Deneken
Gerrard Barend Denkers
Mr Dennis
Lewis Denton
Mary Frances "Molly" Dentz
Frank Patrick DePalma
Ernest Deppe
Iva Florence Detwiler
Darius Dewey
Ebenezer Bingham Dewey
John W. Dewey
Lucinda Dewey
Lydia Dewey
Martha Dewey
Milo Dewey
Noah Dewey
Rhoda D. Dewey
Thomas Dewey
Mary Dexter
Temperance Dickenson
John Dickerman
Dorcas Dickinson
Hannah Dickinson
Ann Dickson
Dorothea Louisa Diefenbach
Deborah Dillingham
Henry Dillingham
Andrew Dimbleby
Hester Dimbleby
Roger Dimbleby
Thomas Dimmick
Hannah Dingley
Jacob Dingley
John Dingley
Mary Dingley
Mrs Sarah Dingley
Sarah Dingley
Urith Dinnis
Mary Dix
Mrs. Sarah Dodge
Sarah Dodson
Mary Dodworth
Engel Hedwif Dorothee Doerel
Amy Doggett
Hepzibah Doggett
John Doggett
Sarah Doggett
Thomas Doggett
Charlotte Dolby
Martha Jane Dolby
Mary Rachel Dolby
Sarah Ann Dolby
Thomas Dolby
Rulon Wallace Doman
Gladys Violet Donahue
Samuel Doolittle
Walter J. Dornbusch
Joney Doughtyman
Anna Downer
Ruth Downer
George David Downing
Mary Downing
John Downs
Nathaniel Downs
Elizabeth Doyle
James H. R. Doyle
James L. Doyle
Mr. Drabble
Lucy Drake
Martha Drake
Phebe Drake
Thomas Drake
Elizabeth Drane
Marabell Drane
Thomas Drawer
Jacob Dresser
Elizabeth Drew
John Drew
Mary Drew
Richard Drew
Robert Drew
Martha Sattira Driggs
Mary Druce
Mrs Jane Druce
Richard Druce
William Druce
Hugh Drury
John Drury
Mary Drury
Thomas Drury
Clyde Elmer Duck
Abigail Dudley
Agnes Dudley
Hicks Dunning
Dorothy Dunster
Elizabeth Dunster
Mary Dunster
Clinton Christian Dutson
Thomas Dyer
Effie Grace Dysard
Samuel Edward Dysard
Abigail Eames
Alia Eames
Alice Eames
Anna Eames
Anne Eames
Anthony Eames
Elizabeth Eames
Hannah Eames
John Eames
Jonathan Eames
Justus Eames
Lydia Eames
Marcus Eames
Margery Eames
Mark Eames
Millicent Eames
Mrs John Eames
Mrs Marcus Eames
Mrs. Anna Eames
Mrs. Joan Eames
Persis Eames
Richard Eames
Thomas Eames
Susan Sultana Earley
Elizabeth Eastman
James Easton
Elizabeth Eaton
Christen Christensen Ebbe
Olive B. Eberly
Stewart Eccles
Elizabeth Echingham
Hendrick F. Echtenkamp
Abigail Eddy
Anna Eddy
Benjamin Eddy
Caleb Eddy
Eleanor Eddy
Elizabeth Eddy
Hannah Eddy
John Eddy
Jonathan Eddy
Mary Eddy
Mrs Joanna Eddy
Mrs. Christiana Eddy
Mrs. Sarah Eddy
Nathaniel Eddy
Obadiah Eddy
Phineas Eddy
Pilgrim Eddy
Priscilla Eddy
Ruth Eddy
Samuel Eddy
Sarah Eddy
Thomas Eddy
William Eddy
Zachariah Eddy
Zachariah Benjamin Eddy
Edward Edens
Obadiah Edge
Melvin Edgein
Marie Edgell
Hannah Edgerton
Annie Edminson
Joshua Edmunds
Samuel Edmunds
Bethia Edwards
Oluf Niels Ejlersen
Anna Elfers
Mehitable Eliot
Elizabetha Elkins
Henry Ellerbrock
Thomas Ellice
Ada Clarinda Elliott
Charlotte Elliott
Clyde Orson Elliott
Henry Elliott
Orson Samuel Elliott
Ruth Elizabeth Elliott
Thaddeus Lyman Elliott
Augustine Ellis
Benjamin Ellis
Bennet Ellis
Edward Ellis
Samuel Ellis
Sarah Louisa Ellis
William Ellis
Alice Ann Elmer
Ann Elmer
Jemima Ely
Hannah Emes
Sarah Emmerson
Albert Greaser Endres
Alda May Endres
Alice Endres
Amenda Endres
Anna Marie Endres
Benjamin Franklin Endres
Charles Albert Endres
Charles Goss Endres
Dallas Garner Endres
David Clair Endres
Dewalt S. Endres
Dorothy Elizabeth Endres
Edith Marion Endres
Edward Boston Endres
Edward Calvin Endres
Elda May Endres
Elizabeth J. Endres
Ella Sophia Endres
Elwood LeRoy Endres
Esther Elizabeth Endres
Florence Endres
Fredrick James Oliver Endres
George Endres
Geraldine Goss Endres
Harry M. Endres
Hazel Louise Endres
Howard B. Endres
Ida Pearl Endres
James Howard Endres
Jennie Bell Endres
Johannes Endres
John Wellington Endres
John Wesley Endres
Joseph Endres
Joseph Earl Endres
Joseph Ernest Endres
Joseph Harrison Endres
Mabel Annette Endres
Margaret Matilda Endres
Maria Elizabeth Endres
Mary Anna Endres
Mary Lovinia Endres
Michael Endres
Mildred Katherine Endres
Miles Endres
Nancy Jane Endres
Orren Miles Endres
Pearl Irene Endres
Ray Endres
Richard James Endres
Robert Lee Endres
Ruth Lillian Endres
Samuel Endres
Sarah Jane Endres
Susan Endres
Theresa May Endres
Walter Lloyd Endres
Warren Harris Endres
William Endres
William Henry Endres
William LeRoy Endres
William Oscar Endres
Zelda Ruth Endres
Joseph Engel
George English
Hester English
Carl Reinhold Erickson
Martha Victoria Erickson
Utahna Ericson
Anders Gustaf Ericsson
Brita Ericsson
Bengta Eriksson
Anders Erlandsson
Elin Erlandsson
Hakan Erlandsson
Ingeborg Erlandsson
Martha Erlandsson
Per Erlandsson
Benjamin Estabrook
Elizabeth Estaugh
Benjamin Estey
Sarah Jane Etherington
Anna Elizabeth Etler
Mary Eustis
Harold W Evans
Ola Mae Evans
Richard Evans
Sally Evans
Lydia Evarts
Anna Eveleth
Sylvester Eveleth
Abigail Everett
Margaret Everly
Simeon Evernden
Johann Carl Evers
Ralph Raymond Everson
Relief Ewell
Jesse B. Ewing
Alice Eyre
Anna Eyre
George Eyre
Mary Eyre
Mrs Robert Eyre
Robert Eyre
Lydia Fairbanks
Ann Fairchild
Dorothy Fairchild
Elizabeth Fairchild
Frances Fairchild
Henry Fairchild
Jane Fairchild
John Fairchild
Major Fairchild
Mary Fairchild
Richard Fairchild
Roland Fairchild
Roland-Rowland Fairchild
Sarah Fairchild
Ursula Fairchild
Mary Fairclough
Thomas Fairclough
Sarah Fairfield
Frances Fairweather
William Fairweather
Sarah Fallowell
Aaron Fargo
Mary Fargo
Martha Rhoda Farley
Mary Ellen Farley
Emil Lowe Farnlund
Rachel Farnsworth
Stephen August Farnsworth
Aaron Lafayette Farr
Erastus Farr
Isaac Farwell Farr
Lorin Farr
Maurice Frederick Farr
Willard Farr
Winslow Farr
Hannah Farren
John Farwell
Elizabeth Faulkner
Susie Jane Fawcett
Elizabeth Fayerfoxe
Alice Fearnely
Anne Fearnely
Cissely Fearnely
Dionis Fearnely
Edward Fearnely
Elizabeth Fearnely
Ellin Fearnely
Isabella Fearnely
Jane Fearnely
Margaret Fearnely
Mary Fearnely
Mrs Fearnely
Mrs Edward Fearnely
Nicholas Fearnely
Rebecca Fearnely
Sara Fearnely
William Fearnely
Annie G. Felker
Christena Matilda Felt
Maryett Felt
Mattie Margaret Fennel
Carrie Adella Fennell
Abigail Fenno
Benjamin Fenno
Bethiah Fenno
Elizabeth Fenno
Ephraim Fenno
Freelove Fenno
Isaac Fenno
Jemima Fenno
Jerusha Fenno
John Fenno
Joseph Fenno
Mary Fenno
Mrs Rebecca Fenno
Rebecca Fenno
Rebeckah Fenno
Ruth Fenno
Samuel Fenno
Seth Fenno
Margaret Fensham
Anne Fenton
Dorothie Fenton
Edward Fenton
Elizabeth Fenton
Elizabetha Fenton
Ellinoure Fenton
Franciscus Fenton
Hellena Fenton
Katerine Fenton
Margreta Fenton
Marie Fenton
Mrs. Cecelia Fenton
Mrs. Elizabeth Fenton
Richard Fenton
Ricus Fenton
Robert Fenton
William Fenton
Willmus Fenton
Anna Elizabeth Ferguson
Anna Maria Fertig
Eliza Ann Fessenden
Edith Mae Field
Mary Field
Sarah Field
Jane Fields
George Gregory Fienes
Mary Fienes
Anne Fiennes
Edward Fiennes
Elizabeth Fiennes
John Fiennes
Margaret Fiennes
Mary Fiennes
Mrs. Agnes Fiennes
Richard Fiennes
Roger Fiennes
Thomas Fiennes
William Fiennes
Agnes Ann Fife
Joseph Fife
Mary Francis Fife
Richard Fifield
Florence Nightingale Filson
Rosa Elmina Filson
Esther Finney
Abia Fish
Ambrose Fish
Ephraim Fish
Joanna Fish
Mehitable Fish
Seth Fish
Hazel Irene Fisher
Lucy Fisher
Maria Fisher
Thomas Fisher
Winetta Merrill Fisher
Faith Fiske
William Fiske
Gelyon Fisket
John Fitch
Agnes Fitzhugh
Alice Fitzhugh
Edward Fitzhugh
Elizabeth Fitzhugh
George Fitzhugh
Henry Fitzhugh
Joane Fitzhugh
John Fitzhugh
Margery Fitzhugh
Richard Fitzhugh
Thomas Fitzhugh
Nathaniel Fitzrandolph
Rebecca Flagg
Margaret Flat
George J. Fleissner
Dorothy Carol Mary Fleming
Ebenezer Fletcher
Elizabeth Fletcher
Erma Alice Fletcher
Hyrum Smith Fletcher
Jonathan Fletcher
Mary Fletcher
Rebecca Fletcher
Samuel Fletcher
Asher Flint
Bartholomew Flint
James Flint
Nathaniel Flint
Sarah Flint
Thomas Flint
Henrich Florinss
Johannes Bernard Florinss
Mamie Margaret Flory
Mary Fobes
Rosa Bee Foley
Daniel Foote
Nathaniel Foote
Caleb Forbes
Mary Forbes
Amos Ford
Bethiah Ford
Bethsheba Ford
Desire Ford
Experience Ford
Jesse Ford
John Ford
Joseph Ford
Josiah Ford
Margaret Ford
Martha Ford
Mary Ford
Mercy Ford
Michael Ford
Millicent Ford
Mrs. Hannah Ford
Mrs. Martha Ford
Nathaniel Ford
Obadiah Ford
Paul Ford
Ruth Ford
Sarah Ford
Tabitha Ford
Thomas Ford
William Ford
Cynthia Foreman
Ollie Forrester
Emma Forsberry
Maria Magdalena Förtig
Valentin Förtig
Susanna Fosbrook
John Fosten
Mary Fosten
Abigail Foster
Andrew Foster
Ann Foster
Anna Foster
Betty Foster
Edward Foster
Elizabeth Foster
Esther Foster
Francis Foster
Isabel Foster
Isabella Foster
James Foster
John Foster
Margaret Foster
Mary Foster
Mary Rachel Foster
Mrs Foster
Mrs John Foster
Nicholas Foster
Polly Foster
Samuel Foster
Sara Foster
William Foster
Alice Foulesam
Benjamin Fouse
Catherine Fouse
Nancy Simonton Fouse
Theobald Adam Dewalt Fouse
William Acker Fouse
Abigail Fowler
Abraham Fowler
Elizabeth Fowler
John Fowler
Mary Fowler
Mehitable Fowler
Anna Fox
Frances Fox
Godith Fox
Isabella Fox
John Fox
Maude Fern Fox
Robert Fox
Samuel Fox
Sarah Fox
William Fox
William Bozley Foy
Mrs Mary Franklin
Adam Franklyn
Agnes Franklyn
Alice Franklyn
Edward Franklyn
Elizabeth Franklyn
George Franklyn
Henry Franklyn
Joanne Franklyn
John Franklyn
Katherine Franklyn
Lewis Franklyn
Lucye Franklyn
Margery Franklyn
Mary Franklyn
Mrs Elizabeth Franklyn
Mrs Lucy Franklyn
Mrs Margaret Franklyn
Mrs Richard Franklyn
Richard Franklyn
Thomas Franklyn
Ursula Franklyn
William Franklyn
Azariah Freeman
Charles Freeman
Edmund Freeman
Elijah Norman Freeman
Elizabeth Freeman
John Freeman
Mary Freeman
Olive Hovey Freeman
Patience Freeman
Rebecca Freeman
Susannah Freeman
Thomas Freeman
Frances Freeston
David French
Dependence French
Elizabeth French
John French
Jonathan French
Mary French
Rachel French
Rebecca French
Sarah French
Anna Maria Frerkman
George Freston
Mary Freston
Richard Freston
Margarethe Hedwig Fricke
Johann Ernest Heinrich Christian Friedrichs
Elias Frink
James Frisbie
Zaddock Frisbie
Anna Engel Sophie Froboese
John Copely Frogget
Alma Bertha Margaret Fromme
Amelia Clara Emma Fromme
Arthur Henry Fromme
August Herman Fromme
Bertha Lena Fromme
Carl Andreas Zacharias Fromme
Carl Christian Herman Fromme
Christian Wilhelm August Fromme
Christian Wilhelm Zacharias Fromme
Edith Louisa Carolina Fromme
Ethel Philipine Augusta Fromme
Johann Andreas Fromme
Johann Arend Fromme
Johann Conrad Christoph Fromme
Johann Friderich Fromme
Johann Zacharias Fromme
Johanne dorothee Louise Fromme
Johanne Dorothee Sophie Fromme
Johanne Friderica Fromme
Johanne Louise Fromme
Robert Joseph Fromme
Zacharias Conrad Christian Fromme
Zacharias Fredrick Edward Fromme
Alice Frost
Ambrose Frost
Andrew Frost
Ann Frost
Anne Frost
Audrey Frost
Daniel Frost
daughter Frost
Edmund Frost
Edward Frost
Elizabeth Frost
Erasmus Frost
Francis Frost
Grace Frost
Henry Frost
Jane Frost
Johanna Frost
John Frost
Katherine Frost
Mary Frost
Mrs. Agnes Frost
Mrs. Elizabeth Frost
Mrs. Ellen Frost
Mrs. Henry Frost
Mrs. Katherine Frost
Mrs. Phillippa Frost
Nathaniel Frost
Ralph Frost
Roger Frost
Thomas Frost
Thomasine Frost
William Frost
Mary Fullelove
Jonathan Fuller
Lucy Fuller
Robert Fuller
Ruth Fuller
Sarah Fuller
Samuel Fullsom
Sarah Eliza Furber
Grace Furnes
Francis Barkham Gale
Anne Gallop
Catherine Gallop
Egedins Gallop
Elizabeth Gallop
George Gallop
Henry Gallop
Humphrey Gallop
Joan Gallop
John Gallop
Mrs Elizabeth Gallop
Richard Gallop
Roger Gallop
Thomas Gallop
William Gallop
Francis Gallup
Nathaniel Gallup
Samuel Gallup
Maria Barbara Galmin
Arthur Posey Gamble
George Gamble
James Albert Gamble
Hannah Gamby
Thomas Game
Matthew Gannett
Ethel Eva Gardner
Ezekial Gardner
Helen Anna Gardner
Ellen Garner
Mattie Iola Garner
Sarah Garnham
Archibald Garrard
Mildred Alice Garver
Thomas Gascogne
Alice Gaskins OR Gascoigne
Thomas Gaskins or Gascoyne Gascoigne
Olive Gaskill
Abigail Gates
Abraham Gates
Alice Gates
Almira Gates
Amos Gates
Ann Gates
Anna Gates
Asa Gates
Aseph Gates
Benjamin Gates
Bertha Gates
Bethia Gates
Betsy Gates
Bridget Gates
Caleb Gates
Cynthia Gates
Daniel Gates
Deborah Gates
Elisha Gates
Elizabeth Gates
Eustace Gates
Ezekiel Gates
Genet Gates
George Gates
Hannah Gates
Isaac Gates
Israel Gates
Jacob Gates
John Gates
Jonat han Gates
Joseph Gates
Josiah Gates
Lois Gates
Lucinda Gates
Lucy Gates
Margaret Gates
Maria Gates
Mary Gates
Mercy Gates
Miriam Gates
Mrs. Elizabeth Gates
Nathaniel Gates
Oliver Gates
Patty Gates
Polly Gates
Rebecca Gates
Reuben Gates
Rose Gates
Ruth Gates
Sally Gates
Samuel Gates
Sarah Gates
Silas Gates
Simon Gates
Stephen Gates
Susanna Gates
Susannah Gates
Thomas Gates
William Gates
Willis Gates
Edith Alberta Gatherum
Dorothy Gattonby
Lydia Gaunt
Margaret Geares
Shubael Geer
Peter Christian Geertsen
Annie Jane Geise
Jacob Geiss
Abel Joel Gennings
Ebenezer Gennings
Jemima Gennings
Nathan Gennings
Simon Gennings
Agatha Gerstner
Barbara Gerstner
Johann Balthasar Gerstner
Maria Ursula Gerstner
Eva Rosina Gertrudis
Mary Gibb
Abigail Gibbs
Cornelius Gibbs
Ebenezer Gibbs
Eunice Gibbs
Experience Gibbs
Hannah Gibbs
Joanna Gibbs
John Gibbs
Joshua Gibbs
Marcy Gibbs
Mary Gibbs
Nathan Gibbs
Samuel Gibbs
Sarah Perry Gibbs
Susannah Gibbs
Thomas Gibbs
Michael James Giblin
Abraham Gibson
Ephraim Gibson
Joseph Gibson
Mary Gibson
Mary Eunice P. G. Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
Sarah Gibson
Timothy Gibson
Richard Anthony Gidney
John Gifford
E. William Gilbert
Elsie H. Gilbert
Mary Gilbert
Samuel Gilbert
Sarah Maria Gilbert
Joseph Gilder
Samuel Gile
Elmer Giles
Robert Giles
Joshua Gill
Daniel Gillett
Hannah Gillett
John Gillett
Meriah Glazier
Sarah Glenn
Boyd Steel Glenny
Carrie Mae Glenny
Charles Robert Glenny
Clara Elizabeth Glenny
Donna Grace Glenny
Dora Gertrude Glenny
Ellen Lavina Glenny
Harry Glenny
Harry Marion Glenny
Henry Alexander Glenny
Ida Sophia Glenny
James Glenny
Mabel Lenora Glenny
Ruth Harriet Glenny
William Glenny
Julia Anna Glover
Susanna Glover
Anne Godbold
Annes Godbold
Christian Godbold
Elizabeth Godbold
Faith Godbold
George Godbold
John Godbold
Katherine Godbold
Margaret Godbold
Mr Godbold
Mrs Godbold
Mrs John Godbold
Mrs William Godbold
Mrs. Alice Godbold
Mrs. Margaret Godbold
Mrs. Robert Godbold
Nicholas Godbold
Robert Godbold
Thomas Godbold
Ursula Godbold
William Godbold
Ann Goddard
Margaret Goddertt
Susannah Goldham
Hannah Goldsmith
Sarah Goldstone
Mrs Eme Gooch
Sarah Mary Gooch
Edward Paul Good
Abigail Goodale
Anna Goodale
Edith Goodale
Electa Goodale
Erastus Goodale
Hyrum Goodale
Isaac Goodale
Isaac Newton Goodale
John Goodale
Joseph Goodale
Joshua Goodale
Louisa Goodale
Lucinda Goodale
Maria Goodale
Martha Ann Goodale
Mary Goodale
Mrs Elizabeth Goodale
Newton Goodale
Robert Goodale
Isaac Goodell
Sarah Gooding
Elizabeth Goodman
Heber C. Goodman
Nina Goodman
Jane Goodnow
Benjamin Goodspeed
Ebenezer Goodspeed
John Goodspeed
Ruth Goodspeed
Fanny I Goodwin
John Goodwin
Mary Goodwin
Ruth Goodwin
Katherine Gorbols
John Meade Gorsuch
Emma S. M. Goss
Sara Goswell
Knut Gotarsson
Mirrial Gouland
Palmer Goulding
Sarah Goulding
Irene Ella Gouldsbarry
John Gove
Agneta Gowland
Edmund Gowland
Franciscus Gowland
Johanes Gowland
Mrs Elizabeth Gowland
Wilbur Graffius
Elizabeth Grant
Sarah Grant
Anna Catharina Elisabeth Grasmeter
Anna Clara Elisabeth Grasmeter
Anna Elizabeth Grasmeter
Clara Wilhelmina Grasmeter
Francisca Grasmeter
Frans Herman Grasmeter
Joan Jodocus Grasmeter
Johannes Grasmeter
Johannes Joachim Grasmeter
Maria Anna Grasmeter
Maria Francisca Grasmeter
Maria Gertrud Grasmeter
Maria Thresia Grasmeter
Mrs Joan Jodocus Grasmeter
Johann Heinrich Gräven
Abigail Graves
Celeste Graves
Mary Graves
Dorothy Jean Gray
Frances E. Gray
Malkijah Gray
Mary Gray
Adam Greaser
Agnes Greaser
Anna Greaser
Barbara Greaser
George Greaser
John C. Greaser
Lavenia Greaser
Susan Greaser
Alice Greaves
Anne Greaves
Anthony Greaves
Dorothy Greaves
Elizabeth Greaves
George Greaves
Grace Greaves
Henrietta Margareta Greaves
Isabel Greaves
Issabell Greaves
John Greaves
Margaret Greaves
Mary Greaves
Robert Greaves
Ruth Greaves
Thomas Greaves
William Greaves
Albert A. Green
Anna Green
Benjamin Green
David Green
Edward Saxe Green
Elizabeth Green
Hannah Green
Helen Green
Hezekiah Green
Iva Warble Green
John Green
Joseph Green
Lidia Green
Louise Green
Maria Green
Mary Green
Mrs Nicholas Green
Nicholas Green
Samuel Green
Susan Green
Thomas Green
Valentine Green
William Green
Hannah Greene
Luna Lydia Greener
Thomas Greenough
John Greenwood
Rebecca Greenwood
James Houston Greer
Dorothy Gregory
Ebenezer Gregory
Jacob Gregory
Joanna Gregory
Johanes Gregory
Mrs Robert Gregory
Rachel Gregory
Robert Gregory
Samuel Gregory
Thomas Gregson
Albert Anthony Greiner
Richard Grenlinge
Benjamin Franklin Grenoble
Calvin Pierce Grenoble
Charles Irwin Grenoble
Clara Fianna Grenoble
Elsie Armina Grenoble
George Grenoble
George Emery Grenoble
Harvey Lee Grenoble
John William Grenoble
Manerva Minnie Grenoble
Susan Jane Grenoble
Emily Gresham
Adam Grieser
Agnes Grieser
Anna Grieser
Anna Catharina Grieser
Barbara A. Grieser
Catharina Grieser
Catharina Grusser Grieser
Catherine Grieser
Clarence N. Grieser
Edgar Roy Grieser
Elizabeth Betsy Grieser
Elizabeth C Grieser
Frederick Grieser
George Blaine Grieser
George Landis Grieser
Gertrud Grieser
Hans Grieser
Hans Barthel Grieser
Hans Nickel Grieser
Hans or Johann Grieser
Hans Peter Grieser
Hans Wolf Grieser
Jacob Grieser
Johann Jacob Grieser
Johann Michael Grieser
Johann Peter Grieser
Johann Wolfgang Grieser
Johannes Grieser
Johannes Eberhard Grieser
John Grieser
Margaret Bauer Grieser
Margaret Pegy Grieser
Margareta Grieser
Margaretha Grieser
Maria Grieser
Mary A. Grieser
Paul Haffly Grieser
Peter Grieser
Rebecca Grieser
Sarah Ann Grieser
Sophia Grieser
Susan Grieser
Sylvanus Blaine Grieser
Sylvester Grieser
Allen Griffin
Allen Wildman Griffin
Cynthia R Griffin
David Griffin
Elizabeth Griffin
Franklin Griffin
George Griffin
James Griffin
Joseph Griffin
Louisa Griffin
Lydia Griffin
Nancy Griffin
Susan Griffin
William Griffin
Agnes Grinling
Abel Griswold
Abigail Griswold
Adonijah Griswold
Daniel Griswold
Elizabeth Griswold
Francis Griswold
Isaac Griswold
Mary Griswold
Sarah Griswold
Rebecca Grout
Madge Jane Grove
Mollie Catherine Grove
Naomi Grover
Nina Gubler
Bengta Gudmundsson
Jons Gudmundsson
Mrs. Maria Gudmundsson
John Guilford
Paul Guilford
Priscilla Guilford
Susanna Guilford
Ebenezer Guire
Hannah Guire
Helena Guire
John Guire
Luke Guire
Mary Guire
Hannah Gulliver
Mans Gunnarsson
Susannah F. Gunning
John Gustin
Sarah Rebecca Guthrie
John Gyrlinge
Johannes Valentin Haas
Carl Douglas Haase
Walter John Heinrich Haase
Alice Hablett
Ann Hack
Emily Hack
Elizabeth Hadelstone
Mary Hadfield
Adolph Hafen
Clara Moreland Haffly
John M Hagood
Elizabeth Hague
Catrina Hakansson
Elin Hakansson
Marta Hakansson
Marten Hakansson
Mrs. Hanna Hakansson
Per Hakansson
Israel Hale
Mary Hale
Mary Ellen Hale
Joseph Halgren
Anna Hall
B. Elizabeth Hall
Bela Hall
Deborah Hall
Eliphalet Hall
Ephraim Hall
Hannah Hall
John Hall
Josiah Hall
Julia Ann Hall
Lydia Hall
Mary Hall
Mehitable Hall
Miriam Hall
Mrs Susanna Hall
Samuel Hall
Stephen Hall
Mercy Hallet
Walter Robert Halley
Ann Halsey
Robert Halsey
Thomas Halsey
Mary Hamblin
Sarah Hamblin
Prudence Hamlin
James H Hammock
Abigail Hammond
Antipas Hammond
Elizabeth Hammond
Elizabeth Ann Hammond
James Hammond
Beatrice Hampson
John Hanchett
Ann Hancock
Anna Hancock
Anne Hancock
Anthony Hancock
Charles Hancock
Charles William Hancock
Edmund Hancock
Edward Hancock
Eliazabeth Hancock
Eliza Hancock
Elizabeth Hancock
Elkanah Hancock
Francis Hancock
George Hancock
Hanah Hancock
Hannah Hancock
Helen Hancock
Hellen Hancock
Henry Hancock
Isaac Hancock
Jacob Hancock
James Hancock
Jane Hancock
Jeremiah Hancock
Joan Hancock
John Hancock
Jonathan Hancock
Joseph Hancock
Lydia Hancock
Margaret Hancock
Maria Hancock
Martha Hancock
Mary Hancock
Mary "Polly" May Hancock
Mrs Hancock
Mrs Alice Hancock
Mrs Ann Hancock
Mrs Jane Hancock
Mrs Joan Hancock
Mrs William Hancock
Richard Hancock
Robert Hancock
Samuel Hancock
Sara Hancock
Sarah Hancock
Susan Hancock
Thomas Hancock
William Hancock
Alice Hancocke
Richard Hancocke
Thomas Hand
Desire Handy
Hannibal Handy
Anne Hansen
Anne Cecilie Hansen
Anne Marie Hansen
Annie Margaretha Hansen
Bodil Hansen
Carsten Hansen
Cecilie Hansen
Claus Hansen
Dorthe Hansen
Ellen Hansen
Hans Christian Hansen
James Hansen
Jens Hansen
Johanne Hansen
Karen Hansen
Kirsten Hansen
Leona Elizabeth Hansen
Maren Hansen
Marie Hansen
Milton Malthias Hansen
Nakor Gerhard Hansen
Niels Hansen
Oluf Hansen
Paul Hansen
Peder Hansen
Peter Michael Hansen
Poul Hansen
Zakarias Hansen
Zidsel Hansen
Elizabeth A Hanson
Enoch Hanson
Enoch Alling Hanson
Mary L. Hanson
Susan J Hanson
Wesley I. Hanson
Anders Hansson
Annika Hansson
Boel Hansson
Dorothea Hansson
Elin Hansson
Elna Hansson
Elsa Hansson
Gundella Hansson
Hanna Hansson
Jons Hansson
Karna Hansson
Kierstina Hansson
Kirstina Hansson
Marna Hansson
Marten Hansson
Nils Hansson
Par Hansson
Rasmus Hansson
Sissa Hansson
Daniel Hapgood
Ephraim Hapgood
Hepsabeth Hapgood
Hezekiah Hapgood
Abraham Harden
Robert Hardheal
Elizabeth Harding
John Harding
Frank Hare
John Hare
John Henry Harland
Mary Harlow
Ephraim Harmon
Jonathan Harmon
Lois Ella Harmon
Lucy Ann Harmon
Mary Harmon
Nathaniel Harmon
Sarah Harmon
John Harper
Robert Harper
Caleb Harrington
Newton Harrington
Emer Martin Harris
Frances Levina Harris
George William Harris
Lorinda Harris
Martin Henderson Harris
Mary Jane Harris
Rachel Elizabeth Harris
Thomas Harris
Walter Harris
Anne Harrison
Charolus Harrison
Edward Harrison
Ellen Harrison
Francisca Harrison
George Harrison
Johes Harrison
John Harrison
Margaret Harrison
Margareta Harrison
Mrs Elizabeth Harrison
Mrs Margaret Martha Harrison
Richard Harrison
Ricus Harrison
Susannah Savannah Harrison
Thomas Harrison
Sarah Hart
Thelma Hartly
Anna Elisabetha Hartman
John Hartshoren
Abigail Hartshorn
Andrew Hartshorn
Meroa C. Hartshorn
Mary Hartshorne
Jonathan Hartwell
Timothy Hartwell
Henry Harvey
Miranda Harvey
Charlotte Hogan Mrs. Harvis
Gilbert Bebee Harwell
Thomas Harwood
James Haskel
Roger B. Haskell
Elizabeth Hastings
Francis William Hastings
Jessica Maud Hastings
Josephine E. Hastings
Loren Bingham Hastings
Lorin Brown Hastings
Maria C. Hastings
Oregon Columbus Hastings
Warren Irwin Hastings
Bethia Hatch
Moses Hatch
Nathaniel Hatch
Ruth Hatch
John Hatcher
Deborah Hathaway
Hannah Hathaway
Carrie Haugh
Hazel Viola Haun
Paul Haun
Catharine Hautz
Bethia Hawkes
James Hawkins
Mary N. Hawkins
Elizabeth Hawkredd
Esther Hawley
Sarah Hawthorne
Deliverance Hayes
Ethel Haynes
Joseph Haynes
Peter Haynes
Thomas Haynes
William Haynes
John Hayward
Margaret Hayward
Mary Hayward
Joseph Hazen
Dorothy Heald
Oliver Heald
Elizabeth Hearinge
Betty Heaton
Elizabetha Heaton
John Heaton
Rebeca Heaton
Samuel Heaton
Sarah Heaton
Thomas Heaton
Nathaniel Hebard
Anna Maria Heckin
Jacob Heiser
Eva Margaretha Held
Margaretha Helmes
Hermann Helms
Johann Hermann Helms
Nancy Helton
Friedrick Hemfe
Agnes Henderson
Henry Henderson
Mary Elizabeth Richardson Henderson
Michael Henderson
Rachael Henderson
Aaron Hendon
Asbury P. Hendon
Benjamin Norris Hendon
James Hendon
Joshua Isham Hendon
Josiah Hendon
Martha Ann Hendon
Mary Ann Caroline Hendon
William Lafayette Hendon
Johanne Henne
Joanna Hense
Michel Hermansson
John Herring
Thomas Herring
William Herring
Richard Herrington
Elizabeth B Heslip
Alice Percie Hess
Andreas Hess
Anna Hess
Anna Barbara Hess
Anna Caecilia Hess
Anna Eva Hess
Anna Maria Hess
Anna Maria Eva Hess
Bartholomaus Hess
Catharina Josepha Hess
Catherine Hess
Clara L Hess
Elisabeth Hess
Elizabeth Hess
Eva Barbara Hess
Franz Joseph Hess
Franz Melchior Hess
Grace Hess
Heinrich Hess
Johannes Georg Hess
Johannes Joseph Hess
Johannes Martin Hess
John Franklin Hess
John George Hess
Joseph Hess
Joseph Anton Hess
Karl Fredrich Hess
Margaretha Hess
Margaretha K. Hess
Maria Anna Hess
Maria Eva Hess
Maria Margaretha Hess
Mrs. Anna Maria Hess
Nikolaus Hess
Richard Karl Hess
Stephan Hess
Thomas Allen Hess
William S. Hess
Anna Rosine Hesse
August H. Hesse
Michael Hesse
Daniel Hetrick
David Hetrick
George Hetrick
Harry T. Hetrick
Isaiah Hetrick
Levi Hetrick
Lincoln Hetrick
Margaret E. Hetrick
Matilda Hetrick
Michael A. Hetrick
Solomon Hetrick
Sarah Ann Hettrick
Elizabeth Hewlett
Aaron Heywood
Amos Heywood
Charles Heywood
Elizabeth Heywood
John Heywood
Jonas Heywood
Jonathan Heywood
Mary Heywood
Rebecca Heywood
Samuel Heywood
Sarah Heywood
Joseph Hibbard
Mary Hibbard
Margareta Hibberd
Mary Jane Hickerson
Andrew Hickman
Eliza F "Zinke" Hickman
Martha Hickock (Hieoff)
Edward Higby
Frankie M. Higginbotham
John Samuel Higginbotham
Joseph Samuel Higginbotham
Mary Highland
Anna Sophia Hilgenhecker
Frans Arnold Hilgenhecker
Mrs Frans Arnold Hilgenhecker
Abigail Hill
Anne Hill
Daniel Hill
Hannah Hill
James Waterloo Hill
Mary Hill
Mrs Jane Hill
Sarah Hill
Stephen Stanley Hill
Margaret Hilles
Solomon Hills
William Hills
Alice Hinchcliffe
Mercy Hinckley
John Hincley
Hugh Hindman
Clara Hines
Armina Hinton
Francis Gertrude Hints
Hugh Hirst
Elizabeth Hitchcock
Samuel Hitchcock
Judith Hitt
Elizabeth Hobart
Peter Hobart
John Hodgins
John Hodgson
Nellie Ellen Hoffer
Hazel Edna Hoffman
Nellie Genevieve Hogge
Elizabeth Holbrook
Harriet Holbrook
Mehitable Holbrook
Elizabeth Holden
Johanna Holden
Mary Ann Holding
John Holdridge
Karen Happuch Holladay
Ann Holland
Johan Holland
Mrs. Holland
Nicholas Holland
Catherine Hollenback
Samuel S. Holliday
Joseph Hollingshead
William Hollingshead
Nelson A. Hollis
Dorothy Holloway
Experience Holloway
Hannah Holloway
Hopestill Holloway
Joseph Holloway
Mary Holloway
Rose Holloway
Sarah Holloway
John Holmes
Joseph Holmes
Jons Nilsson Holmgren
John Jesse Holt
Edith M. Holtman
Emily A. Holtman
Mary Ann Hood
Almira Hooker
Alvena Hooker
Joane Hookes
Margaret Apsley Hooper
Eliza Adeline Hoover
Mr Hope
Robert H. Hopkins
Phoebe Hopper
Stephen Hoppin
Dora Van Horn
Elizabeth Horn
Anne Horne
Robert Horne
Vernell Lawrence Horne
Margaret Eleanor Hornsby
Hannah Hosmer
Stephen Hosmer
John Hossington
David Hough
John Hough
Hannah Houghton
George House
Lydia House
Samuel House
Margaret HOUSEL
Alicia Housley
Anna Housley
Elizabeth Housley
Hellena Housley
Maria Housley
Robert Housley
Thomas Housley
William Housley
Lucy Hovey
Nehemiah How
Ambrose Alexander Howard
Anna Augusta Howard
Ida Estella Howard
John Charles Howard
John Thomas Howard
Mabel Lovina Howard
Mary Howard
Nathaniel Howard
Pearl Lenora Howard
Sarah Howard
Elisabeth Howe
James Howe
Christian Howell
John Howet
Margaret Howet
William Howet
Wiliam Howitt
Elizabeth Howland
Hannah Howland
Mary Howlett
Bashua Hoxie
Isabelle Hoylande
Abigail Hubbard
Ann Hubbard
Azubah Hubbard
Beulah Hubbard
Daniel Hubbard
David Hubbard
Dorothy Hubbard
Ebenezer Hubbard
Elisha Hubbard
Elizabeth Hubbard
Ellen Hubbard
Ephraim Hubbard
George Hubbard
Grace Hubbard
Hannah Hubbard
Huldah Hubbard
Isaac Hubbard
John Hubbard
Jonas Hubbard
Jonathan Hubbard
Joseph Hubbard
Lois Hubbard
Lucretia Hubbard
Lucy Hubbard
Lydia Hubbard
Martha Hubbard
Mary Hubbard
Mercy Hubbard
Mrs. Catherine Hubbard
Mrs. Dulzabella Hubbard
Nathan Hubbard
Persis Hubbard
Peter Hubbard
Rebecca Hubbard
Richard Hubbard
Ruth Hubbard
Samuel Hubbard
Sarah Hubbard
Silence Hubbard
Thomas Hubbard
William Hubbard
Zerviah Hubbard
Bertha Hunt Hubbs
Abigail Hudson
Harriett Elizabeth Hudson
Helen Elizabeth Hudson
James Hanring (Henry) Huff
James Henry Huff
Mary Adelaide Huff
Olive Maria Huff
Sarah Jane Huff
Sophia Huff
Anne Huggins
Bicker Huggins
Constance Huggins
Edward Huggins
Elizabeth Huggins
Hammond Huggins
Harphy Huggins
Honour Huggins
Mary Huggins
Mrs. Ann Huggins
Patience Huggins
Samuel Huggins
Susanna Huggins
Thomas Huggins
William Huggins
John Huggon
Sarah Huggon
Susan Huggon
Mary Hughes
Sarah Matilda Hughes
Joseph Hugman
Ralph Huhn
Joanne Hulbert
Elmira Hulet
Joanna Hull
Mary Hull
Mrs William Humfry
Ann Humphrey
Anthony Humphrey
Ellen Humphrey
Hannah Humphrey
Joan Humphrey
John Humphrey
Mary Humphrey
Mrs Rebecca Humphrey
Newman Humphrey
Nicholas Humphrey
Rebecca Humphrey
Robert Humphrey
Samuel Humphrey
William Humphrey
Margery Humphries
Mary Frances Humphries
Mary Hungate
Esther Hungerford
Isaac Hunt
John Hunt
Mehitable Hunt
Rebecca Ann Hunt
Samuel Hunt
Sarah Hunt
John Hunter
John Roy Hunter
Maria Hunter
Robert Hunter
Elizabeth Hunting
Abigail Huntington
Ann Huntington
Anna Huntington
Daniel Huntington
David Huntington
Elijah Huntington
John Huntington
Jonathan Huntington
Mary Huntington
Rebecca Huntington
Sarah Huntington
John Huntley
Mercy Hurd
Elijah Hurlburt
Henry Simon Hurren
Sarah Hurren
Margaret Hurrion
Hazen Reigo Hurst
Thomas Hutchin
Martha Hutchinson
Rebecca Hutchinson
Roxanna Hutchinson
Margaret HUTTON
James Ambros Hyatt
James R. Hyatt
Anne Hyde
Ellen Hyde
Ruth Hyland
Mrs. Thomas Ide
Nicholas Ide
John Ife
Nathaniel Ingersoll
Margaret Ingle
Samuel Ingram
Alwina (Winifred) Ippensen
Anna Ippensen
Anna C. Ippensen
August Chris Ippensen
August Christopher Ippensen
August Conrad Gottlieb Ippensen
Charlotte Ippensen
Christian Frederick Ippensen
Christian Friedrich August Ippensen
Christine Louise Ippensen
Dora J. Ippensen
Dorothee Marie Ippensen
Elise Dora Ippensen
Engel Christine Ippensen
Ernst August Ippensen
Georg Heinrich Ippensen
Georg Heinrich August Ippensen
Hanna Ippensen
Hanna Fredericka Carolina Ippensen
Hanne Caroline Ippensen
Heinrich August Ippensen
Henry August Ippensen
Henry F. Ippensen
Johann Ahrend Ippensen
Johann Arend Ippensen
Johann Christoph Ippensen
Johann Daniel Ippensen
Johann Ernst August Ippensen
Johann Friedrich Ippensen
Johanna Louise Ippensen
Johanne Caroline Ippensen
Johanne Louise Georgine Ippensen
John Zachariah Ippensen
Lena Ippensen
Lena A. Ippensen
Lena J Ippensen
Lizzie Ippensen
Louise Ippensen
William Ippensen
William Christian Ippensen
Martha Ironside
John Isham
Joseph Isham
Stella Islaub
Hulda Jane Ison
Elizabeth Ives
John Ives
Mary Ives
Thomas Ives
Albert Henry Jackson
Carl Jackson
Elizabeth Jackson
Jonathan Jackson
Sarah Jackson
Jane Jacob
John Jacob
Martha Jacobs
Elizabeth Jacobsen
Ilse Dorothee Jagau
Mrs Amy Jagger
Allen Pinkney James
Alexander L. Jamison
Emma Jamison
James Jamison
James Robert Jamison
Jane Jamison
John Jamison
Sarah Ann Jamison
William Henry Jamison
Paul Jansen
Percival F. Jarrett
Anna Jayger
Jacob Jefforde
Ambrose Jeffrey
John Jenison
Hannah Jenkins
Rosa Jenkins
Zachariah Jenkins
Mary Jennings
Christine Masine Jensen
Christopher Jensen
Claus Jensen
Dorthe Jensen
Hans Jensen
Jens Jensen
Johanne Jensen
Jorgen Jensen
Karen Jensen
Kirsten Jensen
Lars Jensen
Lillian Virginia Jensen
Maren Jensen
Mariane Jensen
Mary Elizabeth Jensen
Moroni Jensen
Niels Jensen
Olive Lettie Jensen
Paul Jensen
Peder Jensen
Peiter Jensen
Rasmus Jensen
Sidsel Jensen
Zidsel Jensen
Hans Jeppesen
Helen Fae Jeppesen
Jens Jeppesen
Karen Jeppesen
Rasmus Jeppesen
Ingeborg Jeppeson
Giertrud Jeppesson
Hanna Jeppesson
Matta Jeppesson
Jons Jeppson
Bereta Jeppsson
Maren Jespersen
Thomas Jewell
John Albert Johansen
George Alvin Johanson
Anders Johansson
Anna Christina Johansson
Benedicta Johansson
Christina Johansson
Elisabeth Johansson
Elizabeth Johansson
Emma Johansson
Johanna Maria Johansson
Nils Johansson
Olof Johansson
Erwin Cluff John
Charles Raymond Johns
Henry Calvin Johns
Abigail Johnson
Alice Johnson
Ann Johnson
Anna Ellen Johnson
Anne Johnson
Deborah Johnson
Eleanor Johnson
George Johnson
Isaac Johnson
James E. Johnson
Joan Johnson
Lucy Johnson
Mary Johnson
Samuel Johnson
Sina Elizabeth Johnson
William Johnson
Benjamin Jones
Blanche Mae Jones
Celia Jones
Elizabeth Jones
Ephraim Jones
Jedidiah Jones
John Jones
Margaret Jones
Mary Jones
Samuel Jones
Thomas Wilkins Jones
Ake Jonsson
Anders Jonsson
Appelunia Jonsson
Arina Jonsson
Bengta Jonsson
Bereta Jonsson
Christen Jonsson
Ellna Jonsson
Elna Jonsson
Erland Jonsson
Gertrud Jonsson
Gudmund Jonsson
Hanna Jonsson
Hans Jonsson
Ingar Jonsson
Inger Jonsson
Ingrid Jonsson
Joran Jonsson
Karin Jonsson
Karna Jonsson
Kjerstin Jonsson
Kjerstina Jonsson
Lars jonsson
Mans Jonsson
Marna Jonsson
Mats Jonsson
Matta Jonsson
Mattis Jonsson
Mauritz Jonsson
Nils Jonsson
Oluf Jonsson
Par Jonsson
Per Jonsson
Sessela Jonsson
Trued Jonsson
Tufve Jonsson
Boel Joransson
Karna Joransson
Kerstin Joransson
Margareta Joransson
Sissela Joransson
Elizabeth Jordan
Hannah Jordan
Joanna Jordan
John Jordan
Mary Jordan
Maude Dell Jordan
Mrs Deborah Jordan
Sarah Jane Jordan
Jens Hansen Jorgensen
Maren Jorgensen
Peiter Jorgensen
Rasmus Jorgensen
Gudmund Jorgensson
Susan Joslyn
Nathaniel Josslyn
Abigail Joy
Benjamin Joy
David Joy
Deborah Joy
Eliza Joy
Elizabeth Joy
Ephraim Joy
Jedediah Joy
John Joy
Jonathan Joy
Joseph Joy
Lois Joy
Lucy Joy
Lydia Joy
Margaret Joy
Mary Joy
Obediah Joy
Prince Joy
Ruth Joy
Samuel Joy
Sarah Joy
Simon Joy
Tabitha Joy
Tamor Joy
Thomas Joy
Anna Judson
Anna Cathaarina Juelch
Anna Catharina Juelch
Georg Michael Juelch
Johann David Juelch
Johann Michael Juelch
Johann Nicolaus Juelch
Johann Peter Juelch
Johann Thomas Juelch
Johannes Juelch
Maria Barbara Juelch
Maria Catharina Juelch
Maria Elisabetha Juelch
Maria Margaretha Juelch
Miss Juelch
Mrs Anna Christina Juelch
Mrs Margaretha Juelch
Barbara Juellich
Johann Jakob Juellich
Johannes Juellich
Katherine Juellich
Maria Barbara Juellich
Mrs Hans Heinrich Juenke
Hanne Louise Friederike Junke
August Heinrich Wilhelm Jünke
Christian Friedrich Jünke
Christina Eleonora Jünke
Christine Eleonora Charlotte Jünke
Dorothea Johanne Charlotte Jünke
Engel Christine Friedrike Jünke
Engel Maria Jünke
Engel Maria Amalia Jünke
Georg Conrad Jünke
Georg Heinrich Jünke
Georg Heinrich Conrad Jünke
Georg Heinrich Wilhelm Jünke
George Augustus Jünke
Hanne Marie Wilhelmine Jünke
Hanss Heinrich Jünke
Heinrich Conrad Wilhelm Jünke
Henrich Christian Jünke
Henriette Friederike Jünke
Johann Christian Friedrich Jünke
Johann Conrad Jünke
Johann Conrad Heinrich Jünke
Johann Friedrich David Conrad Jünke
Johann Friedrick Conrad Jünke
Johann Heinrich Jünke
Johann Heinrich Friedrich Jünke
Johann Jürgen Jünke
Johanna Eleonore Wilhelmine Jünke
Johanne Georgine Jünke
Johanne Louise Friederike Jünke
Maria Christine Caroline Jünke
Maria Conradine Caroline Jünke
Maria Dorothea Jünke
Maria Justin Jünke
Maria Justine Jünke
Maria Lowisa Jünke
Marie Caroline Eleonore Jünke
Marie Justine Jünke
Mrs Johann Friedrick Conrad Jünke
Peter Severene Justesen
Virginia Justice
Lucrecia Jane Justus
Henrike Kandelhardt
Niels Larsen Kartoff
Agnesia Katzenmeyer
Charles Kauffman
John N Keasley
James Keddick
Josiah Keene
Theresa Keifer
Susanna Keith
John Kellog
Beulah Kellogg
Sarah Kellogg
Christopher Kelly
Elizabeth Kelly
George Kelly
James A. Kelly
James R. Kelly
John R. G. Kelly
Kindred Kelly
Margaret Ann Kelly
Margaret R. Kelly
Mary A Kelly
Mary Louise Kelly
William Kelly
Abigail Kemp
Anne Kemp
Charles Kemp
Elizabeth Kemp
James Kemp
John Kemp
Margaret Kemp
Martha Kemp
Mary Kemp
Mrs Susan Kemp
Mrs. Anne Kemp
Richard Kemp
Samuel Kemp
Sarah Kemp
Thomas Kemp
William Kemp
Elizabeth Kempe
Glenn Martin Kempton
Hannah Kendall
Mary Kendrick
Henry D. Kennedy
Joseph Henry Kennedy
Nancy Elizabeth Kennedy
Marjory Kenning
Deborah Kent
Edward Kent
Hannah Kent
Lucretia Kenyon
William Kerley
Henry Kern
Louise Kern
Cordelia Kerr
Ann Kerry
Elizabeth Kerry
Maude Arabelle Kessinger
Anthony Thomas Kessler
John F. Kessler
Joseph Charles Kessler
Joseph J. Kessler
Magdalena Kessler
Mary J. Kessler
Mrs Helen L. Kessler
Phillip Thomas Kessler
Susan Kettle
Naomi Kilbourne
Daniel Killam
Abigail Kimball
Mary Kimball
Rebecca Kimball
Richard Kimball
Anna King
Cecil Dustin King
Elizabeth King
Elizabeth Katherine King
Joel Barton King
Martha King
Mary King
Mercy King
Mrs. Sarah King
Peter King
Samuel Rice King
Sarah King
Thomas King
William King
Joseph Kingsbury
Mary Kingsbury
Anne Kingsley
Josiah Kingsley
Nancy Kinney
Mary Kinsley
John Kirby
Sarah Kirby
Elizabeth Kirkbie
John Kirkbie
Joseph Kirkbie
Marye Kirkbie
Richard Kirkbie
Robert Kirkbie
Sara Kirkbie
Benjamin Kirkbye
John Kirkbye
Josias Kirkbye
Maria Kirkbye
Nathaniel Kirkbye
Robert Kirkbye
Sara Kirkbye
William Kirkbye
Eleonore Caroline Kirleis
Priscilla Kirtland
Casper H. Kleemeyer
Franz Heinrich Kleemeyer
Margaretha Klein
Anna Maria Kleinmeyer
Lillian Klepser
Catherine Salome Klose
Mary Knapp
Elizabeth Knight
Sarah Knight
Susanna Knight
Engel Christine Knock
Johann Friedrich David Knocke
Martha Knott
Abraham Knowlton
Benjamin Knowlton
Elizabeth Knowlton
George Knowlton
John Knowlton
Joseph Knowlton
Mary Knowlton
Mrs Elizabeth Knowlton
Mrs. Susannah Knowlton
Richard Knowlton
Robert Knowlton
Samuel Knowlton
Sarah Knowlton
Stephen Knowlton
Susanna Knowlton
Thomas Knowlton
William Knowlton
Bruus Knudsen
Emma Dorinda Knudsen
Maren Knudsen
Mrs Bruus Knudsen
Zidsel Knudsen
Barbara Knupfer
Christina Knutsson
Kierstin Knutsson
Minnie Yvonne Koenig
Augustian Kolb
Catherine Kolb
Conrad Kolb
Deilman Kolb
Dielman Kolb
Henry Kolb
John Kolb
Martin Kolb
Mary Kolb
Mrs. Anna Philis Kolb
Mrs. Heirnrich Kolb
Mrs. Martin Kolb
Peter Kolb
Heinrich Kolb (Kulp)
Benjamin Kolb or Culp
Elizabeth Korndorfer
Bernard Henrich Krabbe
Heinrich Hubert Krabbe
Joannes Henricus Luetge Krabbe
Joseph Krabbe
Maria Catharina Krabbe
Maria Catharina Wilhelmina Krabbe
Maria Catherine Alwiena Krabbe
Wilhelm Krabbe
Frederick William Henry Krage
Margaret Kreables
Catharine S KRICK (?)
Jacob Peter Kriesher
Karolina Kuhn
Anna Catharina Elisabeth Kulman
Henrick Kummann
Maria Margaretha Kur
Anna Mary Belle Kyle
Isabella Labeaume
Eunice Lacey
Elizabeth Ladd
Hepzibah Ladd
Ammon Lake
Hannah Lake
William Bailey Lake
Mary Lakin
Sarah Lakin
Mabel Odilie Lambert
L H Lamma
Martha Lamson
Emma Landenberg
Nathan Landon
Nancy Lands
Deborah Lane
Susannah Lane
Mable Gertrude Lang
Francis Langworth
Nancy Margaret Lansberry
Phoebe Larribee
Lisbeth Larsen
Mette Kirstine Larsen
Rasmus Larsen
Sidsel Larsen
Anders Larsson
Anna Larsson
Berita Larsson
Hanna Larsson
Karin Larsson
Kjerstina Larsson
Kurstina Larsson
Margreta Larsson
Martin Larsson
Morten Larsson
Ola Larsson
Olof Larsson
Per Larsson
Abigail Latham
Mary Elizabeth Latham
Eunice Lathrop
Mary Lathrop
Ann Latimore
Olle Laursen
Katie Margurita Lauterbach
Mary Law
Benetta Lawe
Asa Lawrence
Clyde Lawrence
Elizabeth Lawrence
Joshua S. Lawrence
Israel Pickeron Laxton
John Laxton
John Thomas Laxton
Mary Elizabeth Laxton
Olive Adelaide Laxton
Peter Laxton
William Laxton
William Henry Laxton
Amos Lay
Phyllis Courtney Layne
Elizabeth Lazell
Hannah Lazell
Isaac Lazell
Israel Lazell
John Lazell
Joshua Lazell
Mary Lazell
Sarah Lazell
Stephen Lazell
Thomas Lazell
Sylvestria Theodora Lazelle
Timothy Le Fevre
Elizabeth Lea
Ebenezer Leach
Ichabod Leach
Miriam Leach
William Leader
Mr Lealand
Abial Leavitt
Mary Emma Lee
Neils Peter Lee
Samuel Lee
Rebecca Leeds
John Leeke
Katherine Leeke
Mrs Leeke
Mrs Alice Leeke
Mrs John Leeke
Thomas Leeke
John Leete
Christian Leffingwell
Deborah Leffingwell
Jonathan Leffingwell
Joseph Leffingwell
Margaret Leffingwell
Mary Leffingwell
Michael Leffingwell
Michel Leffingwell
Mrs Alice Leffingwell
Mrs Thomas Leffingwell
Mrs William Leffingwell
Mrs. Alice Leffingwell
Nathaniel Leffingwell
Rachel Leffingwell
Robert Leffingwell
Samuel Leffingwell
Thomas Leffingwell
William Leffingwell
Edmond Lefletrau
Elizabeth Legg
Harriett Ellen Leggett
Catherine Lehr
Johannes Lehr
Balthasar Leiner
Sarah Leland
Margaret Lemon
Milo Hale Lenard
Eliphalet Leonard
Elizabeth Leonard
Mehitable Leonard
Sarah Leonard
Adam Lepley
Anna Lepley
Annie J Lepley
Anthony Lepley
Catherine Lepley
Charles F Lepley
Christian Lepley
Christiana Lepley
Daniel S Lepley
Dianna Lepley
Elizabeth Lepley
Elizabeth Betsy Lepley
Erman Eugene Lepley
George Lepley
Henry Lepley
Henry C. Lepley
Henry J Lepley
Ira E. Lepley
Isaac Lepley
Jacob Lepley
James Michael Lepley
James W. Lepley
Johanna Michael Lepley
John Lepley
John P. Lepley
Joseph Lepley
Joseph Stanford Lepley
Lannie Lepley
Levina Catherine Lepley
Margaret Lepley
Maria L. Lepley
Martin Oliver Lepley
Mary Lepley
Mary Lovina Lepley
Michael Lepley
Peter Lepley
Samuel Lepley
Sarah Lepley
Sarah Ada Lepley
Sarah Elizabeth Lepley
Simon Lepley
Sophia Lepley
Thomas Andrew Lepley
William Albert Lepley
John Lettyn
Benjamin Lewes
Jane Lewin
Benjamin Lewis
George Lewis
James Lewis
Martha Ann Lewis
Mary Lewis
Mary Frances Lewis
Samuel Lewis
Sarah Lewis
Thomas Lewis
William Lilly
Edward Lincford
Abigail Lincoln
Deborah Lincoln
Jacob Lincoln
Lester Lincoln
Lydia Lincoln
Nathan Lincoln
Rachel Lincoln
Solomon Lincoln
Temperance Lincoln
Justine Friedrich Lindrodt
Experience Linnell
Hannah Linnell
John Linnell
Fannie Ilene Lish
George Tye Lish
Emeline Dunbar Little
Henry Little
Thomas Little
William Little
David M. Littlefield
Emma P. Littlefield
Mabel S. Littlefield
Jana Littlewood
Katherine Littlewood
Margaret Littlewood
Mrs Alice Littlewood
Robert Littlewood
Orval Neddo LLoyd
Mary Lloyde
Sarah Lobdell
George Adam LOBLE
Sarah Locke
Bridget Locker
Robert Washington Lockhart
Anna M. Loeffler
Grace Emma Logan
Mary Alice Lomax
Jedediah Lombard
Elizabeth Lone
Lucy Ann Long
Mary Long
Ann Longden
Helen Longden
Maria Longley
John Loomis
Josiah Loomis
Ann Lord
Edward Lord
Elizabeth Lord
Hezekiah Lord
Johes Lord
Joseph Lord
Joshua Lord
Margaret Lord
Mary Lord
Mrs Ann Lord
Mrs Robert Lord
Ralph Lord
Richard Lord
Robert Lord
Samuel Lord
Sarah Lord
William Lord
Susan Annie Lords
Josiah Loring
Heinrich Wilhelm Lossie
Maryett Louder
Lucinda Jane Lougee
Helen Lound
FrancIs Lovel
A. Spencer Lovell
Alice Lovell
Andrew Lovell
Estell Lovell
Jessie David Lovell
Myrtle Lovell
Mytis Lovell
Nora E. Lovell
Rennie R. Lovell
Winston Porter Lovell
Ambrose Low
John Low
Adam O. Lower
Adrem Harrison Lower
George W Lower
James Calvin Lower
John E. Lower
Mary Ludden
Adam Ludwig
Johannes Nicholaus Ludwig
Maria Margaretha Ludwig
Mrs. Adam Ludwig
Henry Luecke
Catherine Luiddy
Argent Lukesmore
Jemima Lumbert
Rachel A Lumpkins
William L Lumpkins
Elizabeth Lunnis
Benjamin Lyon
Ebenezer Lyon
George Lyon
Henry Lyon
John Lyon
Joseph Lyon
Lemuel Lyon
Mary Lyon
Mrs Elizabeth Lyon
Mrs Hannah Lyon
Mrs Mary Lyon
Nathaniel Lyon
Samuel Lyon
Thomas Lyon
Andrew Lytle
Bert Lytle
Emma Lytle
John Henry Lytle
Mary Lytle
Peter Lytle
Thomas Lytle
William Lytle
Maren Madsen
Jorgen Madsson
Mrs Jorgen Madsson
Joan Maie
Annie Barbara Maize
Joseph Ealy Majors
Abell Makepeace
Ambrose Makepeace
Amy Makepeace
Anne Makepeace
Annys Makepeace
Bridget Makepeace
Dorothy Makepeace
Elizabeth Makepeace
Esther Makepeace
George Makepeace
Gyles Makepeace
Hannah Makepeace
Henry Makepeace
Jane Makepeace
Joan Makepeace
John Makepeace
Joseph Makepeace
Lawrence Makepeace
Lucy Makepeace
Mary Makepeace
Miss Makepeace
Mr Makepeace
Mrs. Dorothy Makepeace
Mrs. Elizabeth Makepeace
Mrs. Johanna Makepeace
Mrs. Susan Makepeace
Richard Makepeace
Susanna Makepeace
Thomas Makepeace
Waitawhile Makepeace
William Makepeace
Rachel Mallory
Johann Michael Mangold
Theadore Oliver Manker
Sarah Manly
Nathaniel Mann
Thomas Mann
Frances Manners
Elizabeth Manning
Jeffrey Manning
Zelpha Rose Mansburger
Bengta Mansson
Bodell Mansson
Erik Mansson
Estrid Mansson
Gunnar Mansson
Hanna Mansson
Ingar Mansson
Jons Mansson
Kierstin Mansson
Marten Mansson
Nils Mansson
John Marion
Anne Marjoram
Anne Mark
William Henry Markel
Agnes Marks
Elizabeth Marks
Jetta Marler
Ann Marple
Anne Marple
Elizabeth Marple
Helena Marple
Mary Marple
Rebeckah Marple
Robert Marple
Sara Marple
Thomas Marple
Edwin Rufus Marsden
Elizabeth Angelina Marsden
Emily M. Marsden
Louisa Aldous Marsden
Mary J. Marsden
Rufus Marmaduke Marsden
Sarah Frances Marsden
Amos Marsh
Benjamin D. Marsh
Elihu Marsh
Eunice Marsh
Hannah Marsh
John Marsh
Joseph Marsh
Lydia Marsh
Mary Marsh
Robert Marsh
Ruth Marsh
Samuel Marsh
Sarariah Marsh
Allen Marshall
Anna Marshall
Bertel Martenson
Agnes Martensson
Anders Martensson
Aron Martensson
Elin Martensson
Elsa Martensson
Else Martensson
Hanna Martensson
Hans Martensson
Ingar Martensson
Ingierd Martensson
Jons Martensson
Lars Martensson
Mans Martensson
Nils Martensson
Per Martensson
Blanche Martin
Charles I. Martin
Genevra Martin
Maria Elisabetha Martin
Melane Martin
Esther Marvin
Mary Marvin
Abigail Mason
Agnes Mason
Alice Mason
Anne Mason
Daniel Mason
Elizabeth Mason
Hannah Mason
Hezekiah Mason
Isabel Mason
James Mason
Joan Mason
John Mason
Jonathan Mason
Lydia Mason
Margaret Mason
Margory Mason
Mary Mason
Mrs Annes Mason
Mrs Jenet Mason
Mrs William Mason
Rachel Mason
Sybil Mason
Thomas Mason
William Mason
Nilde Josephine Massa
Mary Alis Massey
Abigail Mather
Jessie Matlock
Boel Matsson
Elisabeth Matsson
Hans Matsson
Jons Matsson
Mrs Hans Matsson
Abigail Matthews
Anne Catherine Matthews
Esther Matthews
Samuel Matthews
Hans Mattsson
Apollonia Maurer
Catharina Maurer
Catharina Barbara Maurer
Johann Jakob Maurer
Johann Wilhelm Maurer
Maria Barbara Maurer
Susan Maurer
Inger Mauritsdotter
Bengta Mauritzsson
Elisabeth Mauritzsson
Elna Mauritzsson
Jons Mauritzsson
Joran Mauritzsson
Karin Mauritzsson
Marina Mauritzsson
Jacob Maxfield
Alexander Maxie
Ephraim May
Anna Elisabeth Mayer
Kirstine Charstensen Mayer
Thomas Mayhew
Abigail Maynard
Joan Maynard
John Maynard
Miss Maynard
Mrs Maynard
Joseph Mayo
Ruth Mays
Hannah Mc Farland
Isabel Mc Farland
Margaret Mc Farland
Maude Marie Mc Intyre
Alma Leon McAllister
Elizabeth Elenor McAllister
Samuel Wright McCain
James E. McCarthy
Clyde C. McCartney
Mavis Ruth McCarty<